Welcome to another episode of Islamic focus. I’m your host, Rashid. Today’s our first program in our series, we’re dealing with Muhammad with last question of Allah, the beginning discussion of a new topic, covering the period between the father’s first marriage and receiving the coffee Prophethood. Very pleased to have joining me as usual on the program, Dr. Jamal Badawi of St. Mary’s University of Vermont. So,

before we get into our topic,

highlight the main points which I

mentioned last week, I can very briefly since it was a conclusion of that segment on marriages of the prophets. It emphasized more on the issue that the life of the Prophet was very similar. It was a life of asceticism and self denial,

self imposed, you might say poverty in food,


anything, and that there is a reference in the Quran that testifies to that difficult man that he chose, even though the tragedy of the Muslims was in good shape. And that’s the sort of 33 verse 28. And then in the end, we try to sum up the marriages of the Prophet somehow

basic points that were raised in the About eight problems prior to that last one. So that’s basically what

we conclude the baptismal display in the service,

of a pursuit of any particular person prior

to the turn now to

as I mentioned, the private life which will lead us to Khadija, in the first revolution was really special.

In this particular

one, it appears that from historical information available, especially services such important sources like English, and that there was nothing particularly unusual about him as a husband, that’s from the age of 25, when he first

age of 40, when he started to see big revelation. He lived as a faithful husband, successful and honest machines, and respected citizen. And because of those qualities, as mentioned in a previous program, he was given the nickname and be honest or be trustworthy.

There was no particular report that indicates that he was aspiring to any leadership position among his people, let alone even aspire to be a prophet and messenger of God.



period we’ll close to the receiving of the first revelation about five years before that.

The only thing that historians refers to as a major event he participated in was the participation in the reconstruction of the Kaaba


It will be helpful for those people who are not familiar with the history of the taba participant a few moments just give us a brief idea about about US history. Could you do that for us? Sure. The history of the Kaaba, the Secretary

goes back at least to the time of Prophet Abraham, the father of monotheism, with the help of his son,


and I say at least because there are some differences in the Quran, that seems to indicate that the spot where the Kaaba was been floated, was known to be a holy site.

Prior to the time of Abraham

references that I found very relevant to that issue in the Quran.

The first one appears in Surah number two, in passage 127.

And remember, Abraham and Ishmael in

the foundation of the house with the prayers

indicate what the prayed but the point here is that in the translation from the original Arabic and

the closest expression English for example, according to the translation by use of harmony, it simply says the foundation of the house that English translation could be more fitting to the Arabic expression power than the foundation of the house. The original expression provided by a

linguist have come to this.

It is written in the Quran could also be the meaning that they will not just basically condition the house at the condition when the house which means that was a spot or leading in hand or simply raising the foundation.


people changing can the

Mexican means

expressions. Now

this is a good way to check in as conclusive, at least a question.

But there’s another difference in the Quran. Actually, that seems to be much more conclusive that the spot was deemed to be sacred even for the Kaaba was built. And that

is in Surah, number 14, verse 37.

It describes the situation Abraham took Hayward and Fishman and left them in the wilderness, near the Kaaba.

And at that time, he was on duty so he could have not participated with his father in building the community.

And at that time, Abraham was praying and he said,


says, oh, Lord,

I have made some my offsprings to them in a value without cultivation, by your second house,

for sale by your second house, the place

a third reference in the Quran also, which is interesting is in Surah, 22 in passage 26

Maggie Brahimi mccammon Beatty and Leticia Disha got a bad Behold,

the solid to Abraham, of the Sacred House, the site, the site was actually told to.

And of course, that prayer again, that reference is a reference that preceded the time when he was big enough to use nutrients and it can help you travel in

the cabin. However, I must say also that

some reports, I found that on the comments made by the editors of Sierra evolution, the very famous reference of Sierra on page 82. And

that according to some other differences like

in this referencing, it is said also

that the first one to delete the Kaaba was

the son of Adam.

