and welcome once again to Islam focus. js programming shala We are 23rd in our series Muhammad peace be upon him the last messenger of Allah. topic for today’s the continuation of the advent of Muhammad peace be upon him in other Indian scriptures on your host Rashad munition here once again from St. Mary’s University is Dr. Jaga with us.

For the benefit of our viewers, please have a summary of last week’s program. Okay, we continue to discuss the issue of Muslim reference to some ancient scriptures other than the Judeo Christian scriptures, whether that’s justified or not. And he tried to indicate that while there is no specific mention in the Quran about the religions, such as Hinduism or Buddhism, the Quran did not rule out the possibility that they might have been prophets also in these areas. And the Quran said clearly that in every nation, they have been a messenger.

It was indicated that while those people are not technically People of the Book in the Judas prevention definition with respect to diet and merit, intermarriage and so on.

But one cannot rule out the possibility that originally, they received divine revelation, which was later, perhaps mixed with the ideas of writers.

With this kind of reservations in mind, we refer to a very interesting reference. It’s called Muhammad in Word scriptures, by Abdulhak vidyarthi. And we began to examine some aspects about Zoroastrianism. And we find that there is at least one prophecy that speaks about the Praiseworthy, which is equivalent to the name Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, the Praiseworthy, who shall arise among the herbs and overthrow the unjust government, and that you will cleanse the house of God from Haydn’s.

We also reviewed the profile given by Buddha

predicting another Buddha was teachers to come after him, describing him as one who is unique in his truthfulness, which is equivalent to the nickname of Prophet Muhammad Ameen. The trustworthy,

truthful. And finally we began to examine very briefly the Hindu scriptures. And we mentioned that in one of their books, the Puranas, there was an amusing prophecy about a spiritual teacher, who will appears who will dwell in Arabia, and who will gather a large force to kill Satan, that is the fight even, and that his name is given as Mohammed. And it could be nothing, perhaps more clear than that

or not. But the below is actually quite, quite explicit. But the same reference possibly include other prophecies to corroborate the one that you just claimed. Indeed, in fact, vidyarthi in his book also adds that there was another prophecy on the tongue of Maharishi via BYU as a

who is measured elements just to save time is that the land of herbs will be corrupted by the even doors may be a possible reference to the pre Islamic pagans.

Secondly, that Muhammad come it’s ma Ha ha, which is an obvious slight adaptation of the Mohammed that Mohammed will come. And he will bring those who went astray, means guiding them

exactly, that he would be circumcised, bearded eloquence

that he would commit a great deal of admission

that he will announce the call for prayers, an obvious reference to the Muslim practice in Muslim countries of calling for the prayers on the top of the minarets five times every day. That’s a constant, continuous thing that he will eat of the meat of normal animals but not swine, the pig.

Obviously, as you know, that’s our own clear science. And he adds to this even that he will fight against religious nations. That’s a perfect description of

your previous program. You spoke up three categories of Hindu scripture.

Now, other similar prophecies in other categories of scriptures that

That will relate to to our topic, right. One of the differences mentioned in the initial classification is the Upanishads, which we refer to it before. And some Hindu scholars consider this by way of scriptures to be suffering, even to the Vedas, because, as they say, impart divine knowledge and teach how human soul can get nearer to its makers and masters, in order to emphasize its importance. This particular scripture was published in a number of languages, including the drug karate, or Gujarati, to be more accurate

by many of the Hindu pundits. And one of the amusing prophecies, there’s is a prophecy that was quoted by a Hindu scholar by the name of basil, da su, and Encyclopedia indika. In Volume Two published in Calcutta, according to the DRC

it’s called the aloe your pen ashad, which actually translated by Allah, you finish it, but anyway, until you finish it.

And this one describes the divine attributes of God or Allah. It mentions the coming of Prophet Mohammed, by name,

the Muslim testimony of faith, there is no God. But Allah is repeated more than once in that


As a result of the clarity and explicitness of that prophecy.

