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The meanings and etiquettes of Dhikr (Allah’s remembrance) and Du’aa (Supplication) are described through this article.

True believers are those who maintain a clear level of faith throughout the worldly fluctuations. This article explains some benefits of hardship in Muslim's life

Tips on how Muslims can utilize the lesson learnt from Ramadan in increasing the good deeds and devotion throughout the year.

Zakah is a portion of one’s wealth that must be given to the poor or to other specified causes. The word “zakah” comes from the verb meaning to purify or cleanse. It is the third Pillar of Islam and is obligatory for all those who are financially able.   Zakah means the giving of a specific share of one’s

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Learn about the Islamic view on self-admiration, its destructive nature and the remedy prescription from the Prophet (Pbuh) tradition

The spirit of salah is intention, devotion, and contemplation. Without contemplation, invocation is of no avail since this will be futile utterance.

When Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was nearly 40, he had been wont to pass long hours in retirement meditating and speculating over all aspects of creation around him. This meditative temperament helped to widen the mental gap between him and his compatriots. He used to provide himself with simple food and

The article highlights some points that prove the authenticity of the Muhammad's prophethood.

In the tenth year of Hijrah the Prophet (Pbuh) went to Makkah as a pilgrim for the last time and this is called “pilgrimage of farewell”

A Sikh friend of mine was given some literature to read. While reading it, he raised this objection: “You say that Allah speaks to the prophets and through these special people He sent a universal way of life for all mankind. The question is, why is such an important way of life prescribed in this

It is a common allegation by Christians that the Qur’an is a mere copy of the Bible; that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) simply plagiarized “his” book from the pages of the Bible. It is true that Prophet Muhammad received the Qur’an AFTER the Bible came into existence; and it is also

It is frequently claimed that Islam is valid only for primitive people, as it elevates them to a better standard, and that is why it appealed to tribal communities, while in civilized societies it is no longer in use. But, what is meant by civilized societies? Does this refer to modern societies which are based