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Today’s program inshallah will be in our series Mohammed in peace be upon him, the last messenger of God.

It’s our fifth in our segment Mohammed and Abrahamic family tree. I’m your host the shadow nation here once again from St. Mary’s University is Dr. Jamal Godot Sri conduct.

Could you refresh our viewers please have a summary of last week’s program. Okay, last week’s program was basically a discussion of the prophecies in the book of Deuteronomy, parts of the Torah.

And we refer to two important prophecies. One is in Deuteronomy 1818, which God promised to raise a prophet like unto Moses from the brethren, it the president of the shine Knights. And we discussed again the some of the mistakes in my humble understanding mistake of interpretation to say that this was Joshua or Jesus, because this did not apply to either, and that the comparison between Moses and Mohammed shores are very, very close similarity than any other profit is dilated or otherwise.

We discussed also some of the objections raised that why not the children of keturah, who are also kings of the Israelites. But again, we said that there was no profit received a complete code of law among the treasure of cateura. It was on the Prophet Mohammed that so much resembles Moses in that respect.

We discussed also a second prophecy in chapter 33. In Deuteronomy, first two verses, when it speaks about God’s calling from Sinai, arising from seers and Shining Force from Iran. And we indicated that this seemed to indicate or to refer to three great prophets in history, Sinai to refer to Moses, Sierra that’s in New Jerusalem, and we indicated from many ancient sources that CR actually is a reference to Palestine. So that’s a reference to the coming of Jesus, apparently, and then the third stage Shining Force or completion of the message from Mount Paran. And he said that they have been sometimes mistaken identification of Parang, forgetting that the Bible itself in Genesis 2121

indicates that this is the place where Hagar and Ishmael dwelt. And that is known historically to be Makkah. So the same prophecy speaks about two great stylight prophets, Moses and Jesus. And one. The greatest, of course, is my life prophet is Prophet Muhammad.

Ali in last week’s program, we had mentioned certain prophecies from the Torah, whether any other prophecies in the Old Testament, aside from deception in the Torah, there are quite a few some, perhaps can be found in the Psalms of David. Some can be found in the book of Habakkuk. Some could be even found in the Song of Solomon. Since we discussed some of these in detail in the previous series A long time ago, I mean by previous from the Bible,

I thought that perhaps I might relate only three, maybe with some, whatever additional information

I’ve been able to find since the series was taped, initially,

and especially the chapters 1121, and 42. In the book of Isaiah,

in all of these three prophecies, if we were to limit ourselves even for the time being to this,

they all have one common thread, that it identifies the great personality that is predicted or prophesied there with the children of Israel, the children of Ishmael, whether through a Chima or whether it’s through kadesh

they all refer to the children of Fishman

to take the first one, just to get you started on it. In the book of Isaiah again, Chapter 11

Let me read at least some parts of it that might give the more pertinent references.

And there shall come force erad out of the stem of Jesse,

and a branch shall grow out of his roots. And the Spirit of the Lord said, rests upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel, and might, the spirit of knowledge, and of the fear of the Lord,

and shall make him quick understanding in the fear of the Lord.

And he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reproved after the hearing of his ears, but with righteousness, shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth. And he said, smile, the earth, smite the earth, with that out of his mouth,

and with the breath of his lips, shall he slay the wicked,

and the righteousness and righteousness shall be the garden of his lines, and faithfulness, the guardian of his dreams. If I, again skip just to save time and come to one or two verses that would be quite pertinent.

In verse

10, for example, it seems, and in that day, there should be a root of Jesse, which stand for and in sign of the people, or nations, according to another translation

to it shall the Gentiles seek, and his rest shall be glorious.

Of course, if you read it, for the first time, you wonder, what relevance does that has to do with Prophet Muhammad disappeared.

But now, to summarize, there, there seem to be three basic clues in this prophecy. One is that this person that will arise from the stem of Jesse will be amply blessed by God, the Spirit of God would be upon him, he will give him wisdom, knowledge, knowledge of God, understanding, fear of God’s righteousness, he would be faithful or mean the trustworthy person.

That’s one thing.


another group of clues or descriptions of that person, relate to power, not just the spiritual power, but also temporal power, as well, that you will be a judge, he will rule injustice, he will bring justice to the force.

And also he will be engaged even in fighting against the wicked, until peace has been achieved.

