AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome you once again to Islam in focus, today’s programming shala who the 27th in our series Muhammad peace be upon him, glass messenger of Allah and our thoughts on methodology of studying Sierra. I’m your host in Shawnee Mission here once again from St. Mary’s University in Tustin, gentlemen. Also Welcome back to

the assembly on last week’s program. Sure, we continued last week to discuss the problems involved in what some called the materialistic approach in interpreting the Sierra or the biography of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him which tended to ignore his role, above all, as a prophet and messenger of God. We also refer to some of the mythological errors in understanding Syrah, which applies even to the writings of some Muslims themselves.

We mentioned that some later writers have added anecdotes or reports, which contain exaggerations about the person, Americans of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

that some of these reports were unauthentic and have valid origin or doubtful origin,

but have been used uncritically by some to misrepresent Islam and in good teaching. On the other extreme, we are noted that there are there are some some people who try to reject any American or extra or deny any event,

regardless of how reliable and authentic these supports might have been. And we indicated that this kind of rejection was based on what they claim to be a scientific approach, and exactitude of scholarship. But in fact, that was not the case. And we indicated that the pioneers in that direction, as well as the biographies of the Prophet was Muhammad Hussain Hakan, in his book, life of Muhammad

Ali, what are the grounds for hotel’s rejection of the first about the quotation mark miracles in the life of Muhammad peace be upon us? Let me try first to summarize some of the reasons I could discern from his writing, without making co-sponsored the time being, but I think there seem to be three major reasons I could see, which he indicated in the introduction to the first and second edition of his book.

For example, on pages 1676 and 77, are the introduction to the second edition. He emphasizes that the Knights of Columbus, Muhammad, peace be upon him as a human quote, has realized the highest ideals possible command. And then he continues, Muhammad may God’s peace and blessings be upon him, was very careful that Muslims should think of him as a human to whom revelation came.

And he can goes on to indicate that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not claim himself any miracle are attributed to himself, except that his claim that his greatest miracle or his miracle products, and as you might say, is there are on itself.

A second reason that he seems to be given can be discerned from what he writes on the same page also, when he says, quote, that denial of miracles is in perfect accord with the Korans condemnation of the association is by association, it’s referred to mushrikeen, or those who associate others with God in His divine attributes referring to unbelievers, as men who do not reason.

And then thirdly, on pages 80 and 81. He says, that there are variations in the reporting of some of those events in the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that miracle miraculous events and that some of the early historians omitted some of those stories. And some of them mentioned those stories with a notation or warning to the reader, that they are not authentic. It appears that he concludes from this, that the report

words which relate to any American or any extraordinary event in the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him must be rejected.

Do you?

Do you agree with her call and why? And in general, how would you respond to his comments? First of all, I disagree. I mean, I respectfully disagree. And there are at least four reasons for that.

First of all, it is quite true that the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Even if we do not examine any miracle other than the Quran is as Hakan states, the perfect and most comprehensive type of ideal for mankind is no question about that.

What he achieved was not possible for any other person or even profit to achieve that much as Prophet Mohammed did. And even if we look at it only from the standpoint of being a human, nothing but which is he was there’s no question about that. If we disregard any American even that itself is sufficient, and this would become clearer as the series unfolds.

But that in itself, is not a reason to deny that God owners Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him with other miracles other than the Quran to express his love and courage that applies to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and applies also as well to many other great prophets like Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, peace and blessings be upon them on because they combined also

being a good example for humans, the perfection that any human can achieve. And also, there were miracles also are extraordinary events in their lives. These are not mutually exclusive things. In other words, the human perfection of any profit is not a reason to reject miracles that happened in their lifetimes. The second reason for not agreeing with Dr. heiken

is that it is true that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And for that matters, all other prophets were awarded, and Leary ness, some of the people may think of them as something more than human simply because of the miracles that God has made available to them, that they wanted to make sure that they are no more than servants and creatures of God and let people know of this. But that again, does not mean that the lives of these prophets, including Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him were devoid of any American or extra ordinary events.

