Arafah and the Day of Resurrection

Jabal Arafat

One should know that this place was always trodden by Allah’s Prophets, peace and blessing be upon them all, who used to adorn and worship Allah there. This act of worship was inherited by all Muslims all over the world in a way to follow the Sunnah of Allah’s  Prophets, peace and blessing be upon them all, which is so essential in the religion of Islam. Also, the standing of Muslims on this mount chanting “Labbayka Allahumma Labbayk,” which means “Here I am at Your service, O God, Here I am!” and asking Him for forgiveness is liable to make their Du`a’ (invocation) answerable in these times when they left their families and properties heading for answering Allah’s Call that was raised by Ibrahim, peace and blessings be upon him

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