Peace BMG. Welcome to another episode of Islam focus on your host handle Rashid. Today we have our 56th programming our series of winning with Muhammad, last messenger of Allah. Today we have the second segment

talking on the subject of the queen of processors.

Very happy to have joining me on the program as usual, Dr. Umar Bellamy of St. Mary’s University, as you might

remember, very quickly highlight the main points share we touched on last week when we began our discussion on the profits going to profit. Sure, as part of our discussion of early revelation, you start to examine his claim that what he received had a divine origin. And by way of a very brief summary of a complete series that was covered before, we said that there are basically three possibilities of explaining the source of the Quran to the Prophet,

the prophet, one, that it was of his own compositions and then claim it is from God. Secondly, that you might have learned it at least in part from some other human source and demand that you learn from them. Certainly that the Quran, as he claimed, totally divine revelation will explain that the first possibility is both unreasonable and unfair because it assumes or implies that he was an imposter, who did not tell the truth and occurred which was clearly negated by overwhelming evidence about his absolute integrity and truthfulness, acknowledged even by his enemies who give him the nickname, The trustworthy.

It was also negated by the fact that he sacrificed a great deal financially in terms of time, comfort and security, even coupled with his own humbleness precluded the presence of any ulterior motive or any personal benefit material or otherwise. After all, he was offered everything that he could aspire to just in return, for giving up his mission or just to give it legitimacy to the idol worship did he refuse except to do his duty regardless of the sacrifice and suffering resulting from this? To expand on the first possibility, we also said that we cannot say that the Quran came from within the Prophet

simply that

it is coming from divine source, a source of religious illusion.

We discussed that in Philippians one.

Some people try to explain the revelation of the parameters of epilepsy and he said that scientifically speaking, the symptoms of epilepsy are quite different from the experience of the Prophet when we received revelation. Secondly, that we didn’t know in the history of the whole humanity, one single case where epileptic seizures and convulsions produce a comprehensive book that guided the lives of hundreds of millions of people of our new essentials in all facets of the nodes. On the second level, we said that this needed to try to say no, it’s not epilepsy, but some sort of religious imagination is equally impossible also. And he said that it is very strange that those who

advocate this kind of theory, they themselves believe that God spoke to other Catholics, they believe in the phenomenon of revelation as a metaphysical phenomenon. But why is it when it comes to the Prophet Muhammad, it’s assumed to be a religious hallucination, it raises a serious question of the double standard, really, in addition to this, we indicated also at the end of the previous program, that from the psychological standpoint, from the analytical standpoint, it is impossible to say that the Quran is simply a reflection of something from

the Prophet himself.

Perhaps actually, to explain this, what you mean by that, psychologically speaking, we mean by that the Quran, for example, contains historical information which are quite specific, dealing with specific events. Many of those events were not really known to the prophet or his people. And when I mentioned that, for example, if 340-411-4912 one or two and change, the people did not know that, not the Prophet.

And some of those historical information we’re not really see the same as existed in previous scripture, some had no parallel in previous scriptures. And some of those events do have pediments in previous scriptures, but they involve many important differences, which are more appreciated in the light of modern scientific discoveries. And we covered that in the series on the Quran.

Likewise, also there are specific information in the Quran that cannot really be explained in terms of originating from meditation, or religious illusion. What is even more amazing is not only what the Quran say about the past, but also about the future and in the Quran.

What is an astounding prophecy is really about future events,

which came to pass with amazing accuracy in every bit that precludes meditation or religious illusion as a source of this kind of information. So are we seeing psychologically speaking, this kind of information kind of just need from medication or imagination?

The prophecies, drivers will be used to learn something about examples of such policies. Could you share some news with us? Okay, we’ll do that briefly. Because, again, that

was discussed in more detail. So we’ll just make a cross reference here. For example, in Surah 31, it speaks about the

prediction or prophecy of the victory of the Romans over the questions within a few years after they were devastated by the Christian invasion, and this was realized during the lifetime of the Prophet. They will also remember prophecies including the prophecy of the victory of Muslims not only over the adversaries in Arabia, but also against the super powers of the times. Even though all the odds were against the small Muslim community at the time.

They promised to preserve the Quran fully intact, a method which is confirmed by numerous evidences from within the Quran, documentary and other historical data.

The prophecy that any attempt to assassinate or kill Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, will soon and that you will live until he completes his mission. And indeed, the way many attempts, there were many so called close calls. And again, the prophecy live in that verse, quite clearly find that in

verse 17,

the prophecy about certain future incidents, or events that were to take place, with certain individuals like a Buddha had and Vieira and Soraka, we have discussed that in the past, but all of them are amazing in the sense that there are prophecies about specific things that will happen to specific individuals within a specific, reasonable timeframe. And all of this came to pass. The method which is even more interesting is that when it comes to the method of prophecies,

we found that in particular, the prophecies are simply unmatched in precision and accuracy.

We have let you clarify what you mean by the uniqueness of the

prophecies. It’s claimed by many that the Bible also contains prophecies which are realized, what is the difference in your view between the between the Koran and the Bible? Thanks for the question, definitely, First, make a clarification that Muslims do believe that the scriptures which existed prior to the revolution, or

at least in part, the Word of God, and as such, it is not released very strange that they contain some practices that weren’t realized, because originally it also came from God, just remember the Quran was revealed.