Some Hindus actually entered into Islam, which led some of the Hindu scholars to try and claim that perhaps this prophecy was written by a Hindu Pantheon pandect, who converted to Islam. But vidyarthi discusses this kind of

argument. And you say that this is totally

unsupported, because that scripture was published in a number of languages and several places in India, it was referred to in some of the ancient

Hindu books. And he said, it is quite impossible that all the manuscripts of that old book was in the hands of

that was in the hands of various pundits was, all of a sudden, overnight, interpreted to include the name of Prophet Muhammad. And he said that the manuscripts and translations did not really emerge from Muslim circles to have any doubt about its origins in the holy books that are preserved normally in the libraries of the Hindu scholars and divines. And this reference is actually predict the advent of Islam and Muslims to India. So the only reasonable explanation really is that it is one of the ancient prophecies in Hinduism, possibly revealed originally through one of their ancient prophets, giving the clear indication of the coming of Prophet Muhammad.

Am I correct in saying that you have a part of the prophecy with you? Yes, indeed, actually, we have

a copy of that as a pocket that’s from the book by the DRC. That was actually a Xerox that she made from the, the Hindu scriptures. And

assuming that the great majority of viewers would be like myself and yourself, perhaps unable to read it I have here is what the DRC called the symptom and literal translation of what’s called the aloe or it’s called the aloe you pension codes. The name of that deity is Allah and Allah,

as the Muslim exactly the same way Mr. He is one, Mitra meruna etc, are His attributes of Allah indeed is Varuna who is the king of all the world difference, look upon and regard such Allah as your deity? He is Verona and like things, sets right the works of all people. He is Indira the magnificent injure. Allah is the greatest of all, the best, the most perfect, and the holiest of all. Notice this, Muhammad, the apostle of Allah is the Greatest messenger of Allah. Allah is the alpha and Allah is the Omega.

And Allah indeed is the nourisher of the whole world. For Allah are the noble deeds, a lot, in fact, has created the sun, the moon and the stars. Allah sent on burnishes r i s h is vicious resistance to profits, and created the sun and moon and the stars and last since all vanishes and

Created The Heavens. Allah is the manifest search of the earth and the space. Allah is great, and there is no God, but he loved the exact Muslim formula. So you worship her, as her very she or Allah is no God but Allah, Allah is from the beginning. He is the nourish shares of all the birds, and beasts and animals that live in the sea, and those that are not visible to the eye. He is the remover of all events and calamities. Notice, again, Muhammad is the opposite of Allah, the north of this creation, hence declares Allah is when, and there is no other God besides him.

That’s actually I was amazed that translation I claim to know, in Sanskrit, but

that translation is accurate and have no reason to suspect the scholars who wrote the book seem to be quite knowledgeable about the language. I just find it extremely fascinating first,

mobile device mine,

I’d like to get 100. The third category of Hindu scriptures are the many Roland passages that were suggesting that Okay, as you might draw, we have given prophecies from the Puranas from the pen of shad. The third basic category, as you might recall from a previous program is the VEDA, another very important Hindu scripture. And in the atharva, VEDA atharva spells at h AR Ve azova VEDA in chapter 127.

It addresses people and ask them to listen respectfully.

It’s mentioned that the praise worthy among people shall be praised. Notice here, as mentioned before, the term praise worthy is exactly equivalent to the name Muhammad, Muhammad actually means read working.

In one of those translations also describes that person as kurama, which means immigrant, or one who promotes peace, that his enemies will be defeated. And there is a mention of the number 60,000. There are a number of observations here. First of all, when it asked people to listen respectfully, it means that there is some important news that they should heed.

Secondly, as you mentioned, the term praiseworthy is the exact equivalent to Hamlet, and it makes it much more intelligible. Instead of saying that praise worthy will be praised, Muhammad will be praised. So the translated even more accurately, it should be Muhammad, other than just use the general description praiseworthy.

The third observation is that it is known that Mohammed migrated peace be upon him from Mecca to Medina, he and his companions because of persecution, and this was one of the main events in the history of Islam.

Firstly, according to one book called A method with Cameron, the estimated number of the residents of Mecca at the time of the Prophet was about 60,000.

In the second mantra in the same reference, it speaks also about the promised Rishi promised prophet

who will be a common writer. And that’s an interesting one, because, you see, because among the Indian prophets or issues, they were forbidden to write comments, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, according to the New Testament, road, S, or other Oberlin s, but not on a canon.