However, a

Muslim history advocacy is

tasty. One comment on that, and he says that there is no substitute, we can’t really be sure

that there was instruction of the Kaaba prior to Prophet Abraham building it. So it’s not certain Amazon agrees also this in this conclusion, but in case the

and that’s the most important part really was built, and the house that symbolizes pure monotheistic faith and the worship of God of

the universe.

The difficulty of course, the only undesirable, taking place at the time, or before the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon us that when the Arabs descended into the practice of polytheism under worship, this house which was to be the symbol of pure monotheism actually became the storehouse of the album’s until it was purified.

The mission of the

the thing that’s really needed here is that the Taliban was rebuilt or deconstructed about five years prior to the call to mission to property.

And they participate actually in the effort to reconstruct the cabin.

The history of the Kava show people must be asking why was it necessary at this particular point in time his particular venture to rebuild the Aqaba?

The historical reports said that what happened is that there was a big flood

from the surrounding hills around the Kaaba. And the severity of this was actually resulted in some damage to the structures of the Kaaba so that they should have

stronger structures and truefitt.

At that time, it happened by chance. That admission ship belonged to a presenting machine

was damaged near the port.

Have you ever see the product, which is on Saudi Arabia at about probably 70 kilometers or so.

And since the the ship was damaged, the owners or whoever

tried to send the number from the rocket ship.

It happened also that at that time, there was

a skillful Carpenter from Egypt, a Coptic capital capital.

And the people have

said that it would be a good idea to borrow this number and use it as doctors to

reconstruct the cabin. So it looks like the circumstances were quite conducive to the building of cabin.

Maybe, you know, the worshipers

insisted that the Kaaba is a place to be revered and respected. So we insisted that

the money we collect from each others must be clean, which means no blood money,

from prostitution in others, and just means that the possibility is a source of contradiction, worship it in one hand, but in some versions, in respect of the Kaaba because of its historical background. But despite all of that, still, there was a great deal of fear and hesitation when time came to actually demolish the old structures and build anyone

to pick up on the suggestion of the master, perhaps if you could explain why they were afraid to work, to rebuild


operation, the herbs, of course, and because identity was the most

consumable type of activated, despite all that, they reduce the carbon, they call it. And they were proud of that. And 62 Prophet Abraham, the father of monotheism. And as I indicated in the program, that when the worship idols, they did not really believe that those idols are the creators of heaven. It began basically as taking them as intermediaries between men and God, which is wrong also, but they did not really believe the Bible’s were gods as such. So the respect of the Kaaba and association Abrahamic monotheism,

the basic problem they have really afraid that demolishing the structure of the Kaaba may be sacrilegious act. So they this is what they fear.

Some reports to indicate the Blue Spheres accurately were multiplied, routed the appearance of a huge snake that used to come every day from the boat. inside the cabin, people used to give proper gifts for the cabin. So they say that huge snake would come out of the woods. To see it since again is the world of karma. And if any person gets closer to her,

she would lose its head and his with getting jobs. So you were very scared of that. And they said that this probably

this might be a sign but don’t get close enough to Aqaba. Don’t try to the mothership. The situation continued until one day a bird Samsung Eagle particularly came soon that he was sleek and fluid, according to their understanding, again, they interpret that to mean a green light that now

you could go ahead, you know demolish the cabin. But even then, the finish to finish and hesitation

is to be

very hard to decide. And a courageous man but he was the chief of the clan of mazoon

took his pickaxe

and got close to the Kaaba. Again, in his own mind. He said God have nothing he has no fear. We have no intention. But good. Of course, we know that God knows everything but he’s not his way of expressing it.

And then he hits the structures to get a better sundown.

But despite all of that other people did not join him.