In addition to this, the Muslim understanding of the American as clearly stipulated in the Koran is that it is not something that comes because of the inner power of the Prophet himself. But it is all by the power of God. So they are more like a sign not an evidence of divinity. It’s a sign from God, nothing to do with the humanity of the prophets.

As far as the emphasis on of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him that his American part excellence is the Quran itself. That again, does not necessarily mean rejection of other Americans, it is yours the most important but it doesn’t preclude other Americans is running. It simply means that this is the main one, the American which is perpetual, which is accessible to all people at all times. But it’s not the only one. The third reason is that it is also true that the Quran condemned people who do not reason and follow things blindly or follow their ancestors without realizing whether this is the truth or not. There is no question about that. But that does not mean that the Americans should


rejected all of them. It simply it gives them additional support this miracles to the prophets, it jolts, those who are skeptic After all, it is the same or on also that mentioned that miracles did take place in the lives of many other great prophets and messengers of God in the fast. My first and final reason why I don’t think that Titan is, is quite right on this assumption

is that

it is true that careful Muslim historians did not accept any story critically, especially about Americans in the lifetime of the Prophet and in fact, some of them admitted What they discovered to be unauthentic after verification, and some of them caution the reading the readers after they have even mentioned some of those stories, and said that they cannot confirm that this particular story is

is trustworthy one. But that, again, does not mean that this kind of variations is sufficient ground to reject all reports or finish, just like throwing everything together because of the fact that some people try to fabricate stories. In fact,

when we speak here about those authors, we speak about their meticulous care that they used

in order to verify these reports. So it does not mean that you should reject what they even verified. Indeed, what hi Kelvin mentioned in this respect, it’s an argument against his basic position, really, the big one, he says that ancient methods are unscientific and should be, you know, rejected a prize, you know that it’s a priority. Some people pronounce it, but that’s not necessarily a true position or correct one to say, in fact, that shows that they were very scientific and very meticulous in the verification of the reports. That were the sources then that Hakan used for, for his parts, comments, writings,

in his writing, particularly about the Syrah or the biography of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Hakan, in fact, claims that he is using the Koran as the standard reference, the first and most important reference. But that in itself is nothing negative, which is quite good. But the difficulty with Hakan in fact, is that the Quran, while regarded by Muslims, as the Word of God revealed to the Prophet, the ultimate of accuracy and of you know, in terms of authority and authenticity.

But the Quran is not a detailed biography about the life of Prophet Mohammed or any other prophet for that matter, and every event that took place in his life.

And even when Hakan makes reference to the Quran, he makes also some major errors of interpretation, in trying to seek any evidence to support his view, that the life of Prophet Muhammad was devoid of any other physical or tangible miracle other than the Quran itself. In addition to this, when haikal also refers to Hades, and, you know, that’s the Prophet saying and affirmations and what happened to him, and others, earlier biographies about the Prophet

he seemed to have a basic problem, because he reject some reports, not because that, because these reports are authentic, but simply because they are not in accord with his personal opinion, or his own perception of what a scientific approach of analysis should be. In other words, he puts his own ideas and perceptions above reports,

whether it be supports appears in hobbyists or in the biographies about the profit, regardless of how reliable and authentic this reports might be. In other words, what I’m saying basically is that Dr. heighten seem to refer to the primary sources of biography about the Prophet, but he seemed to misunderstand misinterpret some of them. And in some cases, he makes mistakes concerning the criticism of this type of reports and as such, in a way he might have even diverted unknowingly from the very scientific approach that he committed himself to in the beginning of his writing.

Well, let’s first examine his misinterpretation of the Quran. Now, how would you explain this? Well, to begin with the doctor Hakan, for example, refers to some verses in the Quran in order to support his view,

by dejection that the Prophet Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him had any medical other than the Quran itself.

And this is not just a sort of

an approach which is limited to him. It’s not a novel approach really, that I can use because it has been used by some non Muslim orientalist as well.

He gives an example of this of surah number 17. In the Quran, especially, I would defer to verses 89 through 94.

