When a pilgrim reaches the Miqat and embarks on uttering Talbiyah, he feels himself answering the call of the Almighty and fulfilling His obligation. There is a mixed feeling of hope and fear in his heart. There is also a feeling of utter surrender and dependence on Allah. Sufyan Ibn `Uyaynah said: “Ali Ibn Al-Husain, may Allah be pleased with both of them, performed Hajj. When he made Ihram and then rode his mount, he became pale and shivered and could not make Talbiyah. When asked about this, he said: ‘I fear that it is not accepted from me.’”

Raising his voice with Talbiyah, a pilgrim remembers that he answers the call of the Almighty and that there will be another call on the Last Day, when people will be either accepted or refused, punished or rewarded, elevated or debased.