Allah the Most High speaks a good number of auspicious news to people in Al-Qur’an; most of them are intended for the believers. We can see in our earthly lives that men evaluate other people according to their social status. Such as, people consider as a symbol their educational qualification, academic ability, efficiency, family nobility, etc. So the Lord of the People, the Almighty Allah, judges humans in a different way. But that judgment is not like any ordinary judgment in the world. Most people are fascinated by the glory of human lineage and the greediness of wealth; they adopt evil people for their own interests, but God’s judgment is free from all such evil judgments.

He prefers only him, who has full faith in him. He only considers those who love him with heart. The love that is more precious to him than anything else in the world. And being strong in that love and faith, the religion remains steadfast in Islam. Therefore, in the face of thousands of obstacles and tests of faith, he loved Islam with all his heart and held fast to the rope of the religion.

No allure in the world can tempt him. He can never accept the way and opinion of Satan by discarding the love of God in exchange for self-interest. He sacrifices his life in the path of justice. He asks Allah in return for this. Those who remain uncompromising against this way and opinion of Satan are the friends of Allah.

Such type of friends of Allah the Most High who have honor in this world as well as in the hereafter. The angels will say to them at the time of their death,We are your friends in the life of this world and in the hereafter…’ (Surah Ha-Meem As Sajda, Verse 31).

With the good news of these beloved people of Allah, He says himself, “Know that surely the friends of Allah have no fear and they will not worry.” (Surah Yunus, verse 10). In the difficult arena of Qiyaamat, when people become anxious, seeing the horror of that danger, the most big-hearted mother will not want to recognize her biological child.

The worshipers of Allah will not have any worries or restlessness on that day of extreme trouble. Because they will be the blessed servants of Allah among all the other people in the field of resurrection. For whom does God have full promise for a happy and safe life? Which will never be dissolved. To find this understanding heart, you have to think about yourself. If you understand yourself, it is easy to understand Allah. The faith that is created through this understanding is a strong faith. He who has this faith never gets drunk and forgets the Hereafter by any greed of this world. Just as he keeps faith in Allah, he never loses his faith when the test of faith comes. Satan is the eternal enemy of faithful Muslims; he wants to make people lose their faith and lead them to hypocrisy and disbelief.

For this reason, the life of a Muslim can never be a life without thoughts. The heart of faith has to meet with actual faith. After knowing and understanding Allah, one wants to take a taste of death with real faith by remaining steadfast in the faith he holds. Then he will be given the rewords of paradise that was promised by Allah. Allah says himself  in Al-Qur’an again, “Those who say, ‘Allah is our Lord,’ then they are steadfast in that faith; angels will descend upon them at the time of death and say, ‘Do not fear, do not worry; you have been promised Paradise.”, accept his glad tidings.”

By Muhammad Mijanur Rahman