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Today we have our 45th program on the topic of the profits marriages. I’m happy to have you join me on the program, Dr. Jamal battery of university. Jamal,

could I have you very quickly, because we have our programs highlight the main points that we touched on last week

when you began first to cover the marriage of some homeless Elena,

and Xena because then Habiba was also a widow, with four children. And she was at 50, some, and he

and we discussed the conditions and the circumstances of his marriage to each one.

We also described some of the marriages that were intended to reconcile the hearts of those who were fighting against the prophet and Islam. And that included herbs, my Mona, and her people became much more peaceful after that, and also his marriage to three ladies of Jewish background among the people who were actually at war with the Prophet, and that was very successful in bringing peace between warring parties.

This included Joy sophea, we’re on prisoners of war and the Prophet

offered the marriage and they accepted them, they actually

recollect at least three marriages of




from a Christian background,

okay, yes, there was one case. But just to clarify, first that

Jews and other herbs are fighting against.

There was not too many Christians in Medina, the cause or immediate environment. That’s not the same because there were several of Jewish tribes, for example, in the area.

And secondly, there was no conflict at that time at all between

Christians, and Muslims and Christians. However, the duty of

peace be upon him to convey the message to the world, he sent messages to the rest of the world. And one of those messages was to decide us, Egypt

responded in a very courteous way to the Prophet invited

a number of gifts, and among the

worst to slip.

One is called Marissa and the other Syrian sisters.

Now, when they arrived, the Syrian one of them to have kind of metallic ones,

and kept Maria, who became the mother of this child.

according to Islamic law, once it’s no good, first child, Masters automatic issue becomes free.

And the title is born free. So that was actually achieved in two ways. Either for her number one, number two, it was also just check

the salaries of Christians in general, that among even his wife as a

faith and a prophet among

Marian, and the mother of his child,

also to give an example, for those Muslims who choose to voluntarily leave,

women that they have, the court has to keep them that automatically they have to be


freedom immediately after giving birth to a child, so it’s a good precedent also,

gradually, removing, removing that institution.

We’ve had fairly extensive discussion of the various lives of the prophets of peace and blessings be upon him.

And many other marriages, which we haven’t touched on to this point in our discussion. Okay. We have to distinguish, of course between contracting and marriage and the marriage being consummated. So as far as consummated marriages that went through,

covered so far covered everything except for one that you’ve managed to design and that

was a diversity of adopted son.

But that was a stupid reason that requires some fuller explanation.

But aside from that particular marriage, there was two other contracted marriages that were not consummated.

Among the historians, they seem to be agreement on the names of two women. Yes. One is by the name of the man

who was married to the Prophet according to the merits of contract. But when she went to his household, he discovered that she was never and he was not informed on that. So he kindly asked to return to her family. And that’s perfectly all right. And within Islamic law, you should be no deception. In any contracts, especially in medicine contract. such information should have been in the beginning. The second case was a woman by the name of hombre, Calabria.

She was a new Muslim. And after the marriage was contracting, when he entered just to make sure that she met with her, when, without any pressure from her.

She said, I seek refuge in God from you.

That wasn’t very nice statement, some

nefer like to be

some history even say that she was even a stronger term. So the fact that very politely and nicely

of someone who’s indicate

back to you. So this was the two cases. Some historians, later historians

have two other women also Whose marriage was not consummated. But this is not among historians. So it’s quite possible that they might have been similarities of names, or one might have more than one name, but that is two of them were

marriages that went through that even in these two cases that did not go through it appears that the motives behind them really was to establish rapport and good relationship with other tribes in Arabia in order to sustain their herd and reconcile them to

and that leads us to believe in terms of consummated marriages, the only one that is managed to Zeinab

which is very much connected with the correction of the bad customs

and understanding that existed among

which is tempting to correct. That marriage has been distorted in some audience. Right? missionary, I think that’s why you kept towards them some


referring to the marriage of the prophet to Zeinab now for the benefit of the class to not have access to are unfamiliar with the

comments on

marriage, but you acquaint us with with the explanation of that particular marriage, okay, let me first give the version

which I believe to be an erroneous version. On this program, I try to


basically, the essence of what they say.

Even though sometimes they put it in a very

novelistic way, you know,

they say that one day

when to

formally adopted son,

and that was not there. So his wife, Dana,

came in the door. And

he was struck, the prophet was struck with beauty. So he immediately left.

And he was on his way.

Sounds even said that the prayer was,

Glory before Allah who changes hearts,

when they go on and say that they interpreted this phrase of the Prophet that he uttered, that he is interested

in some form or the other or has some inclination towards her.

So she informed her husband they

and then they offered the profit that he’s willing to divorce has

others say no, she began to her husband in a very improper way, pressured him so that he may divorce have in the hope that the prophet will marry her.

That isn’t the case they say after they divorced his wife, then the purpose of her marriage to her

the basic theme that

orientalist missionaries non Muslims are trying to and are very interested in bestiality

is simply to disprove the thing that has been caused.

