Assalamu alaikum peace

to place the

structure of the cabinet

and the significance of that particular episode.

We also discussed this qualities of intelligence reflected

the spirit, but also the

intelligence as profits be dependent


the source of legitimacy as profits

are simply quality




importance of Blackstone goes back to the days of

a significant

difference between the

beginning of the cold termination

that used to

about a specific ritual



are searching for the truth

is worshipers of meditation, reflection

a specific sorts

of interpretation

it is reasonable to expect that with a highly spiritual person,

he probably was reflecting deeply about the creation of

material that

relate to the

reflections about the mysteries of life

that is the ultimate destiny is there any

structure you can

reflect upon,

reasonably expect that you would have had some reflection about the state of affairs

the cocktails


people have

also experienced


is looking down from above, directly speaking into

actions to keep

trying to purify

spirit from all of these



this kind of thoughts which are reasonable to expect as the same source of traffic

To speak as if Islam was simply the product of the image of

aspiration to help its people

are falling short of

the source that this was simply a preparation of what

it is to prepare him psychologically, to receive the divine guidance, which was

discussed in detail in the series.

This experience, I believe,

is part of a team to prepare him

to see


this vision experiences in the spirit of his level of solitude, meditation

just to comment,

experiences what are some of the experiences

which the Prophet Muhammad himself describes some of those experiences that began to become clear to him as he approached

in such an important




I say,

in addition

to the breaking up of

which we’ll get within of this



did take place

with such clarity and vividness like just like the


which is

most important sources of production that

are efficient, when it comes to this quality is lt 46 146 parts of

addition to that, according to

the property that we

have the courage to

say no to him,

Monica Rasool Allah,

messenger of Allah,

this actually,

this experience is


that experiment

on the first versions and

details of that experience.

Okay, that experience is described in reasonable detail,

as well as historical references.

I chose to translate directly from


the face of the nation that began to come to the messenger of

the True Vision

have a vision except that it was fulfilled by the breaking

the solitude was to him

to seclude himself in the case of that

tuition for several minutes before

he returned back

provision for that

we’ll return to Khadija.


Maybe she


one of

the educators. And since


he said

that’s the engine

are screwed.

I think that’s the

that’s the


So head screws me for the second time, until I reached

the silence. I said it’s the perfect


in this actual diversity that you find today

from something that

is most beautiful

that will change.

I like to indicate that this is actually the first passage, first verses to be

in the appears within the data transmission

or chapter number 26.

Just to save some money


an insane

translation of

money, but some people have depression sometimes

does not


observation, the translations of things


some other

nations which are real life examples the nation

that means,

what should I do

instead of my motorcycle

facts that seems to indicate that the Prophet peace be upon him

was not




nation indicate that they

seek parchment that looks like a basketball container, which does

not repeat for three times.


that says,

it seems to indicate that

this is very relevant, in fact, to the notion of the source of

the book simulation.

The other aspect also that emergent solution.

The second verse, that says God created the human from something that

is much more accurate translation of the tape, which

has been translated,


as clubs of congealed blood. This is

to be used for the term car

action is something that sticks

Also, which is very relevant, a niche,

niche. And this presents

some relevant points significant as we deal with historical aspect and the source of

it does have some relevance to the source of

this very first,

there seemed to be a conclusive evidence that could have been the product of our knowledge

of the purpose

of groups of movies. This is

the usage of the chain

because of this initial period

of economic development,

especially stellar us that

this question ends with the spring,

it gets down

into the details and the data is actually being

returned it

sticks to the length of the test.

Know, this kind of information definitely is not new.

For me, then it falls in news after the Prophet received that revelation describing this spirit as something that

I have not at that time, get the understanding of this status

microscopes and


to be regarded as product of the human mind that you learn from others experience this kind of description whether it’s more than a type

of scientific discoveries.

The customer

This is not just stiffness, it’s

a series of

medical decision we have discussed in great detail in reference to opinions by the largest dimension in particular Dr. Keith


editions of some of these


sexual expressions and

expressions of other expressions in the


The reports are consistent, even though there are some

variation that it could detect


to be a significant


generation from

page 236.

It gives some additional detail by saying this first encounter with the angel of revelation came to him in the cave

of Ramadan


which is

a specialist in solitude and worship, which by the way, the present was manifesting in this particular year.

This is not a contradiction. This is simply a

detail that was not necessarily detailed


virgin, and I think it’s critical because

there’s indication that the crown began to be revealed to the prophet in the midst of that.

Number two, verse one


so this is just an additional detail.

A second variation,

it seems that

the Prophet,

the prophet said,

instead of reached the limits of magnitudes,


are consistent.

This is again

calibration of what happened


the same

answer to the previous question gives an additional detail that is not mentioned in this version, that the engine blows a portion of silk that looks like a container.

That again, this is just

the consistency

across the nation is that according to the nation,

it does not conclusively say

agent evolution was.

He says that the version that appears in

his opinion that the Prophet was

because he says that, it says the first thing that happened to the Prophet was that you started to like to spend some time in solitude.

First, the first thing was to have divisions,

like to have periods of solitude.

Revelation, so, you see, that as a set of stages,

the first stage was going to be waking hours.


it says that the agent

was asleep. So we try to reconcile both by saying that, it is quite possible that the engine of evolution came first, to the prophet in his seat, just to assure him to get used to


to reconcile

because the narration that appears

to be saved, whether the puppet was awake,

and the fact that it speaks in three stages about vision, True Vision, and solitude, and then he does not necessarily mean that the purpose was it indicates that the first stage was to have a clear vision or second stage, which

is an important point, which is

taking place

in the waking hours.

It is an issue in

detail, but we have no concern to spell as well compelling historical narratives. I think it’s a good example of showing that these kinds of records are very, very trustworthy.

Really contradictions

as to what happened

to answer that question

back to as well



that give some additional details, I mean, this is not a contradiction.

Read the situation as much as they could different ignition

exceptions that

resulted after this verses.

Because obviously, I look at my sleep and it was as

these which means this words are voiceless

out of the

blue, the slope of the mountain


to see

is stretching his feet


you are the Messenger of Allah.

He said, I could tell you to turn my face

away from him


I saw him

like that



the rich dad Scouts of America

standing in my face,


after the election

in this

region that the President


to be a perfect


despite our


so he told me,

which was his nickname

just to come

back to me. So this episode of what happened, she said, received the blood

of my husband This was applied

steadfast by

his hubby just so

that you will be the prophet of this

nation, but this page

is in addition, it gives that case more details, a little more detail.

And it says that we have the stories he added that I’m afraid for myself. That is I’m afraid that what happened to me might have been some evil spirit might be possessed, and the

relationship with relatives

or hospitality to the guests, and you support the one who suffers misfortunes.

Assalamu alaikum peace