Self-confidence is an important attribute for maintaining both physical and psychological health, as possessing it helps a person to become successful in their family, personal and professional life. So, what is self-confidence? What are its benefits and the most important steps to enhance it? How can we acquire it? And is there a difference between self-confidence and boastfulness?

Almost everyone today seeks to gain self-confidence and increase their abilities and knowledge. This trait is one of the most important qualities that characterizes a strong personality, a personality which is capable of living with and be proud of all the physical, personal and intellectual negatives and positives.

Self-confidence and a strong personality are all that a person aspires to have because they are two qualities that must exist in any human being who wants to have the keys to success in all aspects of life, social, family, educational and professional.

What is the definition of self-confidence? In the dictionary, the definition of self-confidence is “the confidence of a person in his abilities, in his qualities and in his assessment of things” and in psychology, a self-confident person is defined as a person who respects and appreciates himself, loves himself and does not harm herself, understands his competencies, and trusts in his ability to make the right decisions.

Self-confidence is defined as a person’s self-reliance and a sense of confidence in one’s abilities, qualities, judgment, and in oneself in general. This trait is also defined as the individual’s confidence in their abilities, potentials and decisions or the belief that they can successfully meet the challenges and requirements of everyday life.

Based on this definition, a confident person is characterized by optimism, reassurance, the ability to achieve his goals and to evaluate people and relationships correctly according to his view of himself and self-esteem.

What to do to build an attractive personality?

Dr. Aadil Aamir says that building an attractive and strong personality requires self-confidence first, in order for others to trust you afterwards and for respect and understanding to prevail among you, and in order to be an attractive and strong personality you must have some qualities that make talking to you and looking at you be more rewarding, especially in work relations, building self-confidence is not difficult, and its return is great afterwards on the same person, you only need to take care of the following:

External appearance: The first moment when any human being’s eyes fall on you they will know immediately after that who they are dealing with, many of us see people around us and through their external appearance predicts the job of this person, for example if we see in an institution an individual who is revered and cares about his appearance a lot, it falls into our thoughts that he is one of the managers in this institution, or one of the influential people in it, so paying attention to the external appearance cuts half way for you to reach the hearts of people.

Words and vocabulary: “Words creates happiness” is a saying that is always and never repeated when we hear people talking in an inappropriate way, whether by using some words that are not suitable for the nature of the situation or even by the way of speaking itself and the tone of voice, the use of words appropriate to the nature of the situation and according to the situation you are in is a smart behaviour, which enhances your self-confidence, your words and the tone of voice you choose with your family members and close friends are completely different from what you say among your co-workers, and also differ significantly if you attend a meeting With the managers in the company you work for, each situation requires a fitting word, so pay attention to your words and tone of voice, train yourself to use high-end and formal vocabulary, and to speak and act calmly, this is the second entrance to people’s hearts after the external appearance.

Eye Communication: This communication has the effect of magic, it will make listeners see you as a respectable person who listens to others, communicating with the eyes and listening excessively to the other person makes him more open in talking to you, and more reassuring in dealing afterwards.

9 Steps to Boost Self-Confidence

Many suffer from the problem of their lack of confidence in themselves, these 9 steps may help to acquire this important characteristic and increase the strength of personality.

  1. Stay away from the negative spirit: make sure to deal with others positively in every situation, and to stay away largely from negativity, as it weakens the personality of the human being, as well as the keenness to solve problems in all possible ways helps to strengthen the personality.
  2. Look at what has been achieved: It is important to calculate the achievements you have made from time to time, because this behaviour enhances self-confidence, and you should be proud of the positives you have reached, and it is possible to make a list of these actions and keep them and see them occasionally, to help restore and strengthen self-confidence.
  3. Worshipping: Ensuring that worship is performed and getting closer to God is very important, as it leads to stability and inner tranquillity, which in turn leads to increased self-confidence, because lack of self-confidence comes from not being close to God and being away from worship.
  4. Recognize your strengths: Know the strengths you have in a wide range of strengths, and you should get to know and develop your talents better.
  5. Set goals: Set goals and steps that you must take in order to be able to achieve them, and it is not important that these goals are large, as they may be small, and when achieving them you should look for other goals, and this is worthy of making you gain increased self-confidence and through which you can accomplish various tasks.
  6. Talking to oneself positively: Getting rid of thinking about negative things and talking to oneself about the positives is very important, and it is possible to turn to a close friend to talk to, if they are self-confident.
  7. Self-care: It is difficult for a person to feel good about himself when his health is bad, so care must be taken to take care of health and self by getting a rest during sleep and be careful to eat types of healthy food and exercise, which helps to strengthen and build self-confidence.
  8. Training courses: Training courses in the field of human development, which help to promote self-confidence well, can be resorted to through trainers specialized in this field, and there are types of self-confidence test and exercises related to this in these courses.
  9. Social Sharing: Participating in social activities with others is an important point that boosts self-confidence, especially when sharing with positive people, which helps get rid of weaknesses that may affect your self-confidence.

