Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new episode of Islamicfocus. I am Mohammed Hosni, and I will be acting as your host on today’s program. We have beenpromising you for several weeks now, a series of episodes dealing with the fundamental teachings andtenets of Islam. And I’m happy

There are five basic points that should be remembered. First, is that it is a mistake to assume that every Muslim is an Arab. Not every Muslim is an Arab and not every Arab is a Muslim. To even tie Islam to the Middle East is also a misconception. The Muslim population is close to

Summary of previous lecture “Source of Knowledge about God”There were two points that were discussed in the previous lecture. The first dealt with the basic sources of knowledge about God or about beliefs in general. The second was the Islamic term for God. The first issue is the one we spent the most time and

Summary of Previous Lecture “Analysis of Creedal Formula” The previous lecture discusses the Islamic concept of creed. The first of the three major points discussed was the profession of faith. The statement when said with conviction a person Muslim instantaneously. This statement is Ashhadu ana la illaha illa Allah wa ashhadu ana Mohammadan rasula Allah

Summary of 1.3 “Forms of Shirk”In the last lecture, we continued the explanation of Muslim creed, which says basically that there is no deity except for Allah and that Mohammed (peach be upon him) is Allah’s final messenger. We explained, also, that Allah is the Arabic term for God as the creator and sustainer of

Summary of 1.4 “Forms of Shirk Continued & Divine Attributes”We previously discussed the reason behind the negation found in the Islamic creed and how it relates to monotheism. We then discussed the worship of human beings whether they were saints, prophets, great persons, clergy. Then we discussed that following people who take the liberty of

Summary of 1.5 “Divine Attributes Continued”This lecture mainly discussed the positive, or affirmative, attributes of Allah. We reviewed the topic of creation and said that God is the Creator and that creation goes hand in hand with sovereignty. We then discussed the attributes of life and eternity; we said that God is living. Not only

Summary of 1.6 “Divine Attributes (Forgiveness)”What we did last time was to more or less conclude the discussion of the positive or affirmative divine attributes of God. Last lecture there were two basic issues that we spent the majority of the lecture on. The first, was to correct one of the common errors and misconceptions

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