Clear All of the previous programs that the managers of the perfect will know, on the humanitarian

side rather than simply someone who’s seeking personal pleasure or satisfaction of personal desires.

And this kind of conclusion obviously, is rejected not only on the basis of the ample evidence given in previous programs or material to come. But I would say that it is an erroneous conclusion on the basis of history is erroneous analytically, even as it contradicts the most important source about the life of the Prophet and that is the Quran.

To deal with each of these points that you raised in turn looking initially at the start from historical perspective, what is the source of this version of report and how power and you can use it? Well, to begin with, both Muslim and non Muslim scholars agree that the most ancient and most important source after the Quran Of course, the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him is known as a sham or secretiveness habits known by both names that this is the most authentic and the most ancient history of the Prophet.

Now, it is interesting to note,

the deaths to me in the way that orientalist presented their writings does not appear at all. And that’s not a reliable source.

That’s a very important point.

In addition to this, we find that some recent scholars like Abu Zubaydah in his book,

he says that that story apparently was gross distortion and the distortion in the story actually was done

by john of Damascus, john of Damascus, was not a Muslim, obviously, and that he tried to propagate that idea among Muslims.

That the basic source that the orientalist use for that is a poverty who is usually normally a reliable history, even though he can utter

that even though his title is a good historian, his mouth not about any criticism, or he’s not infallible in the way. He is actually that study, or some elements of that study that was later even exaggerated. That without sufficient evaluation, and criticism has a history

did not even verifies the authenticity of the sources. In fact, he even relayed the story to some of the companions of the Prophet life Qatada, and if not best,

and no one does, we find that from the ancient times, that particular report, which is essentially a fictitious and falsified report, which might have not even mentioned that this companions a thought might be submitted to them, has been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny and criticism by famous historians and interpreters.

Who concluded that it was an authentic and this includes the famous historian and interpreter of the Quran.

To find that, for example, important 22 on page 10, the famous interpreter of the Quran also,

in his interpretation of that particular sutra, he mentioned that and he rejected that totally, totally. And he said that this is the opinion and the position. That’s a rejection of the story, and authentic of many of the interpreters of the Quran, and many of the well established scholars and he mentioned some of the very famous names like a sorority, and of course, it also

is also mentioned in chapter two Professor which is more contemporary interpretation

by a subordinate to page 227. That again, this has been rejected by many famous scholars and that attorney also rejected this story. So from the purely historical standpoint,

display at least as narrated by Aldous orientalist,

the study even that appears in some form in poverty

is nothing more than a fictitious story designed to discredit the Prophet peace be upon him and to project on him something which is even much better but somewhat similar or in line with what has been attributed to some other prophets.

Not only this, but what I’m saying that the

difficulty with the issue is that some are

empires not only took an authentic story that appears in February, but they weave with this elements of kind of imagination. Exactly. embellishments and what an ancient novelistic type of thing and presented in such a way that reflects more of another story than what the case was. However, I believe that

whether I was right or wrong

in saying that it was the invention of john of Damascus, at least the way the way the exaggerated form of the story, I believe that there could be even some genesis of that fabrication that goes back to the time of

even before john of Damascus.

Upon that point, the last point that you make, may have been

What do you mean when you say there may be some fabrication with respect to the process time, what are you thinking of there? to put things in context, it is when non historic knew that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his followers,

very valiantly for this visor, agonist or have lost sight of unbelievers and have their faith.

After the world excitement, basically are driven away from Makkah, because of their faith.

They were attacked several times by the pagan Arabs. In addition to this, there were people even who did not like must be better to even with arms, that through conspiracies, some elements of the hypocrites or other elements around them, they were very influential, very crucial in making all kinds of conspiracies and helping to the enemies of the Prophet when Muslims were very, very vulnerable.

When those adversaries, the pagan herbs, hypocrites and other elements, who were enemies of the Prophet, one day discovered that all of this, and attempts to crush the prophet and crush them did not succeed, and Muslims continued to make gains, very well dispersed.

To destroy Islam physically, within the Vatican, we know that there’s something unusual in the way God has given protection to the early Muslims. So they said that if we could not defeat Muslims in the battlefield, maybe perhaps we can destroy the credibility of the Prophet of Islam. And that’s where they perhaps created this inaccurate story. And that’s why as No dude, he explains his interpretation of Tafseer, on volume 10, on page 72, and three,

and the English version. So first elements seem to have seized on the marriage of the Prophet from Xena

to try and cast though it’s about his moral superiority, which was indeed the secret for his success, strength. And the reason or secret behind the divine support that he and his followers received from God, verse battles, and the way they did is to take advantage or opportunity of that particular marriage, which was perfectly legitimate and fabricated, different reasons. The marriage took place, created different reasons for it, what is added all kinds of exaggerations that are totally baseless. And they were working day and night to spread this version among Muslims to the point that some simplistic

Muslims might have even

industries and maybe that’s where a family and others might have dried that story, that some, there was some sort of spread of that kind of false

study that people might have accepted.

