In this gathering, on this occasion,

All have worn the prettiest of clothes,

The clothes of `Eid.

Children have become like a beautiful garden,

The colors of their clothes. What is with these colors?

How beautiful and delightful they are when mixed together!

They are like butterflies flying from branch to branch.

Except for him!

Who is he?

Everyone is rejoicing, smiling, laughing,

Children are playing, running here and there. This child … What is wrong with him?

His face bears deep grief; he attempts to hide by drawing a sweet smile on his lips.

O my honorable brother!

Let me ask you a question before you rejoice with your children on `Eid,

Before the river of love flows from you to your beloved children on `Eid,

Before you kiss your child between his eyes,

After he has worn his beautiful clothes on `Eid

Have you ever seen such child?

Has your tender, warm, comforting hand ever patted the head of an orphan

Whose orphanhood has deprived him of sleep

And whose eyes burn with tears on the feast day because of not seeing his father?

Has he ever felt the warmth of your hand taking away some of his feeling of orphanhood and sadness?

Has he ever heard your tender voice removing the silence of his loneliness?

Have you ever tried to play with him like your own dear child?

How unmindful we are of these children!

How stingy we are in giving our love even on `Eid!

On `Eid your child yes, your child

Your loved one is crying in pain and plunged in grief, but cannot find a warm hug to hold him or a warm hand to wipe away his tears.

Like millions of children, he craves for a piece of candy but cannot find it

He wishes for a small toy to play with like other children but

Where is the one who used to make his wishes come true?

Where is the one who used to bring him toys and candy?

Where is the one who used to play with him daily, especially on `Eid?

Where is the one who used to carry him on his shoulders?

He is now under the earth wrapped up in forgetfulness.

He has become only a memory.

Imagine your child in such a situation … imagine him an orphan,

Lost, lonely, and crying.

He has lost his father before `Eid!

Tell me what you feel now

Tell me what you feel if your child loses you on `Eid,

And tell me, by your Lord,

What do you wish your child to be given on that glorious day

And on the rest of the days if he becomes an orphan?

Wait don’t answer but consider

Consider and contemplate this verse before the sun rises on `Eid.

Recite it before that splendid day is over.

Allah the Clement, the Benevolent, the Bounteous, the Most Compassionate says, [And let those fear (in their behaviour toward orphans) who if they left behind them weak offspring would be afraid for them. So let them mind their duty to Allah, and speak justly] (An-Nisaa 4:9).

Recite it once again Contemplate it Is your heart grieved for your dear child?

Will you be grieved if harm befalls him?

Will you feel pain if poverty befalls him?

Will you feel sorrow if hunger and pain befall him?

What will you feel then if he becomes an orphan?


Give compassion, grant love,

Cure the sorrow of the needy with benevolence,

Pat the orphan’s head on `Eid and on the other days, too,

For, by my Lord, it is a great reward and a profitable trade.

[And Allah is of infinite bounty] (Al-Baqarah 2:105).

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