We are accustomed to talking or hearing about education with illiteracy and culture with non-culture. So what is the dividing line between them? To determine something, reference must be accepted. For example, internationally, a lump of iron is defined as the weight of other objects by one kilogram. Thus, there is an international standard of one metre or yard to measure the length of an object. In the same way, we have to think about what will be the dividing line or symptom line between education and non-education and culture and subculture. No, I will go according to my own ideas and say! If this is the case, then it will be seen that what is education to me is not education to others. Similarly, what is culture to me is bad culture to others.

 We are humans. We have differences, and there are duties in philosophy. People are fundamental. The ultimate excellence of this originality of man is what places him on the throne of excellence: his humanity. Without it, people are below all. To be above all, one must be the most humane. Education and culture that nurture humanity are good education and healthy culture; in other words, anti-humanity education or culture is uneducated or uncultured. Humanity should be the standard for the education-non-education distinction and the culture-subculture distinction. If we can shed light on this, then it is conceivable where education and culture are today. If education is light and if it is the path to dispel darkness. But is today’s education really education? The characteristic of light is that it removes darkness. In this, he does not discriminate, neither high nor low, nor human. In other words, it enlightens everyone, regardless of race and religion. Nature will be an educated worshipper of humanity. Life will then be for life. This is the ultimate development of humanity.

  Teachers in Life

      In our lives, we get education mainly from four-class teachers. The first teachers are mothers and fathers, who are primary teachers. Mother’s role is big here. We are all cradled in our mother’s lap; the mother tongue is mother’s first capital. If the first fear of life is strong and the fear is strong, the rest are more likely to be strong. So if the mother is good, the child is more likely to be good. Society also needs a good mother. Mothers can build a good society. I praise mothers for giving good children to the society and pray to build the society by giving good children. The second teacher is the teacher at the educational institution. The good of society knows how shaky this place is from the teacher, sir. Less will be said. Third Teacher Society It is a larger family for a child. What his small family teaches is that if there is no environment to nurture it in society, it will be unfaithful from the start.

Miseducation and Self-degradation

     Today’s society is far from giving our children a good education. There is nothing but miseducation, gossip, and superstition when stepping outside. Such is the role of society as a teacher today. One has to wonder how much today’s society is conducive to child development. If society is not beautiful, our future generation will not be beautiful. We are closing our eyes and drifting in the current of society, trying to shape ourselves according to the needs of society from an austerity perspective. Not interested in creating social reformers or social workers thinking about social change. Money is where I am, money is the surface of the social system. When will we think about creating people? How long could a life be without humanity? How long will I deceive myself? Apart from me, there remains infinite creation. Living and inanimate. What is known and unknown? We cannot live without them. There are also thoughts about them that are often closely related to the flow of our lives. They are also our teachers. As teachers, the current moral decline is devaluing and dehumanizing. This is me who has given up everything. Who will teach me? Who will tell me this degradation? I could not be a teacher of myself or my future generation. I call the crow when necessary and the cuckoo when necessary. I am a failure as a teacher, so the society led by me is also a failure. The rest is eternal creation. See, learn, think what it says to me. Special knowledge frees people from delusion. And this is the nature of the storehouse of special knowledge. Self-glory before my eyes. You have to read it, you have to know it, you have to understand its order and beauty. Bigness and beauty help to eliminate smallness and ugliness. Greatness and smallness can break the barrier. Crushes the ego born of pettiness. When I stand on a beach, its vastness beats down on my smallness. I am degraded. I look silently and forget myself, my ego. Spiritual awareness. Teaches life to think – what is the purpose of life. Selfless self.

Examining Wisdom in Creations

    The call of water waves to stand by people and love. When I delve deeper into eternal creation, I will  see greater beauty. The only exception to this is order. Every creature in nature follows rules and regulations. There is no exception. And practice without exception is science. And the knowledge of science is our conviction and determination. Other creatures than Me are bound by living beings and inanimate laws and that is the basic religion of their existence. As light travels in straight lines. Photons of sunlight—particles in plant leaves—are the main ingredient in the kitchen. Carbohydrates are made from hydrogen in water and carbon dioxide from air taken up by plant roots through photosynthesis. It transforms into the fruit of the tree and comes to our leaves. Again, the animal world comes to us from plants. Again, the apple from the tree fell to the ground instead of going to the sky. Creation is always happening before our eyes. This immutable rule-discipline-obligation is the root of beauty. And such rules-discipline-obligation will bring beauty in our life. If you look further, it can be seen that the oxygen that is breathed does not become nitrogen inside the body. We do not have this strength. So I am anonymous. I am unrecognizable but it is not wrong to recognize other creatures because they are bound by the same rules – bound by the same bond – the same word is unified. I also see that mango trees and palm trees are growing side by side in the same soil. There is no conflict. What kind of equality does it give me? The more I think about it, the more I feel ashamed. And unable to understand this, I proudly walk the road past the Mango tree and the Palm tree. Denial of these is not culture but its fault. Acknowledging and organizing it is culture. Life is not entertainment – life is a test. And passing the test is entertainment.

           The context of the exam is humanities. Raising the flag of humanity and fighting and succeeding under it will be the standard of pass and fail. Culture is the field of expression of a sense of life and creativity. Culture is different in different countries and times, but it is basically a picture of life that highlights humanity. Its practice will tell how generous, tolerant, creative, thoughtful a country or nation is. In other words culture will tell how humane a nation is. So humanity is different in appearance but the same in essence. And the standard of humanity is life for life. How does it contain entertaining dialogue? It will contain the expression of the soul. Clattering the passions is not a resonance that is resonating to strengthen the supreme soul. Do you accept that? The mind does not continue what it does. I don’t care about anyone. Three and a half hands in his own hands. If this is the case, they want the same power everywhere. Survive without oxygen. Living without water. The answer is no, but why this self-reliance. When will I be a worshiper of beauty? I will be immersed in the being of creation. When will I shake the social values of today and honestly think – what I have given to the society rather than what I have received from the society. When I don’t think about my abilities and think about thousands of disabilities. I will be grateful without wishing for gratitude to the benefactor.

By Obaidul Hoque