Now for the sake of fairness and objectivity, let me just give a summary at least rather than spend all the time reciting the full section in full that could be of course, checked by viewers


This passage in the Quran and sort of 17 describes the attitudes of unbelievers towards Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and the intransigence and refusing to follow Him and accept the truth that you brought forth to them.

And basically, the passage describes how God has given all kinds of examples and similitudes in this for an so that they may take heed of that. But it’s only increase them in diversion and departures, that is getting away from the Prophet and his teaching.

And then he described in the passage alone describes their arguments with the Prophet peace be upon him, they came to the prophet and said, We will not believe in you until you make the water gush from the earth for us. Or you would have an orchard or garden with palm cheese and wine yards.

Or that you make the sky fall on us, since you have been threatening us of the punishment to God let the sky fall on us. Or that you should have a house of gold.

Or that you should go up in front of us to the skies to the heavens, but even then, we will not believe in you, until you bring forth with you a book from heaven so that you can read it. And then of course, the passage says, say that the sale of Mohammed the glory be to my Lord, I was I’m only a human messenger.

Now, this message, notice here does not in itself negate that Prophet Muhammad had or could have any other miracle other than the Quran, it simply describes the attitude of unbelief. The unreasonableness in the kind of demands they made to the profits, you go to the heavens, you bring a book, and all of this, you actually the same section also say, we will not believe in you until you bring God and the angels for us to see.

So the lack of compliance on the part of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to this kind of unreasonable request, was eloquent and direct him to say, I am only a messenger, to remind us that the basic rule of the prophet or messenger of God is to guide people not just to impress them with miracles to guide them. And that one cannot object as the verses continue,

cannot object on the grounds that how come God in a human to carry his message to mankind,


hightail also and others refer to another section in the Quran, you know, which they use to support the view that the Prophet did not have any miracle other than the Quran. And that appears in Surah, six surah number six, in passages 109 through 111. Again, the translation of which goes like this, they swear that a strong are the strongest oath by God, that’s an unbeliever, that is especially and sign came to them. by it, they would believe thing that men say or Mohammed, certainly all signs are in the power of God. But what will make you means will make you all Muslims realize that even if special science came, they will not believe we’re okay once more. This area or this passage in the

Quran is not an evidence at all of the negation of any American in the life of the Prophet. But it simply indicates two basic things. One is that all Americans are in the power of God, number one, number two, that even if this Americans took place that they are asking for the unbelievers asking for, they may not even believe and they continue because they are bent on disbelieve, regardless of whatever sign are given to them. So I think it’s useful to remember here that there is no prophet who acted as a push button, American producers, just on the basis of the request or demand by any person around him.

I think the viewers are familiar with the Bible might recall the story in the gospels, about the completion of Jesus Peace be happening. When Satan told him, you know, if you truly the Son of God, throw yourself from the top of this mountain, nothing will happen to you because God would send the engine of course to carry or if you’re truly the Son of God, why don’t you turn those rocks into bread? And there is no report that Jesus complied. After all, the prophet is not just at the whims of anyone who’s asking for Americans, even though there’s no question in the mind of the Muslim and in the minds of the Christian for that matter, that Jesus peace be upon him. Did have

A number of miracles in his life. So this are not necessarily contradictory matters. The same thing applies to Prophet Muhammad as well. In brief, then what we’re seeing is basically is that this kind of references to the Quran that Dr. Hagen and other orientalist refer to, with the view of denying that Prophet Mohammed has ever had any miracle other than the Quran is not strictly right, it is perhaps misinterpretation because the references they use does not really save what they’re trying to

impart. Now, a related question to the one just asked, was there any reference within the Quran itself to any extra ordinary event or miracle in the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon it? Briefly speaking, the answer is yes.

But let me again, correct first wrong impression that some of the readers of Dr. Hagen’s book life of Muhammad may get.

For example, on page 87, of his introduction to the second edition, E Series codes.

There is no mention in the whole Koran of any American intended to support the prophethood of Muhammad, except the Quran.