That’s why it’s no accident that the surah or the chaton the Quran number 33,

which does speak about this particular marriage begins actually with displacement. Yeah, you’re never you’re stuck in


or profit or messenger of Allah.

Be mindful of God or Allah and obey not have enough. They have pockets and unbelievers. So it seems to be giving a hint that this was actually in response to this false kind of roamers.

explanation given by the the orientalist is also lacking or incorrect and medically speaking.

Could you give us some explanation as to what you mean? Okay, even though the mere

critique aesthetically would suffice because history is an authentic it’s an authentic I mean, that’s even priceless

Also to bring forth additional evidence that shows that easy calculation and motives attached that marriage are totally out of line. What I mean by analytical is of the story in its own magic is very fluid. The pieces simply don’t fit together logically. Example, it seems, the way

that the Prophet was struck with the beauty of Zelda. That seems to be the impression as if you still have for the first time is that ignores the following established facts that even the critics of the prophets would not deny. Number one,

Zainab, indeed was one of the cousins of the church.

And he knew heart quite closely as a first cousin, since she was a child,

until she gets married to date and afterwards.

In addition to this, as William word, one of the critics of Islam says, acknowledge, at the time, at that time, the Muslim woman, even the Prophet, because the way for example, that later on was required of them, so they did not fully covers the bodies even so he, he was definitely aware of how I watch how she looked at her beauty and everything. If it hasn’t been really something new to him at all. There’s nothing. That doesn’t mean to say that he was struggling so hard, except to try to project into the story of that marriage, or this romantic notions of love from the first sight.

What’s that baby struck of her beauty. Secondly,

as the prophet and Zainab were cousins, and knew each other, and as you know, the customs in the Arabs, and Islamic law does not make it unlawful to get married to cousins. Now, since she knew him and respected him, and him in the house, if he had the least interest, initially, to get married to her, why did he offer me

was specified, polygamy was accepted. And she was admitted, actually, the author did not exactly the opposite by asking her or pressuring her to get married to phase one. This is a very serious question, really, because if he was interested in Zainab or struck by her beauty report, how could he really brave

to pressure her to get married to his former

name, that was the surface as a former slave that later on was freed and, and adopted by him.

And then that man, the former slave of his lives with her as husband and wife, and then divorces her, and in a perfect common gift marriage to her. I mean, it’s, as

any sensible person would say, has the Prophet had the least desire to marry her, he would have made sure that no other person gets close to her.

Who can

live with another man and then after he divorces her.

In fact, it is known as you commented earlier that

the Prophet even pressured her to get married today, because we talked to her about marriage design.

She was unhappy about it, and she actually was objecting to that.


not only have I had a dentist, listening, his family was was objecting to this kind of marriage. And there’s one narration even that says that when the Prophet asked for her hands for vote, she thought she was happy face and she felt that he was asking for her him to marry her himself, to marry her to his adopted son. So why couldn’t he marry her if she if she had that interest if he wanted to, and I’m saying, basically, terms of analysis, even if the story is preposterous, in view of this clear historical facts, to say that he’s just so happy, I fell in love with her and, you know, hope to get married to her and then after a divorce, darling, get the logic of it analytically? It doesn’t seem

to make any sense.

Except that the report of the marriage is just explained is incorrect. What is the real report and what documentation Do you have to support what actually did take place? Okay, let me first comment on the issue of documentation because I think that’s quite significant.

Now, because understood and accepted as mentioned, that many Muslim scholars themselves, but the most important source of the life of the Prophet is the Quran itself. And there’s no question about the authenticity and authority of the Quran is the authenticity for non Muslims. You

Do we have it as we have it today is the same as me to the process.

And there is absolutely no question against that when they put on is read

in reference to this particular marriage or any other method for that,

that respect that there are a minimum requirements of objectivity that must be observed. For example, a researcher cannot impose his or her a priori assumptions,

and interpret the Quran only on the basis of this three sets

of preconceived ideas in a way that might be self contradiction, illogical, or contrary to the reason of revelations, or the established background, historical and collection of that particular incident.

It also must be observed that in interpreting and understanding anything that happens, and that has been mentioned in the Quran, or si or anywhere else,

but one must keep in mind also the profile of the Prophet,

his characters and the pattern of his behavior to see again, whether that happens, if any interpretation fits in best that’s, you know, totally contrary to his nature and character. And that’s what I meant by separate the kids documentation in the minimum requirements of objectivity. As much as any human really succeeds to be fair, and objective. That’s what I mean by the proper documentation of the doctor and should be number one view again of

reason of Revelation, the social, cultural and historical circumstances surrounding the marriage. Unfortunately, our time for today is complex. You have to leave this matter and come back to it in their next program. Currency program, brother Jamal, I want to thank you all for watching and invite you back next week we’ll continue our discussion Assalamu alaikum peace beyond