Muhammad In The Bible


Series 2 Prophets SummaryThe first two series focused primarily on the Islamic testimony- attesting that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah (God) and that Muhammad is His last and final messenger. The first series dealt specifically with the concept of monotheism in Islam. The second discussed the belief in Prophet Muhammad

Summary of 3.1 “Methodology”The main point discussed in the previous lecture was regarding the references in the bible that show Muhammad was foretold in the Bible. Two main stances were raised and discussed. It is true that Muslims do not take the Bible as a source of faith since the Qur’an is considered the last

Summary of 3.2 “Lineage of the Awaited Prophet”There are several prophecies in the Bible foretelling the advent of Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessing be up on him. Many of these prophecies, however, have been interpreted in a traditional way, for hundreds of years, and many are not aware that in fact they do refer

Summary of 3.3 “A Prophet Like Unto Moses”Last session we discussed that, in the Book of Genesis, God has made a clear and definite promise to Ishmael, the first son of Prophet Abraham may peace and blessings be upon him, to bless him and make of him a great nation. In fact, the very word

Summary of 3.4 “Location”We continued showing that in the Bible itself there are plenty of prophecies concerning the advent of Prophet Mohammed. We have shown in previous series the lineage of the Prophet. He comes from the Ishmaelite side of Abraham and we dismissed some of the biased views towards Ishmael being an illegitimate son,

Summary of 3.5 “Characteristics”When we analyzed the forty-second chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Bible, it was quite obvious that there were many indications on the identity of the prophesied prophet. And we said that those indications applied to none other than Prophet Mohammed. ‘ First of all, the verses say that this

Summary of 3.1 – 3.6The first six programs in this series deal with the foretold advent of Prophet Mohammed in the Old Testament. ‘ 3.7 Jesus’ Prophecy (Paraclete)Host: In the last six programs in Islam in Focus, we’ve examined prophecies in the Old Testament dealing with the advent of Mohammed. Today’s program will examine the

3.8 Other References and Conclusions Host: In the last program you gave various points showing that the Comforter or the Advocate who was foretold by Jesus in the Gospel of John is in fact Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings be upon him, and not the Holy Ghost. Can you explain, for the benefit of

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