What are the benefits of self-confidence and how do we enhance it?

Certainly, having self-confidence helps a person become successful in their family, personal and professional life. What are the benefits of this trait and how can it be acquired?

Here are 10 benefits of self-confidence for a human being and how to increase it:

Enjoying better overall health, because you deal with hardships around you, stress and difficulties better.

Building your relationships with others more closely, whether at family, friends or at work.

Improve performance at work by enhancing concentration and greater commitment to task execution.

More courage and less cases of anxiety and negative thoughts.

Increased energy, encouragement, and positivity. Simply be happier and more willing to try new things.

Whether you are applying for an upgrade or you signed up for a cooking class, believing in yourself is the key to showing yourself there!

Devote your energy to achieving your goals, rather than wasting time and energy, to worrying whether you’re good enough or not! In the end, you’ll do your job better, when you feel like you have confidence in yourself.

What’s the difference between self-confidence and arrogance?

There is confusion among some in the question of knowing the difference between self-confidence and boastfulness, and some even describe excess self-confidence as arrogance, saying that there is a hair between self-confidence and boastfulness, while others see the difference between them as significant. Self-confidence is a benign trait that any sane person should have, while boastfulness is a bad trait that we should stay away from, it is not one of the qualities of successful people, and it makes the people around us alienate us. So how do we separate the two qualities and recognize the difference between them in order to avoid, at least, the trait of boastfulness.

First: Self-confidence: It is the feeling of satisfaction, reassurance and pride in himself and his ability to achieve his goals and what he wants in life, respect and appreciation of himself, and to see the person himself in the most beautiful way, and self-confidence has many manifestations that appear on the person with clear confidence in himself, including the following: feeling happy, optimistic, positive, and reassuring in all aspects of his life. Speed in decision-making in a self-confident person. Initiative, leadership and problem-solving ability. Success and determination to reach any goal to be achieved.

Second: boastfulness: It is the love of man for himself in a way that exceeds the normal limit, which is the person’s sense of greatness, and his delusion that he has reached perfection, which results in the person doing many incorrect behaviours such as that the people around him feel inferior, that they are inferior to him, that he is higher and higher than them, and that he surpasses them in many things, and boastfulness does not harm only its owner and becomes hated and undesirable by being among people; because it makes people feel inferior and low in level, it is normal to reap As a result of this hatred in the souls of others, boastfulness is considered a mental illness in our modern time.

Third: The difference between self-confidence and boastfulness: self-confidence and pride is completely different from boastfulness, and one of these differences between them: self-confidence: it is self-esteem and reassurance of this self and the sense of satisfaction of man about himself. Boastfulness is a sense of perfection and grandeur, and this feeling is an illusionary feeling in its owner.

Self-confidence emanates from a person naturally and inartificially, but boastfulness is not real but is artificial and the person manufactures for himself.

Self-confidence is built by man and gradually reaches it and occurs with the development of the self and the achievement of many achievements and successes in various aspects of life, while boastfulness is suddenly that man decides to exercise this role over others. Self-confidence makes its owner a humble human being who does not take pride in others, unlike boastfulness that makes its owner arrogant and arrogant to others. Self-confidence makes the owner proud of himself and does not compare himself to anyone, unlike arrogance that compares himself to others and sees himself as better than them. Self-confidence the more it increases in a person, the more it fills the heart of its owner with reassurance and a sense of happiness and is commendable the more it increases, and it is different from boastfulness, and self-confidence in the event that it increases and its owner becomes more reassuring and humble to others is praiseworthy, but in the case that if it increases the heart of its owner to arrogant and to arrogant and arrogant, it was originally arrogance and not confidence.

