There are numerous tips to improve the Quran recitation. I’ll be telling you all the tips that you can follow and these will surely benefit you in several ways. Let’s get started.

1)   Set Goal

You must set a goal and promise yourself. The promise should be that whatever will happen you will never leave in the middle. Whenever you will stop you should recall why you started. This will help you to continue.

2)   Always Make Dua For Success

You will see many hurdles when achieving your goal. You must turn to Allah Allah almighty. Allah will surely listen to you. The Almighty has complete control over the universe and can guide us all. You must tell Allah Almighty to help you out to achieve the goal. You must pray five times a day to get rewards from Allah.

3)   Pronunciation

From letters to words and words to sentences. From sentences to surahs and surahs to chapter all creates the Holy Quran. You should first learn how to recite the letters. It will assist you in reciting well and getting rewards for each word from Allah.

You must practice as much as you can. Recite it again and again at least three to four times a day.  This will lead to a greater level of comprehension, very much fewer errors, and the rewards will be higher.

4)   Learn Rules

You must learn Tajweed as it should be learned. If you don’t know tajweed it means to improve the recitation. Rules and regulations are very much helpful in the recitation of the Quran.

You must learn Quran with Tajweed but it’s not necessary. If you’re just getting started with it. It indicates that you are uniquely studying the Quran.

5)   Daily Practice

First, you must start recitation in the morning after Fajr. Because it’s the best time and your mind is fresh. As we know nobody is free and all have hectic routines. You must complete all your work and other commitments. And revise again in the evening. Again revise in the night after Isha.

After a few days, you will get a grip on the recitation. And also you will make a routine. The most difficult part is to make it routine.

6)   Pitch

The pitch is the rise and the fall of recitation. It’s very much essential how you produce sounds. It would be beneficial if you could figure out when to raise and when to decrease your workload. And where should one remain silent to learn recitation?

You can increase your fluency while reciting the Quran once you understand how to recite it. Maintain a regular level of interest and activity in the Quran.

7)   Do Not Lose Hope

Learning Arabic is a difficult task that requires patience. Even after several attempts, you can feel heartbroken if you are unable to read the correct noises. Remind yourself why you began learning to recite the Quran during this time.

Everything is difficult at first, but that does not mean you should give up or lose sight of your goal. Anything is possible. Failure is a part of life, but you will learn from it and improve every day.

8)   Quality of the Recitation

The quality of the recitation is very important. The most popular style of Quran recitation is a quiet and humble reading. For learning purposes, you must listen to the recitation of the professional Qaris.

 10) Hire Online Tutor

Having an online professional teacher is an important part of learning to recite the Quran. You’ll need a tutor to demonstrate to you the standards of the Quran when you first start learning it.

A qualified instructor can show you how to study Quran tajweed and improve your skills over time. Your teacher is the only one who can tell you.

Bottom line

In the above article, I have tried to tell you the tips to improve the recitation of the Quran. These tips will surely help you out and you will learn a lot.

By Ahmad Inayat

Ahmad Inayat is a professional islamic writer and scholar, writing for guidance of the Muslims all across the world.