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Sports personalities certainly have an influence. One hopes that they use it for the good of Muslims, the spread of Islam

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Mr Ali Aadullah recounted on the sports he practiced in his community and how this be related to religious and spiritual practices.

كرة القدم

Anyone who reflects on the football game, especially, on the World Cup Championship, would find that, it is a change model that cuts across many aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is important to review our intellectual perceptions and value judgments toward it. The first thing to be noticed here is that, the football game,

Competition prize Islam

How does Islam reckon the difference between prizes acquired from permissible competition and betting?

Islam sports-track

The article shows how the scholars' Ijtihadic reasoning evaluates the ruling of sports both in the past and the present

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The article details about some features of sports in Islam which were practiced at the early time of Islam, in the time of Prophet.

what is self-confidence? What are its benefits and the most important steps to enhance it? How can we acquire it? And is there a difference between self-confidence and boastfulness?

Some adults with high-powered jobs aren’t spending their lunch breaks meeting with clients, but are playing kickball and hopscotch instead. Still other adults are buying coloring books — not to develop a skill, but to mindlessly shade in pre-drawn lines in bright primary colors. There are even consultants whose careers are based on teaching businesses

الرياضة والصحة العقلية

If you wanted a quick boost for your mind, what’s the best activity to engage in? Scientists looked at whether a brief relaxation or a jog would boost your cognition and have a definitive winner. Lace up your sneakers! There’s already been evidence that brief aerobic exercise that’s not too intense like a jog or

There is no fixed daily diet in a balanced diet that provides all the important elements for the body. This is due to the fact, the balanced diet is not a single system. It only required us to know what the important things for our body are, and try to meet them daily. The important


Sport has been in existence within human societies since its inception, and there is no society that doesn’t know one form or more of sport, until sport shifted from being practiced to science and knowledge. In northern Greece, on Mount Olympus, and near the Temple of Zeros, the Olympic Games were held every four years,

رجل نائم ويضع ساعة منبه لإيقاظه النوم السليم

Sleep is God’s blessing and its value and secrets are yet to be fully discovered. However, many studies in the past tend to focus on some scientific facts that are tied to the sleep. In the developed countries, the moderate hours of sleep begin to reduce day by day. It is estimated 7.5 hours daily

Islam views heath as a human necessity and basic need and not luxury or embellishment. Human life has its sanctity which should not be trivialized or ignored as evident in definitive texts of the Qur’an: “Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or

A study from USA concluded that exercise reduces the appearance of symptoms of mental illness and improves mood.

الرياضة والصحة النفسية

The review of some studies that show the relationship between sport and mental health, and he effect of sport in improving human mental health

Drinking enough water daily is a simple exercise that brings countless benefits to health, which enhance an individual’s lifespan. Many know the importance of drinking water and its benefits for better health, but how much water does the body need per day? What are the most important benefits of drinking water and its effects on

أطباء للرياضة

The Muslim physicians understood the sport and its importance in health preservation, strengthening the body, and disease prevention. They articulated this in their medical literature as they rely on it in their prescriptions. They discussed some sport exercises and stated their benefits to the limbs, as they mentioned the types that fit different ages and

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When you watch the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, and a host of other international sports competitions that take place throughout the year, do you ever wonder when and how such games began? Take tennis for example. I too, like many others, love tennis. However, I had never perceived that tennis started such a long

المصنفات التراثية الرياضة

The Arab tradition was subjected to research and findings by researchers who presented huge research works that revealed her hidden heritage. However, some aspects of her heritage such as the aspect of sport did not gain attention. This phenomenon partly goes back to the popular thought that it is the Greek that is well known

Player club stadium

The relationship between the players and their club is an issue left for the administration of the club and its players to decide. It is legally permissible for players to move from one team to another for a salary agreed upon by the two parties. This is because the players gets their due payment for

The report on how Muslim footballers cope during the month of Ramadan. How the managers of sports teams made up of Muslim players adapt to the occasion.

Islam Equestrian sport

Indeed, Islam has encouraged exercise and called to practice different types of sports that can contribute to physical and mental growth and the type that would develop a healthy and strong generation.  Regarding the legality of sport and its desirability, Dr. Abdulfatah Idris, a professor of comparative religion in Al-Azhar University said: practicing different types

Islam physical Training

From the time immemorial, people have sought means of physical training and invented all kinds of sports to make their bodies strong, but each to its purposes and conditions. A nation where fighting and battles were the norm, sports like weightlifting, archery and dueling would be very common, while swimming became the favorite sports to

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It is necessary for an adult Muslim woman to wear Hijab whenever she is in the presence of non-Mahrams (marriageable men). Referring to this, Allah Almighty says: {And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils

Bowing Islam

The ruling of prostration in some sports and how a Muslim should refrain from it when practicing sport.

Islamic prayers - Yoga

Tips of how the five prayer positions in Islam can offer similar benefits of yoga as Muslims assume certain positions while reciting Qur’an and athkar

Play Sport Kayak

Some benefits of playing sports, and the Islamic moral training and guidance in choosing the right sport.

outdoor activities

This article is about 5 outdoor activities that can improve children’s cognitive skills, act as a digital detox, and also engage them in the worship of Allah. In the age of digitalization, children and teens are becoming more involved in various online activities for education and leisure. Frequent digital engagement increases the dopamine level in