The Pillars of Islam

5.1 Testimony of FaithHost:’ What are the Five Pillars of Islam and what is the origin of this expression? Jamal Badawi: The term and the specification of the number appear in more than one saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).’ One of the most famous sayings is narrated in the collection by Muslim and says that

Summary of 5.1 “Testimony of Faith”There were there basic points that we discussed last time.’ First was the quotation from Prophet Muhammad that the infrastructure of Islam is based on five pillars the testimony, prayer, payment of poor’s due, fasting and performing the pilgrimage once in a life time. ‘ The second major point we

Summary of 5.2 “Purity and Hygiene”Last week’s program dealt mainly with the question of purity or cleanliness as a preparation for prayers.’ We mentioned that in the most common cases all that is needed before prayers is ablution which is washing the hands three times, rinsing the mouth, nostrils and face three times, washing the

Summery of 5.3 “Preparation of Prayers”The first thing we emphasized last time was the importance of prayer and how it is the second most important pillar in Islam after the confession of faith, belief in God, and that leaving prayers out of neglect is regarded as a major sin but leaving prayers with an attitude

Summery of 5.4 “Prayers: Form & Significance”Last time we covered three major points.’ The first was a brief description of how the main unit in the prayer called raka’a is performed.’ We described briefly the various movements, standing in the beginning of the prayer including the recitation that is said in the beginning of the

Summery of 5.5 “Prayers: Form & Significance Continued”First we started by giving the translation and meanings of the recitations and supplications that are mentioned in the prayers.’ We indicated that these supplications have to be in the original Arabic language, which gives the opportunity for any Muslim in the world at any given time in

5.7 Zakah (Charity)Host:’ What is the meaning of the term Zakah which can be roughly translated as charity?’ There are many translations that are assigned as the meaning for Zakah such as tithe, religious tax, alms, charity and so on. Jamal Badawi: Quite frankly non of those terms fully explain the meaning of the Islamic

5.8 Siyam (Fasting)Host:’ What is the month of Ramadan and its significance to Muslims? Jamal Badawi: In the Quran in (2:185) ‘Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is

5.9 Hajj: HistoryHost:’ What does Hajj or pilgrimage mean? Jamal Badawi: Hajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam.’ The other four being the testimony of faith, performance of the five daily prayers, payment of poor’s due, fasting and then Hajj is the fifth and last in the series of Pillars in Islam.

Summary of 5.9 “Hajj: HistoryFirst of all, we said that the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five Pillars of Islam and a duty on every Muslim male or female who is financially and physically able to do it at least once in their lifetime. ‘ Secondly, we dispelled some of the common misconceptions

Summary of 5.10 “Hajj: History Continued”The basic emphasis in the first two programs was on the historical aspect and the importance of the holy city of Mecca.’ We said that upon the command of God Abraham took his wife Hagar and her son Ishmael to the wilderness of Mecca where they dwelled.’ We compared the

Summary of 5.11 “Hajj: Rites & Significance”First, we began by making a distinction between the lesser pilgrimage and the major pilgrimage known as Hajj.We said the lesser pilgrimage can be done at any time and constitutes visiting the holy house, the Kaaba, a doing a few rites which only take a couple of hours. ‘

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