The Prophet that is well known to have rode the Caymans, and has all this description to describe before his man but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him it’s all a description of it.

In the seventh muncher also speaks about the


pa ri, Ki, sh it production and we’ll see again how the term relate to something we discussed before. It describes him as a guide to all people.

Now do not assume.

First, the description as one who will guide all people

and there is no prophets who consistently claimed without any negative or contrary evidence that he is simply not to a particular people or to as slights alone or to Arabs and on to the hardware, but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon consistent evidence.

The other point also is that as the DRC indicates that from the study of comparative grammar, the term parik[???] actually is

equivalent to the the English term Paraclete, which comes from the Greek Heraclitus.

And he said that some scholars believe that the origin of that term, Heraclitus was not really Greek, but perhaps taken from another language, possibly Sanskrit. So actually a pirate ship might have been the origin of the term product lists, or particularities in Greek.

And the description or profile of that product late in the VEDA, is very much similar to the description that Jesus speaks about, or quoted to say, in the Gospel, according to john about the correct leaders to come after him. And we had several programs in which in which we discussed in some detail, why this is a clear evidence of Jesus speaking about the coming of Mohammed after him rather than about the Holy Spirit.

Now, in the chapter 21, in the sixth mantra, as explained by a Hindu commentators quoted by vidyarthi, again, it speaks about some of the brave people who vanquished without a baton, the 10,000 proponents

and vidyarthi comment on that, and before even is coming to the number 10,000 rang a bell in mind, because in the Battle of gab, or the allies, or the trenches, it’s also sometimes called

the number of the people who put seeds around Medina were indeed 10,000, I actually checked the famous reference to that in a sham biography of the Prophet by evening, Sam, and that was the number of the Allies 10,000. And indeed, historically, they would have vanished without investment because God sent a hurricane that finally after long siege caused them or forced them to live, while Muslim showed a great deal of courage because they were only 3000 in the face of that big army.

The DRC also indicate that the Sanskrit word Carew see a sonic Aru means actually the praying one, the one who plays or adores, which is equivalent to Arabic ashmit, another name of prophets, infinite peace. And finally, also in the VEDA. Also in Vedic VEDA, it speaks about a person who is described as truthful, and trustworthy, powerful, and generous, who will be famous with 10,000. Not only is the description of Prophet Muhammad, but again, the 10,000 refers to another important number. And that is the number of companions of the Prophet who were with him when he went back victoriously to medical.

Doctor, by the way, it’s really been just an amazing

series of programs that we’ve had on this topic. But as as we approach close to the end of it, what if you could give us

some inform as much as you can, the basic theme of this present series.

Okay, I know that might not be a complete job that we can try to do in a few minutes remaining in the program, because we really took about 22 plus half hour programs that went into a great deal of detail and analysis and for documentation from variety of sources. But in essence, Judy, we started the series, since it’s called Muhammad, the last messenger of God, or Allah, that his mission, indeed, is the climax of the mission of all his brother in the previous prophets and messengers who preceded him in the history of humanity as the Quran clearly indicates.

And when we indicated also that, while this applies to his relationship to all prophets all over the world,

he has a special relationship and connection, particularly with the Abrahamic family tree,

a matter which is mentioned in the Quran, but which we try to also indicate that it is amply mentioned also in the Bible,

but perhaps not very much familiar to many of our Judeo Christian brethren.

in exploring that we went far beyond what was covered in the early part of this program several years back, under the title Muhammad in the Bible, which were only eight programs, we went into some more details and admissions, really, the fundamental points put together was that to begin with, in the book of Genesis, especially in chapter 12, we find that God has, has made a promise to bless all the nations of the earth through Abraham, that’s Abraham and his descendants.

And we all know that the firstborn child for Abraham was Ishmael, the grandfather or grand grandfather of Prophet Muhammad

History. He came from his lineage.

And that in chapter 21 of the book of Genesis, we find a clear and explicit promise of blessing, both for Isaac, and also for Ishmael, as we find in verses 13, to 18. And as such, none of them is excluded at the expense

for the sake of others.

Now, putting the pieces together, we said that the blessing of God, and his promise has already been realized, in the fact that all Israelite profit came from the descent of the second son of Abraham, Isaac, and out of the descent of his first son, Ishmael, came, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. so obvious, so clear how both branches of the family tree had been blessed.