Let us wait until tomorrow. If this man is smitten,

then you will retain the stone in its place. If nothing happens to him, maybe it would be a sign that it’s a

second day. And when it came he was well, good. And he resumed demolishing again at that time only people try to jump in. So they started to

demolish the various words or participated in that content they reached the foundation of Abraham, the original foundation that Abraham

and the state was set for the rebuilding of the Kaaba.

Before we move on to the reconstruction, can ask your reps if they find a New Relic when they when they faced with their demolition, and you’re finding New Relic or was really unusual event that

there have been reports of some events and reports of some relics. But I must say honestly that I haven’t been able to establish the authenticity of those reports I have to give them with a big deal of caution is

many scholars are not quite sure about their authenticity. But for example, in addition, there is reports on page 195 to 196 in the first volume,

something unusual that happened and he said that when the the worker crew reached the foundation of Abraham they saw

some large greenish cobblestones put side by side, just like humps over common

amenities one man came and put his crowbar in order to leave

one of them out. But as soon as he tried to remove or remove the stone, quaking shatters, ran through maca, maca, etc. And as such, they took that as a sign that they should move this president foundation put by Abraham, undisturbed.

As far as relics they are they have also been reports and this could be found an admission that in the many corners, that’s the corner with the black stones.

They filled an old Syriac manuscript consisting, of course we didn’t know how to do it.

It’s so bad they keep it until they found a Jew who was able to read it and translate it for them. And it said that

it looks something like this I am God. The amount of notice here that

is also called Baca that appears in the Quran. And it was known among Arabs both as Nika and Baca, I made that observation in our discussion of the prophecies about the coming of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him of the prophecy in the sounds of David about the background, democratic delivery of backup methods was covered before. And then it says the manuscript goes on. It says, all created hard today I created the heavens and earth. The day I found I found the sun and the moon. And I placed the young about her seven inviolable engines, she shouldn’t stand as long as her hips stand have to hills around the cabin stand, blessed for her people with milk and water. It is also said

that the found under the place called station of Abraham,

as small stone, at the entrance of the Kaaba come his footprint. And they say, It is written under that

is the holy House of God, her sustenance comes unto her from three directions. mapnik help people be the first to prevent her book translations were given in martinis book.

I’m not quite sure, as I said before about the authenticity of those reports. But I must also increase the sound that I did, firsthand see myself

in the station of every hand, they have a big glass enclosures that I don’t see a stone actually that carries something that looks like a footprint. It’s a big switch.

But it’s it looks like a big word which academic traditions are actually is the footprint of Abraham. It was a softer clay and then over time, when he was tending to build the cabin,

but I must say that I was not aware and didn’t see any writing on that particular sounds really difficult to see because the class is quite, quite thick. But this has been some of the reports for whatever they were about what happened on the Carlos dimensional strike. Going back now to the reconstruction that we mentioned the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Awesome, fabulous. What role did you play?

Well, to begin, initially, things seem to have gone quite smoothly.

They divided themselves various clans, so he was joining his own plan different clans, to work on a different corner, both in the militia as well as construction.

As far as the participation of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he did participate and like I said before his age at that time was about

five years


reported that

he used to work like any

LC which cutting stones have been shown

to help with bending.

And then it’s said that his uncle and our best,

of course, it’s very difficult to

keep the mark on the body on the shoulder

on cannabis to the minute you take off your either, there is always a sort of piece of cloth that they use to wrap around the waist.

So why don’t you use that, to put it on your shoulders

as a cushion so that you can put the stones on

there for him

as a painting took part of that is art or that close part of it and put it on his shoulder. So it might have uncovered him to some degree. As soon as he did that he fell to the ground as if he was hit with a thunderbolt or something. And he says, my coat, my clothes, my clothes, he was looking at the skies. And it said that suits that had strong experience he got he was never seen without proper


On page 218 comment on this

particular report and it will sound rather strange, however, there’s no reason to reject it because it is narrated in the two most important sources of prophetic traditions, Bukhari and Muslim.

To review for the other party’s participation in the rebuilding of the of Aqaba.

