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The pages of Quran

Does Islam teach that Allah is Jehovah, God of the Old Testament in the Bible?

Adhan towers

The story of strong Christian woman who found the truth about Islam through the good conduct of Muslims International students in USA

A Moroccan mosque

The story of a Roman Catholic teenager who was active in his belief but researched about Islam

Mosque tower

The journey of an American woman to Islam after she had faced a lot of challenges in life but found a solace in Islam

The growth of Muslim community in Namibia

The growth of Islam in Namibia one of the countries in the southern part of Africa.

Mosques towers in Turkey

The Turkish attention to Adhan, nevertheless, was more clearly crystallized in the period of Ottoman rule, which lasted for about six centuries

Money kept in suitcase

What are treasury bonds and how do they function? What is their ruling in Islam in regards to Riba (Interest).

learn and read the Holy Quran

Swedish Woman embraced Islam when she failed to get proper answers to her questions about the bible and Christianity.

the roof design of a catholic church

A Canadian Catholic man who begun his search for a convincing religion after he was bored from the repetitive services of the church.

The name of The Prophet Muhmmad design

A response to the issue that the Prophet (Pbuh) married Aishah at a very young age. How best can we interpret this tradition from the norm of the present time.

The holy Mosque of The Prophet PBUH

The article refutes the allegation that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) married some 18 slaves? People say that the Qur’an states something like that in one verse.

A Muslim reading and learning Quran

An American Christian from a white, upper-middle-class Anglo Saxon American family from Washington DC narrating how his Journey to Islam began

'Uthman bin 'Affan and the compilation of Quran

The biography of `Uthman ibn `Affan, one of the close Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Istanbul and Islam

A review and response to some misconceptions and anti-Islamic sentiments raised in Rick Mathes’ article entitled: “Allah or Jesus?”

Balancing in the life of Muslim

The articles addresses a best way to practice a balance life in Islam in the aspects of life including meeting the obligation of worship, the desires of soul and the need of society

A part of rocky beach

A Danish freethinker who toured the world narrated his experience in trying different religions and how he eventually discovered Islam

question through dialogue

Aisha discovered Islam through an accidental acceptance into a Muslim chat room where people finding fault with Christianity

The noble Quran copies for reading

The conversion story of an Indian family who was actively involved in Church and Parish affairs

the bible on the standing stool

Some historical and textual proofs that debunk claims that somebody must have read parts of the Bible to the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

law book inside the court

The scholars hold that there is no prescribed punishment (hadd) for apostasy. This is proved by using both reason and strong evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah.

Islamic books for reading

Pillars of Faith represents the fundamental beliefs of Muslim of which without them the faith of Muslim is invalid.

a day of cloudy

The Journey of a young American who turned away from material life and researched about religions.

staying away from the crowd

The term Kaafir is in opposition to a Muslim, who openly testifies to the truth and submits willfully and peacefully to it. In Islamic parlance, it is used to mean someone who deliberately rejects the true faith.

la,ps for Night prayer

How best the Muslim women can maintain the connection to Allah during the period of menstruations

The dome of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Islam is a religion of peace but also a religion of justice. So, when exactly are Muslims permitted to fight?

A man reading book page

The Journey of a Christian who learnt about Islam from a book that her daughter brought home about Islam

The book of Christians

The article treats the Qur'anic position about the Torah and Bible

The minaret of Mosque

The story of a young Canadian man who discovered Islam and reverted along with other students in the boarding school

Julius Germanus country in Budapest

The biography of a Hungarian orientalist, Julius Germanus who embraced Islam during the period he was specializing in Turkish language.

Copies of Quran in English

The story of a Cuban professor who accepted Islam after reading Muhammad Pickthall translation of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an for the sake of augmenting my history lectures on Islam

Islam rejects atheism

Islam stance on Atheism and its principles

books of Quran in the Mosque

A Catholic woman discovers Islam through the discussion sessions about religion with Muslims

Islam teaching in the Holy Quran

The basic principles of Islam and the answers to misconceptions raised about Islam

The Noble Quran for guidance

A Catholic Christian started his journey to Islam from the time he noticed the inconsistencies between religious lessons and what was taught in history classes

Prophet Muhammed Holy Mosque in Madinah

Who is Aishah bint Abu Bakar, the wife of the Prophet (Pbuh) and one of the mothers of believers?

A Muslim woman reading Quran

Asma' A'lia from Mexico explains how she discovered Islam

A man is offering prayer

A journey of a police officer from Arizona to Islam.

Indiana state

Her novel Echoes discusses problems that the new Muslims face. I sat in my night class, in my first semester at the community college, daydreaming as usual. I thought about my future and wondered where it would take me. Suddenly I had a revelation. I wanted to become a minister. I wanted to devote my

A muslim woman using hijab

A story of a Muslim woman and the process of adapting to Hijab

the virtue of forgiveness

The concept of forgiveness and repentance in Islam.

A Muslim from south Africa

A good catholic man's story who accepted Islam after a thorough search about it

Pathway in the city side

The story of a Christian who started searching for the truth from the time she was eight years old.

adhan tower

An Irish-catholic-American story of journey to Islam

the bible on the reading table

Why did God let the Christian Bible get corrupted?

The Holy Quran copies for display

How can one prove that the Bible has undergone changes? Was the Qur’an compiled into a volume in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) or was it compiled later?

The crescent sign

The Journey of a practicing Christian to Islam

Minaret of modern mosque

Islam teaches love and peaceful coexistence between Muslim and the People of Book

world and universe and the importance of knowledge

Human views of the universe, its nature and the knowledge about it

Quran for reading

The explanation of the verse from the Qur'an: "(a captive) that your right hands possess" What exactly is "a captive that your right hands possess"?

Uthman bin Affan's portrait

The biography of `Uthman ibn `Affan and his struggles in the path of Allah

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