A third important clue

is that the words coming through his mouth, his utterances will have a great impact upon humanity.

Not only in one place, it says he will smite the earth, with his mouth,

that more influential even than fighting the wicked, in the battlefield, will be the impact of the words coming through him or revealed to him It will have tremendous impact on the whole house. Now, there are two major questions.


who, after Isaiah, this was in the book of Isaiah, after Isaiah, which means after Moses after David after Solomon,

fit in this prophecy, best.

Second question, Who is that Jessie, after all, because it identifies him as someone who is going to come from this, Tim, Jesse.

Now, let’s take the first question. Who, among all prophets after Isaiah,

fits perfectly in those descriptions?

I would say humbly, but firmly.

No one other than Prophet Mohammed despair for them can meet those requirements.

Yes, they have been prophets who could be described with all the moral description, that they are

good people, that God’s Spirit was upon them that they have the knowledge of God, that applies to me. But how many of those great profits as well, were judges were rulers and had tremendous impacts not only in one locality, but upon the entire humanity or decide that profits had the impact merely among this

route. That doesn’t apply to Jesus. He was not the judge of rulership on Earth, at least on Earth, as some people might have different interpretation of this.


Gain who among all of these prophets received a revelation so eloquent? That it was miraculous to even the most eloquent of the herbs, and still, until today have tremendous impact upon humanity, ie the

new book after the previous great revelations can come close even to the Quran, in this particular scripture. So the answer to the first question, more specifically, a reference to Prophet Mohammed.

Taking the second question, okay, who is that? Just see them? Okay.

The answers comes directly from Encyclopedia biblica, edited by Cheyenne. And it says, I quote, under myths, just see, is constructed from Fishman

just see, is contracted from Ishmael. This is not a mere conjecture. Why? Because it’s mine, in Hebrew mean is Yeshua in which means God hears. We mentioned that before this map. It is not uncustomary in the Hebrew Scriptures to abbreviate longer names. So when you abbreviate Ishmael L. Yes, she, yes, she just see like you have a Jehovah.

So in the answer to both questions, is that none but Prophet Mohammed needs this requirement coming from the descent of Ishmael, and having all of those characteristics. To me. This is

so much an obvious

prophecy that anyone who tries to deny it, and he is trying to avoid facing the truth. I tend to wholeheartedly agree that the weather but I’d be interested to know if there are objections to it. Yes, we have to discuss objections because nothing is really that good or session unless you consider objections, weak as they may be, but at least you’re right, we should look at them. Well, the most common objection is that some people will make reference even to the New Testament say, Listen, this prophecy actually is about Jesus, peace be upon him.

And they say that Jesse, indeed is, is the name of David’s father. So it is actually in reference to, to Jesus,

I must say before, making a rebuttal of that objection that when I say it does not apply to Jesus, this is, has nothing to do with any belittling of Jesus peace be upon him, because as indicated numerous times, Muslim has to love and respect and honor him. So it will fit any prophecy even to prove to me that Jesus is genuine, he is genuine. According to my faith, there is no question.

But to say that this prophecy doesn’t apply to him, it means that you’re establishing the truth and give them reasons why this has been misinterpreted. To start with.

Just C is a very minor figures in the Old Testament. And if you’re referring to someone grades, who’s coming from the stem of you mentioned, the one who’s famous, if that was always to be a prophecy about Jesus peace be upon him. It would upset from the stem of David, David is more famous than Jessie. And in fact, some of the New Testament writers, the Gospels themselves, when they mentioned about Jesus and his lineage, they refer him to the descent of David as a famous speaker involved.

So it doesn’t fit really to save us this demo of Jesse, why just see perspective. Number two,

even when you take Jesse, in that sense,

because there is one difference in the Bible that David’s father would just see,

we must realize also that Jesse had many children, boys and girls. And one of his daughters actually got married to an ishmaelites. And that is already mentioned in the first book of Chronicles in chapters 10 to 12. So even in that sense, you could say, the prophet Mohammed could have also descended possibly from, from Jessie in that sense, or through the daughter that married to and ishmaelites. We can, we can prove that conclusively. But it’s not to be dismissed that easily.

But what is more important than these two points, really,

is that the profiles about that person

does not apply to Jesus. Jesus did not sit as a judge, ruling can people’s disputes and legal aspects. He did not rule he was not a ruler and statesman like Prophet Muhammad was.

