{Certainly has Allah heard the speech of the one who argues [i.e., pleads] with you, [O Muḥammad], concerning her husband and directs her complaint to Allah. And Allah hears your dialogue; indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing.} Al-Mujadalah: 1

The Qur’anic statement takes the psychological aspects into account, describes their state, and the article fits perfectly with the reality of the revelation of the situation.

So He described the speech of the woman, whose husband pronounced zihar on her, as an argument (arguing with you) and what kind of argument?

It is a psychologically motivated argument to keep the family from rift and separation; The miraculous statement expressed it by argument; Because of the urgency in it, and the Messenger (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) had kindness in his speech, and consideration for the state of grieving souls, so the soul calmed down. And so, argument became discussion as the prophet’s gentle approach overcame her way of speech, and it was expressed   in the final statement as (Allah hears your dialogue).

Advocacy discourse should take the psychological aspects of the addressees into account, even in the context of legislation and rulings