Overall, self-confidence is that a person feels comfortable, reassured, and self-proud, and vanity is that a person loves himself in a way that exceeds the normal limit. Psychologists have confirmed that self-confidence is the most important reason for success, while boastfulness is what loses someone their credibility and stops their success, even if they are qualified and carry qualities that make them distinct among the people around them, but vanity makes those around them hate them, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) forbade arrogance in his honourable hadith, “Whoever has in his heart a weight of an atom of pride does not enter Paradise”, and Allah the Almighty commanded us to humble ourselves and stay away from arrogance And the arrogance in saying the Almighty: “Do not walk the earth merrily, you will not breach the earth and you will not reach the mountains in length){Israa:37} Self-confidence is only possessed by people with good and high morals, and arrogance is characteristic of those with impure hearts, we must make our creation as Allah the Almighty commanded us, and as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) commanded us.

Sayings and Proverbs about Boastfulness and Self-Confidence

Self-confidence, lack of arrogance and boastfulness are among the commands that Allah the Almighty has commanded us not to do, and His Holy Prophet has commanded us, and the following are the most important sayings about arrogance and self-confidence:

Only successful people trust in their abilities to reach success.

Always think about what makes you happy, stay away from anything that worries you, be confident in yourself, and then set your foot on the first steps to success.

Pride is for a person to cherish his dignity and not to accept humiliation from anyone.

Arrogance may destroy a person and lead him to doom.

Don’t boast of your money, your calculation, or your beauty, you’re not the maker of it.

Arrogance is nothing but a deficiency within a person.

Transgression does not raise an ignorant, and humility does not raise a sane person, but humility lifts its owner, and descends from prolongation.

Arrogance is more evidence of humiliation and humiliation than it is a sign of arrogance.

No one grows up except for his deficiency, and he only grows up because of a weakness he feels.

Working without relying on God is arrogant, as reliance without is inadequacy.

Arrogance is a face of ignorance.

Arrogance can turn angels into demons, and humility turns men into angels.

A person who trusts himself knows his worth and respects them as well as his weaknesses and strengthens them, while the arrogant has a feeling that he is perfect and lacks nothing.

When does your self-confidence shake?

There is no doubt that many people suffer from the shaking of their self-confidence, which makes them unable to reach what they aspire to, and these are the most prominent reasons why self-confidence is shaken:

Compare one’s ability and life with others.

Distrust of Allah the Almighty.

Not keeping up with information, the modern age and technology, and not knowing what’s new makes a person able to communicate with those around him with confidence.

Negativity makes those around him alienated from him.

Conviction in a person’s inner abilities, knowing the limits of his energy and not costing it above absorbing them.

Self-confidence and the importance of strength of character

The strong personality is attractive to everyone, there is no human being who loves the weak person, we always derive our strength from the powerful around us, but the strength of the personality is never linked to injustice or domination, on the contrary, the strength in the personality pushes its owner to be just and not afraid in the truth to blame him, and the owner of the strong personality can adapt to the problems of life and accept them in a different way to reach his main goal in life, does not allow pitfalls to keep him away from it and surrender to the simplest dilemmas, and because a lot Of the people who always aspire to develop their personality and turn it into a strong and influential personality they must pay attention to a set of methods that help strengthen the personality.

People seek a strong personality for many reasons, the most important of which are the following:  

A strong personality has a lot of opportunities to work and study, it is also makes one entitled to take over managerial and leadership positions wherever it is, and because corporate leaders usually cannot interfere in every detail they need a personality that is not hesitant and able to manage the work in its details, and because who has a strong personality is able to absorb multiple tasks at the same time, this enables him to succeed in more than one field.

Strong personality gives you independent thinking, as bosses need some employees who defy difficulties and do not support them in all decisions, so as to their strong insight in achieving some goals that need to be made.

A strong person is less influenced by external factors and ambient speech, a strong person does not care about people’s criticism, because his strength stems from within him and does not need an external force that supports his self-confidence and is able to stand firm despite challenges.

A strong personality does not have to be surrounded by lovers, and we cannot deny that people like to get around this personality because they derive strength and trust from it, but this circumvention can be not for the sake of love or emulation but with the intention of reaching a certain interest, the owner of a strong personality is usually diligent in his work and able to do different works that may be difficult for others, and these qualities prevent its owner from being insulted or hurt, because the owner of this character has developed the outlines of how he treats people and people deal with him, so no one can go beyond them.

A strong personality is the focus of everyone’s attention wherever you are, attractiveness and charisma depend mainly on a person’s self-confidence and inner strength.

Finally, self-confidence is one of the most important elements on which human relationships are based, when you talk to a person or a business brings you together, reassuring this person is one of the first priorities to complete in the conversation with him, and the first moments of communication reveal many qualities in the other person, these qualities are what make you complete the conversation with him or end it as quickly as possible.