He was not a person who participated in the battlefield against the wicked, because actually one of the verses say he will slow or kill the wicked.

He did not

At least in his lifetime, there was not nothing really that was conducive, or appropriate for the followers to resist the overwhelming power of the Roman Empire at that time,

let alone the opposition, of course of the skylights themselves. But above all, as we indicated before, from, from a non Muslim source, the encyclopedia replica is an abbreviation of Ishmael and it makes sense to use my Yoshi just

so the eye can see where’s this prophecy apply except, again, to one person after Isaiah.

Prophet Muhammad discovery.

You mentioned earlier that there were two other prophecies referring to kidada beside issue I could you maybe

elaborate on these prophecies? Okay, let’s start with with one,

again on the same book in Isaiah, chapters 21. And again, to save time and to just make reference to verses 13 through 17.

The burden upon Arabia in the Revised Standard Version that says the Oracle concerning Caribbean and the Oracle actually means divine uttering or prophecy or prophecy of Revelation.

In the first hour in Arabia, shall you shall ye Lodge, all ye traveling companies of the deinem?

Notice here’s the inhabitants of the land of tema GMA

brought water to him that was thirsty, they presented with their bread, him at fled,

for they fled from the swords, from the drone swords and from the bent ball, and from the grevious sness of war.

For the US has the LORD said unto me, within a years according to the years of an higher link, and all the glory of kiddush kadesh shall fail. And there is it you have the number of our shares, the mighty men of the children of kiddush, shall be diminished for the Lord, God of Israel has spoken it.

Now, if we analyze the main elements involved in this prophecy, especially if you consider birth translation, let’s take King James and Revised Standard Version that use the term origin or burden, or divine utterance revelation concerning

number one.

So Arabia has something to do that prophecy, no denial


it speaks about the people who inhabited the land of Chima welcoming people who came to them as refugees after those refugees has been persecuted, so this persecution, there is a fugees. And there’s one of those


that it says quite clearly, that within a short period of time, those apparent persecutors from the children of kadesh will be diminished, the numbers will be reduced, and as it appears in verses 16 and 17.

Now, there are three basic questions. Here’s one.

Where is that land inhabited? Or the land that FEMA inhabited?


Who are those people connected with kiddush and three, how was this prophecy achieved or came to pass? First of all, Chima

Chima is a land which was inhabited by the offspring of a man by the name of Chima actually comes from his name, t Ma.

And Kima according to the Bible itself, the book of Genesis chapter 25, verse 15, was one of the children of Ishmael,

one of the descendants of Ishmael, that is those who inhabited Arabia.

Some historians actually say that tema at one time, there was a city actually called Chima was the largest city or town in the northern part of Saudi Arabia and possibly about 335 kilometres north east of Medina or what is now Medina.

But in the middle of the sixth century, before Christ, the last of the Babylon, Kings, attack the city and kill most of the inhabitants so many of them escaped south of course, so that means in the direction of Medina or what is now Medina.

In the Arabian Peninsula,

this is confirmed not only from

neutron sources, but even in biblical sources or some biblical scholars like john McKenzie, in his Dictionary of the Bible says that tema actually is an oasis north of what is now Medina. There is a region stood in Saudi Arabia until that moment, which is called an Arabic a map for Chima, the same exact reference to the Turkish. So we know now was Jima, we’re talking about the location

of the northern parts of Saudi Arabia, or the vicinity of Medina.

The second question, Who are those children of kiddos that are referred to here? The Bible also answered that question. In Genesis chapter 25, verse 13, as we mentioned in a previous program, kivar is given as the name of the second son of Ishmael, so I gave a talk about the ishmaelites in Arabia.

The third question,

was this prophecy already achieved? Did it come to pass? The answer? Definitely, yes. And only in the person of Prophet Muhammad.

There are at least four reasons for that.


Prophet Muhammad was raised in Arabia, about which this prophecy speaks when it speaks about the burden upon Arabia, the burden possibly of future leadership or the article, the new revelation concerning Arabia. That’s in verse 13. In Isaiah 21.

Two, it is one known historically that Prophet Muhammad and his companions were severely persecuted and abused, because of their faith by their own relatives. The fellow Arabs were also children of kadesh, the son of Fishman, as we find, for example, in verse 15, reference to the persecution.

