My Journey to Islam

Mosques towers in Turkey

The Turkish attention to Adhan, nevertheless, was more clearly crystallized in the period of Ottoman rule, which lasted for about six centuries

adhan tower

An Irish-catholic-American story of journey to Islam

A muslim woman using hijab

A story of a Muslim woman and the process of adapting to Hijab

A Muslim woman reading Quran

Asma' A'lia from Mexico explains how she discovered Islam

The Noble Quran for guidance

A Catholic Christian started his journey to Islam from the time he noticed the inconsistencies between religious lessons and what was taught in history classes

Islam rejects atheism

Islam stance on Atheism and its principles

The minaret of Mosque

The story of a young Canadian man who discovered Islam and reverted along with other students in the boarding school

a day of cloudy

The Journey of a young American who turned away from material life and researched about religions.

A Moroccan mosque

The story of a Roman Catholic teenager who was active in his belief but researched about Islam

Observing prayers inside the Mosques

Austin Roe's story of becoming a Muslim at the age of ten years old and his journey from being a stubborn child and chaotic home to a calm Muslim family

pages from translated Quran

Austin Roe's story of becoming a Muslim at the age of ten years old and his journey from being a stubborn child raised from a chaotic home to a calm Muslim family

The noble Quran copies for reading

The conversion story of an Indian family who was actively involved in Church and Parish affairs

Indiana state

Her novel Echoes discusses problems that the new Muslims face. I sat in my night class, in my first semester at the community college, daydreaming as usual. I thought about my future and wondered where it would take me. Suddenly I had a revelation. I wanted to become a minister. I wanted to devote my

Pathway in the city side

The story of a Christian who started searching for the truth from the time she was eight years old.

Quran the Holy book displayed

My brief encounter with Islam, both in a college class and my visit to a mosque, planted a seed that would grow for the next ten years

A Muslim from south Africa

A good catholic man's story who accepted Islam after a thorough search about it

A man is offering prayer

A journey of a police officer from Arizona to Islam.

books of Quran in the Mosque

A Catholic woman discovers Islam through the discussion sessions about religion with Muslims

Julius Germanus country in Budapest

The biography of a Hungarian orientalist, Julius Germanus who embraced Islam during the period he was specializing in Turkish language.