The articles addresses a best way to practice a balance life in Islam in the aspects of life including meeting the obligation of worship, the desires of soul and the need of society

The Prophet shows some kind treatment to elderly persons and teaches Muslims to be the same.

Women are often brought into the picture when discussing Islam because their status — if not studied thoroughly and objectively — is severely misunderstood. Under those inaccurate assumptions, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is often accused of practicing and encouraging unjust treatment of women, while the truth is actually the opposite — as

The journey of a religious Christian who accepted Islam after a strict devotion to the doctrines of Christianity.

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No person could ever equal Muhammad in generosity. He gave away things to others and felt more pleasure than those who received it.

Muslim scholars have discussed different ways to consider the Prophetic claim of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

On the Day of `Arafah, Allah's mercy and forgiveness are showered on His servants. Do you know how great and immense is Allah's mercy?

The `Eids and their celebration in Islam carry a distinctive meaning and spirit. They are totally different from the celebrations in other nations and cultures.

Older people usually say they know everything and younger people usually say that older people don’t know anything at all .. Perhaps one of the parties is right and perhaps both of them are wrong!

To arrive at a correct appraisal of the Prophet’s contribution to human thought, one has to view it in the background of the history of the world as a whole.

A number of incidents testify to the Prophet’s justice. In many of the Prophet's addresses, even in his final sermon, he (peace and blessings be upon him) stated that superiority lay not in race, but in godliness.

Few reasons that give an indication as to why this book deserves the attention of all humanity

My brief encounter with Islam, both in a college class and my visit to a mosque, planted a seed that would grow for the next ten years