Well, of course, it may be argued that this was only by chance, and it just so happened that

he was involved in that. But I believe also that

there are indications also that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

was not really in total seclusion from his people.

He was, you might say in seclusion on the ideological and belief level, he never participated in the other activities that reflects this idol,

worship or even adoration.

But that seems to indicate to us also that he did not hesitate this part of his totally different way of thinking and rejection of the beliefs of his people. He does not facilitate to participate in any useful activity. You have seen that in a previous program, for example, when he participated in the tact of chivalry,

which was good moral act, to help those who are oppressed.

And of course, building the Kaaba as a holy place was also one of those praiseworthy activities. To me, this kind of behavior and participation on the part of the Prophet peace be upon him is, as I indicated, in a different occasion, an example for Muslims who are living in a society, which is not the majority of Muslims, like Muslims in North America and Europe.

But you could maintain the integrity of your belief, you could maintain your instance, you don’t have to compromise on central principles. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Yet, you need not necessarily isolate yourself to come from activities which are not contradictory with Islamic values in some cases, and they are very much consistent to the standard graduate some activities, so long as there is no compromise in belief or behavior which is expected of a Muslim. The other thing that

signifies something also is that students thing that happened to the Prophet

when he tried to take off part of his cloth to use it as a Christian. And that indicates, again, that this man has been really chosen and destined by God for a great mission, and that his purity has to be maintained even in the matter of authority, and that you should be given the ultimate example and decency and modesty.

But above all, I think that the most important issue to me is participation in the reconstruction of the cabin, is

this man of peace be upon him was destined to help in the reconstruction, physically, of the structure of the Kaaba, but also, ultimately to the restoration spiritually, on the Kaaba, and its importance by leaving it on the iTunes as it happens towards the end of his mission.

This might say, doubled restoration. Yes, physically and spiritually, and the Kaaba

and the establishment of the Kaaba and the movement of pure monotheism is really important and very


signifying or giving some sort of a hint or indication of is expected when

It is proving

to us the Cabal it was and also his important symbolic alone by helping to resolve the big crisis that arose as a result as to the dispute who should have the honor to place the Blackstone

in its proper place after the construction? Could you perhaps comment on the debate that occurred around that particular issue and how did the problem get solved? Okay, just to give a brief background to this, aside from the structure of the Cabal, there was a particular corner where a stone black stone was kept that stone has meaning in itself, except that it is a relic from the days of Prophet Abraham will discuss in some detail in the program about some years back. But in any case, that black stone was supposed to be back in its proper place. So the restoration work, the construction continued until the worlds of the Kaaba became high enough, so as to allow the placing

back of the Blackstone. At this point, a very serious dispute was raised among the various clans, who is the man who should be or which clan would have the owners to carry the Blackstone and place it in various is in its corner.

Now, the claim called many of the dads who acted for some time as the custodians of the Kaaba.

This is their right, their honor to do it. They were supported by another clan.

And they were so determined that not to make anyone else have that honor, that according to ignition, they brought a container full of blood. And they dip their fingers in it, and they vowed that they will defeat that right into this, we will for a simulation like that became an issue of great contention. Even then, the solution was not in sight. And for four nights, there was a stalemate. Emotions ran very high and a disaster. A disaster seemed to be in a fight issue which might appear in significant aspects for them. It was life or death.

And then finally, they the fifth day they met around the cabin.

Elderly people stood up.

And he presented a very interesting suggestion. He said, Why should we get into that argument? And why should we really endanger you know the our lives and the lives of other people? I have a suggestion for you both to agree that the first person to work from the environment, environs of the cabin, just the gates surrounding the cabin, the very first person to work in, we all agree to take him as an arbitrator, and ask him, can we all should abide by whatever he decides as to who should come touchstone? Everybody waited with

their eyes fixed at the entrance of the Kaaba to see who is that

he who is

unfortunate time has gone we want to thank you all for watching our program today. Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you