Come on dear little child

No need to cry to run and hide

Just come and sit right down with me

Cuddle up cosy on my knee

I want to tell a tale to you

Many know it – not just a few

It’s a tale from long ago you see

But its message rings true for you and me

It is about the greatest man

Allah sent him – ’twas His plan

Sending His guidance and mercy to us

So we could live and die in trust

To the One who created all that’s there

He knows everything and no one dares

To question Him – except for man!

And here we sit each day and choose

Right or wrong – makes us win or lose

Muhammad came with a word that’s kind

A gentle nature so hard to find

Amidst mankind’s greed and vicious lust

That stops at nothing till he’s dust

Muhammad came to stop wars and cries

Put down evil cheating and wiles

Help the orphan child to grow

In comfort safety he’ll come to know

That Allah alone has all the Power

He maintains and protects each day and hour

So Muhammad taught us not to fear

To love Allah most – to hold Him dear

For alone we’re born and alone we’ll die

And to Him we’ll return by and by

Muhammad was loved by all that’s good

But evil men against him stood

They cannot bear to hear the word

Of truth of peace that’s from our Lord

Telling man to stop his greed

The poor and needy he must feed

Not to kill and not to hate

But spread His message ‘fore it’s too late

For sure the hour will come at last

Tears will be spent for all that’s past

But hearts at rest will dwell in peace

A favour that will never cease

So come now my dear little one

Keep growing and learn to fear no one

For nothing moves without His word

Everything relies upon its Lord

So as you grow you find and learn

To love what’s good  – all evil spurn

And together we will strive our best

And pass this life’s most difficult test

*By Selma Cook