Muslim Beliefs

SummaryHamad Rasheed (host):’ In today’s program we begin our fourth series in our Islam in Focus program.’ This series will deal with Muslim Beliefs.’ Today’s program is the first in the series and deals with belief in the angels of God. To begin could you comment on this series of Muslim Beliefs and the last

Summary of 4.1 “AngelsOne of the fundamental articles of faith in Islam that the Quran mentions is the belief in angels.’ Angels are creators that are not seen by us and they were created from light (we don’t know for sure what the nature of the light is).’ The fact that God created them from

Summary of 4.2 “JinnAmong God’s creators there are two basic types the seen and the unseen.’ We said that among the seen creators we have the humans and others.’ And we said that among humans we have the believers and the unbelievers.’ Among the unseen creators there are the angels as one category, the subject

Summary of 4.3 “Divination, Astrology, & Magic”We started by explaining the various meanings of magic.’ We said that could mean simply enchantment or attraction and it could also mean playing a little trick just like bringing a rabbit out of a hat which is ok if used for entertainment.’ We talked about another type of

Summary of 4.4 “Dreams, Omens, Envy & Charms”I would summarize it in four basic points.’ First of all we discussed the difference between the ability of human beings using partial evidence that is available to them and using God given understanding of the laws in nature, created by God, in order to forecast or predict

Summary of 4.5 “The Soul”We basically tried to make five points last time.’ One is the belief in the life hear after is one of the basic pillars of Islam.’ Secondly we tried to make it clear that at the heart of believing in the life hereafter is the belief in the existence of the

Summary of 4.6 “Death”There were two basic areas that we covered last time.’ One was to continue on the experience of death as described in the Quran.’ We concluded that basically an individual at the time of death usually hopes to come back to life in order to continue good deeds or to make them

Summary of 4.7 “Death Continued”On the question of suicide we indicated that this is a sin according to Islam.’ The reason being is that life is a trust from God and we are not supposed to dispose of it according to our whims.’ We have to respect that trust and fulfill our mission on earth

Summary of 4.8 “After Death” First of all we referred to the Quran in (39:42) and the illusion that the souls of the dead and living could possibly meet during the time of sleep and then when a person awakens God sends back those people’s souls to live further and keeps back the souls of

Summary of 4.9 “Resurrection”First we addressed a common question as to how we can come back to life after we turn to dust.’ We indicated how the Quran responds to this question that after all it is He, God, who created us from virtually nothing to start with and it is He who has the

Summary of 4.10 “Signs of the Hour”As far as the final day as we mentioned before the sky would be unveiled or opened, the stars will be dispersed, the oceans will burst into fire, mountains will vanish or be thrown around like flakes of teased wood, the earth will have severe earthquakes but above all,

Summary of 4.11 “Accountability, Paradise & Hellfire”We talked about a number of issues in the last series.’ One was accountability and we mentioned that all human beings will stand before God and will be given their book of deeds.’ Those who receive it in their right hand are safe and a sign that their good

4.13 Al-Qadar (Measure) Host:’ Could you give us a brief summery of the nature of the arguments related to this question of free will and predestination? ‘ Jamal Badawi: Human beings have always faced a very difficult dilemma regarding the questions of having free will, if we really control our destiny or if we just

4.14 Books of Allah‘ Host:’ Can you explain the belief in genuine prophets that came before Prophet Muhammad and the belief in the Holy Books? ‘ Jamal Badawi: If a Muslim believes in all the prophets that were sent throughout history from Adam to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad then it logically follows that a

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