Eid Al Adha

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Not long after the dust has settled from the excitement of Eid Al-Fitr in the dusty, humid seaport of Karachi[1], the bleating of goats and cattle signals the imminence ofEid Al-Adha. Goat-sellers appear in open spaces amid the hustle and bustle of budget-bazaars to display their wares. Soon the streets of high-rise apartment blocks and

Eid kabeer sacrifice Islam

Some of the rulings concern the persons who are slaughtering and others concerned when the slaughter should take place.

Hajj Muslims

These ten days are among Allah’s graces granted to His servants as Allah created in the souls of the believers the longing to see the Holy Mosque in Makkah and no one can see it every year, He obligated Hajj on those who have the ability to perform it only once in their lifetime and

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Sacrifice in Islam is both general and specific. The act itself is symbolic in order to realize the will of Allah on earth.

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Among the lessons of Hajj is making sacrifice in the way of Allah, for the cause of Islam. As Islam is itself a religion of sacrifice, its different pillars also contain the same features and characteristics. Prophet Ibrahim (peace and blessings be upon him) sacrificed his most loved ones for the sake of Allah. He

Eid celebration and Ramadan

In Arabic, ‘Eid’ means joy and ‘Waid’ means curse. Allah’s mercy is turned into a curse by disregarding the blessings or by abusing the blessings. Eid is a blessing of Allah. Every nation has Eid or festival. Allah has given Muslims two Eids (Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha). It may seem to many that this is a

Eid Prayer in India

This article discusses a detailed ruling concerning Eid.

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This article contains a list of what a Muslim should do on the day of Eid.

This article has a list of mistakes people do on the day of Eid.

I had been to many other `Eid Prayers before; this one was somehow different for me.

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Introduction Alhamdu lillah. Indeed, all Glory and Praise is due to Allah. We glorify and praise Him and we ask Him for help and forgiveness. In Allah we seek refuge from the evils in ourselves and from our wrong doings. He whom Allah guides shall not be misguided, and he whom He misguides shall never

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The Prophet’s words “Every nation has its festival, and this is your festival” indicate that these two `Eids (`Eid al-Fitr and `Eid Al-Adha) are exclusively for the Muslims, and that it is not permissible for Muslims to imitate the disbelievers and polytheists in anything that is a distinctive part of their celebrations, whether it be