Now, the reader who is not totally familiar with the Quran, may understand this statement with the way he put it.

That there is no miracle to Prophet Muhammad or extra ordinary event at all other than the Quran itself, which is not true.

I can give at least three proofs right from the Quran on this issue. To begin with, in Surah, Number eight, in passage number nine,

we find a clear description of divine intervention in an extra ordinary way, call it a miracle if you like

when it refers to the the plight of Muslims in the Battle of budget.

And it says the transmission of meaning study sooner, but remember you that you Muslims implored the assistance of your Lord.

And he answered you, I will assist you with 1000 of engine’s ranks on grants. Notice here that the text of the Quran

did not say, I supported you by increasing your morale

by inspiring Carnage, and you know, as some people try to interpret and in fact, Yusuf Ali himself, the famous translator of the minimal Docker and has fallen in the same error like Hakan. And he translated the additional Arabic,

the original text, and interpreted in the sense of just a source of increase of morale, are encouraged to know, the text of the Quran speaks about engines. So that’s like a far off type of interpretation. So that’s an extraordinary thing, it is a miracle.



the other aspects Also, if you really look into the translation given by use of how do you save this to cynefin,

to strengthen to assure and to assist the few believers in the face of an army which we know in the bathroom, but whether was three times as big as the number of Muslims and far superior in both armament and training. The second evidence

in Surah number nine, in passage number 26. Again, it’s so obvious to man’s Allahu Sakina Harada Rasool E. mininova. Angela, Judah Nam Tara, that’s the religion and text translation reads like this, but God did for his calm on the apostle, or in his apostle, that’s Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and on the believers and sent down forces, you said it translated as forces, forces, which you saw not. I must observe here first of all, that this

this translation, by use of it uses the word forces in English in new or to translate the Arabic term juden. And anyone who knows Arabic knows that Junu then does not mean forces that this is an interpretive translation. Junu then literally means soldiers, soldiers, which has been always understood by the interpreters of the Quran to refer to soldiers of angels because God sent soldiers down. We know of course, that this would be the angels, not human soldiers. There was no reports of additional human soldiers.

Joining Muslims in this particular occasion or better.

Now, the third evidence that you find in the Quran of this extraordinary things by the text of the Quran itself

is the mentioned in the Quran about what happened to Muslims receiving the support and help of angels specified agents in the Battle of her name. And that appears in the Quran in surah. Number three, in verses 124 and 125.

All of these proofs right from the Quran, I believe, are clear enough conclusive enough that they were indeed Americans, or extraordinary events in the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him beyond the greatest American, which is the Quran, as far as the statement by Dr. Hakan that there is no miracles

in the Quran to prove the prostitute of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. That’s the way he put it. The question here are all the Americans, which are mentioned in the Quran has no objective, are they all intended for no reason, other than to prove the, or to prove the the profit, truth or genuineness of a given profit? The answer again can be found in the Quran. There are certain Americans that God has given to certain prophets in the past according to the Quran, not for the purpose of proving that this prophet is genuine. But as a warning from even warning for people to shock them. We find that clearly in Surah 17, in verse 59,

there are also according to the Quran, mericans, which were given to the Prophet, to support them to give them strength and deeper faith as the story of Prophet Abraham with the four birds that appears in the Quran in surah. Number two verses 259 and 260. And there are also Americans which are basically to honor a given profits to confess to him, as we find in the my journey and ascension of Prophet Mohammed referred to in Surah, number 17, especially in verse one.

In brief, then what we’re seeing here basically that the difference made by Hakan and others to the Quran as an evidence to deny that Prophet Muhammad did not have any extraordinary event or miracle other than the Quran

is not true and an ample evidence has already been given from the Quran. In fact, if Dr. Hakan followed the Quran fully, he would have not made this kind of denial. Eros documentary since time will pick up on this topic next week. inshallah.

From all of us here in Assam focus. We thank you very much for joining us and as always, we would appreciate your comments or any questions you may have our phone number and address will be appearing on your screen