Political System of Islam

Summary of Series so FarThe first four series in this program dealt mainly with the articles of faith and questions pertaining to belief.’ This included Monotheism, Prophethood, Muhammad in the Bible and the fourth was about Muslim Beliefs.’ The first four series dealt mainly with the matter of faith and the first pillar of Islam.’

Summary of 9.1 “Religion and Politics”We briefly described how this series relates to the previous series.’ Mostly we examined the notion of separation between Church and State.’ We indicated that this whole notion emerged in the West as a result of how the Church was concealed and the struggle of power that took place in

Summary of 9.2 “Nature of Islamic Political Systems”In the second program we focused on the nature of the political system in Islam.’ We indicated that it is not a theocracy because there is an absence of church, clergy and that the ruler derives legitimacy only by the consent of the people.’ Second, we indicated that

Summary of 9.3 “Political Process-Choice of Rulers”In the first part of the third program we discussed the basic purpose behind the establishment of an Islamic State and we said that it is basically to establish justice and we indicated again the variety of opinions given by the jurists on the basis of Quranic provisions in

Summary of 9.4 “Early Application I”The main point that we discussed was how a ruler in Islam is chosen.’ We indicated that the cardinal rule in Islam is that the ruler should be chosen with the free choice of people without him being imposed on them in one way or another.’ In analyzing how this

Summary of 9.5 “Early Application II”We reviewed the various methods used to select the rulers after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).’ In the last program we dealt specifically with the choice of the third and fourth Caliphs, Othman and Ali.’ We indicated that in all cases the principle of free choice is there even though the specific

Summary of 9.6 “Imamite Concept I”We touched on the minority, Shiite, view which represents roughly 10% of Muslims that Ali the cousin and son in law of the Prophet was the only legitimate heir of the Prophet and that the Prophet actually appointed him as the ruler after him and that all descendants should be

Summary of 9.7 “Imamite Concept II”In the seventh program we continued the discussion of the notion held by Shiite Muslims of the Imamite concept.’ This basically centers around the succession of the Prophet in terms of rulership within a part of his family: the descendants of Ali.’ We covered why the majority of Muslims (over

And ever since the merciful universe facing blessings upon the servants of Mr. mahama forever, I mean, I greet you with a good thing that is common in Islam. Assalamu Aleikum, it means please Bianchi on your house time of wishing to go we have a nice program in our series dealing with the economic

merciful The creating and sustaining of universe, peace and blessings of public servant and Mr. Mohammed forever mean. Today we have our 10th program in our series dealing with the economic system of Islam. We’ll be continuing with their topic of Muslim contributions to civilization. More specifically we’ll be looking at the fields of geography,

program Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you. I’m your host Mr. Rashid. Today we have our 11th program in our series dealing with the political system of Islam. Today we’ll be discussing the guiding principles of Islamic government. I have joined me on the program as usual Dr. Jamal battery of segments University brother Jamal

Another episode of Islam infocus Assalamu alaikum Peace be with you. I’m your host, Ahmet Rashid. Today we have our 12th program 12th and concluding program in our series dealing with the political system of Islam. Today we’ll be discussing the rights of non Muslim minorities in Islamic State. I have joining me on the

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