Three, it is well known historically also, that because of that persecution, the Prophet and his companions were actually forced to seek refuge in Medina, or the land that Chima the children of Chima inhabited and that it is known also historically that those refugees were received very warmly. They were supported by the people of the land of Chima who shared everything with them and defended them. The reference of course to this particular incident is in verse 14.

Firstly, it is known also historically, that in the second year of that migration, or hijra to Medina,

the pagans of Mecca, came in a strong army and they tried to suppress the Muslims and finish them off the army of the unbelievers, who are also from the children of cadet,

I would number the Muslims more than three to one, in addition to, of course, being far better equipped than they were. The famous battle known as the Battle of battle took place where many of the chief persecutors and killers of Muslims used to torture them severely, were killed 70 of them of the children of Gaddafi, and 70 others who were taken as word prisoners, and that seems to fit very nicely with the removal, or the end of the glory of kiddush at least the pagan cadet before snam.

Over one, the peninsula, as we see in verses 16 and 17. In this chapter, I may add also at this point that, to my knowledge, this particular prophecy, is one of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible about the coming of Prophet Muhammad peace.

because on one hand, it speaks about his lineage.

Or the lineage of himself and the people who migrated connecting them with either Cuba or Chima, both are children of his mind, and refers to Makkah and Medina area, that is where the Prophet migrated. Secondly, it specifies Arabia as the place where this events are going to take place. That’s what happened exactly. Thirdly, it gives even the exact events within a reasonable timeframe. That is the Battle of badges and the victory over the children after that. I don’t know of any other events in history,

after the prophet Isaiah, where all of these particulars

were fulfilled to the letters, but in one case, in the case of Prophet Muhammad, discover who else very beautiful prophecy.

As as we asked them, concern to the prior prophecies, whether they were objections or not marry me, we’ll we’ll continue with this one too.

Honestly speaking, I have never seen an objection to this prophecy in particular, there have been lots of literature’s that has been written to say no. Muslims are just forcing interpretation of the Bible and so on. on that particular one, at least to my knowledge, I have never seen an objection to that. And quite frankly,

I very much doubt if anyone can come up with any viable rejection of that. And other prophecy material that could that possibly apply to Jesus. But he will talk about gravia. We’ll talk about the children of the children Chima,

places and events. To my knowledge. I haven’t seen

any objection to that particular one. How about the third prophecy in Isaiah? What is what does it say?

This one also is most amazing. And again, there’s no way of saying it doesn’t apply to the Prophet because it’s also connect like that to others, with the children of Ishmael, through His Son kadesh.


to save time, since we seem to be running out of time, so I just give the reference and give the summary of what the verses contain. It’s chapter 42, and Isaiah, from verses one through 12. The basic ingredients of that prophecy is to praise one great person called the servant of God, upon whom the Spirit of God will be that this person will bring forth justice to nations, that he will not fail or get discouraged until he achieves justice on Earth.

That he is a person who is decent, who loves knowledge does not extinguish civilization or knowledge, as we find in verses two and three, that he will give light to the nations and bring people from darkness to light, verses six and seven, that he will be given a code of law, and his religion will spreads in the farthest costs land,

that he will be a lost profit if he were to interpret the term, my glory, God says my glory I will not give to another verse eight that prophecy which means that this will be the last prophet to whom God’s glory through revelation will be given that with his coming, there will be a new stallion of praising God because it says Sing a new song unto the Lord, that there will be a new way of praising God from all the ends of the earth, as we find in verse 10,

that the villages which is inhabited by the children of kadesh, the son of Ishmael, will feel happy because of his coming and will praise God, and also the inhabitants of Salah se, LA.

That’s one of the ways of praising God would be from the top of the mountain, shouting from the top of the mountain, as you find in verses 11 and 12. And finally, that this prophet will have

victory over his enemies as we find in verses 13 through 15.

And also we find furthermore in verse 25, that exhorts people who give up the teachings of Jacob in favor of the opinions of other people, that is to return people to the true faith that was revealed through all the prophets. This are just a brief review of the main elements in this versus 42. Isaiah. This is fascinating. Thank you very much.

And thank you all for joining us here once again this time and focus your questions. Your comments would be most appreciated. Our phone number and address will be appearing on your screen. From all of us here in the sound focus