1- Moving hurriedly at the time of leaving `Arafah for Muzdalifah.

2- Bathing to spend the night at Muzdalifah.

3- Regarding it to be desirable for one riding to get down and enter Muzdalifah on foot out of respect for the Sacred Area (Haram).

4- Specifying special Du`aa’ for Muzdalifah and repeating such as saying upon reaching Muzdalifah saying: (O Allah this is Muzdalifah, many languages have come together here…)

5- Leaving off praying Maghrib prayer as soon as Muzdalifah is reached and instead looking for small stones.

6- Praying the sunnah Prayers of Maghrib between the two prayers – or combining them with the sunnah Prayers of `Isha’ and Witr after the two Fard (obligatory) Prayers.

7- Staying awake at night.

8- Stopping at Muzdalifah without spending the night there.