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When my first Ramadan came around, I had only been Muslim for seven months. I lived with my mom, but had not gotten to the point of telling her that I had converted, so my first Ramadan was an undercover Ramadan.  Because I had a full-time job, I was able to fast while away from

It has been several years since I converted to Islam. And I have come a long way since my first Ramadan, which was a disaster. I had no idea what fasting was or what the spiritual requirements of the Holy Month were. Finding Islamic books in English was next to impossible and I was not

The main objective of the Islamic moral code is to create an “Islamic personality” that lives by its deep faith of loving, conscious submission to God, and is nourished by His divine love. These features motivate the actions of this personality and help it restrain itself from temptation, due to its fear of displeasing God.