We move them to the book of Deuteronomy. And in chapter 18, verse 18, we analyze the prophecy made by Prophet Moses before his death, that God will send for this highlights from among their brethren, a prophet, like him, that he will speak what he hears from God, and that people should obey him or hate his teachings. And again, we have seen the comparison and in what sense, the closest one to compare with Moses really is Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon.

We continued with the book of Deuteronomy. Now in chapter 33, when we find reference to Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, in the same time, it’s speaking about God coming from Sinai, obvious to Moses, rising from the sea, the heads of Sears, which is in Palestine, in reference to becoming of Jesus peace be upon him, and shining forth from Mount Paran. And we have indicated that according to Genesis 2121 parent is the place where Abraham took his wife, Hagar, and Ishmael, and they sit in bed, which is known to be hijas, Arabia and more particularly Makkah, from which Prophet Muhammad came.

And that’s in the same chapter in Deuteronomy. It describes him in some translations as coming with a law. And nobody came with a complete code of law after that prophecy, but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,

in some translation also say that he came with 10,000 holy war scenes, which are then indicated shortly before that this was the exact number of Muslims when they went back in a very decisive re entry of Victoria streets of Mecca, from which they were driven under persecution.

And we indicated that this was not the only place where Mecca has been mentioned. In fact, it was mentioned by name, because it’s known both as Mecca and Becca, in the Psalms of David, Psalm 84, verses four to six as you still find it today, in the King James Version, and even in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

Moving next to the book of Isaiah, we refer to three important prophecies. One is in chapter 11, which speaks about a great personality to come from the stem of Jesse. And he said that, according to encyclopedia, biblica, just see is the abbreviation of Ishmael. Because Ishmael in Hebrew is Jewish man, Jesse, Jesse.

And Isaiah 21, we found especially in verses 13, through 17, a very clear description of an event that never took place, except in the life of one particular person, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It speaks about the people of tema, which are, according to the Bible, Arabs, because Thema was one of the children of Ishmael, who lived in northern Arabia, receiving those who fled to them under persecution, sharing everything with them, and that within a years of the years of inheriting the glory of kiddush, that if the Arabs according to the Bible shall fail. In fact, the term cabal is a reference to the second son of Ishmael, according to the book of Genesis, chapter 25, verse 13,

nothing could fit like a glove in the hand, more than this particular prophecy in Isaiah 21.

We move next to Isaiah 42, which speaks about the elect of God, that raised of God. And then it says that he would bring the law that his religion or law will spread in all aisles, and that the children of Kadare or the villages inhabited by cadavers will be happy with his coming. And we have mentioned before that in Genesis 25 is a reference to the herbs Of course, it has been removed the second provision. We move next to the New Testament and we have seen in the Gospel of john chapter one, especially verses 19 to 26 that john the baptist was asked by

As your scholars if he were Christ, in Asia or that prophets, that means they knew that beside these two, there would be another prophet yet to come, which is legitimately the profits from the brother in of the Israelites, ie the ishmaelites like unto Moses, ie Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

We spent several programs to discuss the prophecy made by Jesus peace be upon him. And as reported in john 1415, and 16, the concept of product lead and with us that given ample evidence, it’s a more logical texture and logical, analytic analytical, that shows that indeed, it is a reference not to the Holy Spirit, but to another prophet to come after him.

We spent quite a few problems also to discuss other than the canonized references.

several programs dealt with the Gospel of Barnabas discovered in Europe, in which Prophet Mohammed is mentioned by name in the tongue of Jesus to come after him. We discuss that in great detail. In all of this, we try to respond to the various objections raised by critics about the authenticity of this. And finally, we touch briefly, on the supplementary information from other ancient scriptures. All of this seems to give the same confirmation of what was mentioned in the very beginning of the series, that the coming of Prophet Mohammed is indeed the climax of all the mission of all prophetic traditions are forgiven respectively for the tremendous amount of research that

you’ve done into this field and area that really isn’t covered very well in many other texts and books and other programs. So thank you very much. And thank you all for joining us. unicem focus as always, your comments and questions would be most appreciated. From all of us Minnesota focus as early

as you