But for the sake of objectivity, and just to clarify the statement I made that the Quran is unique and unmatched. I would like to raise at least two points that I think are worth mentioning. First of all, that many of the prophecies, for example, in the New Testament were written after the fact, at least in terms of written form, as well as all of the prophecies in the Quran, were written down in front prior to those prophecies coming to pass. And the importance of this point was discussed by some biblical scholars by john Filton, who discussed in some detail in the series on Jesus, beloved messenger of Allah.

Johnson, for example, in his books and messages, indicates that Matthew, by way of Jim orientation, was very interested in trying to make sure that each and every prophecy in our Testament was realized in man, but Jesus peace be upon him. And in a way, Dan sent him as well as other scholars

on how to take that approach of Matthew is writing to make erroneous interpretation of prophecies or just trying to even possibly write the history about Jesus in a way that seems to fit the fulfillment of Testament prophecy. That’s why we feel that the written form which this prophecy is available in the Quran. Today, the allegation gives a lot more strength. And we think that it was written only to describe what actually happened.

In a form of prophecy.

The second point which is related here, is that

there’s also a sort of an a priori assumption in the minds of many writers of the New Testament, like Matthew and others, which might have resulted as some scholars admittedly, that sometimes words are put in the mouths of Jesus peace be upon him, in order to somehow support the kind of conviction that those writers had, it might not be exactly what

he said, and the evidence

of this

human elements in writing those prophecies and that word is that some of them were which

which shows to the Muslim and anyone who believes in truthfulness of prophets, Jesus and others

that are generated from Jesus, because how Jesus as a legitimate

prophet of God, which he was said those prophecies, it could not turn out to be untrue.

There are examples of these prophecies that were attributed to Jesus peace be upon him, but never realized, which includes, for example,

that Jesus is going to come again during the lifetime of his own generation, that was mentioned in more than one place,

attributed to him the prophecy that his disciples, disciples will sit as judges over the 12 tribes of Israel. And that included Judas even before he betrayed me, and references to this our needs. You might be surprised again in Matthew nicely, like Matthew 1023 1627 1928, and 24, verses 29 through 35. All of these are practices that were proven to be incorrect, which means humans made a purchase, or


In the case of Docker, however, we didn’t find a single prophecy, whose time came to pass, which was either written after the fact we don’t want that proved to be erroneous, or imprecise. That fact alone, I believe, suffices to

negate any theory to the effect that the current emitted from within the traffic from his mind, consciously or unconsciously, and based on the fact

that particular

repetitive patterns

might be helpful or

may be helpful to spend some time. Could you perhaps,

elaborate a bit on Okay, again, beneath

the surface, I will say that the analysis of the content of the Quran from the psychological standpoint

indicate that it could have met

again, based on the series on the Quran,

the Quran contains in more than one surah, including surah, Number eight, nine, and at a sort of chastisement to Prophet Muhammad,

not for any sin that he committed, that was simply an error of judgment with good intention, taking a decision which appeared to be very reasonable, that God wanted something. So it’s not a sin, but even then, in this strong just that just tells me

now, if the Quran was emanating from within the Prophet, why should he compose directly or indirectly, in some cases, to chastise himself, even though nobody around him ever noted that he did something wrong or committed an error?

Then centuries and at all? Secondly,

that some of the unbelievers in the hypocrites

spread false rumors, the owner of as well.

However, for a full month, who suffered, his wife suffered, her family suffered,

suffered contaminated, and came with a resolution proclaiming the innocence of Arusha.

Now the question is, this is the Quran was emitting from within the Prophet?

Why shouldn’t he compose? Why should he not confirm those verses proclaiming innocence of his wife,

which, by the way,


in this painful agony

Another point is that sometimes the revelation used to come to the Prophet

with instruction that he himself did not understand the wisdom or long term focus.

As for example, the instruction to sandakphu to have a beer with the unbelievers and then the devil

Wisdom was revealed and explained much later on. The question here is this

was emanating from within the property, that he had an inspiration or insight within himself that he himself does not understand

it to assume that this was coming from sir.

What is your response to those people who assumed that that

was based on what he learned from the


his travels, okay, that was the second basic assumption of three that we presented earlier. To begin with this assumption, unfortunately, you will come in many writings about Islam written by critics or by Muslims in general.

But since most of the readers of this works, are not very familiar with our witness,

generally speaking, they cannot discover


assumption is false, which is underlying this kind of explanation of the source of the

most of the leaders usually do not realize that Prophet Muhammad insisted, consistently throughout his mission 23 years.


was nothing but the revelation dictated to him word, by word, through debris in the engine of revolution, and that it was not based on any other human source, whether himself or others,

as such,

to see or imply, on the fact of the slightest, that the Quran was simply an adoption or adaptation of previous religions or scriptures, is an implicit if not explicit way of saying that the Prophet was an imposter. He did not say the truth about the source of what he taught, and never really seen in our examination and analysis of the first assumption that the Prophet was the composer of the Quran. But the evidence is simply overwhelming. That this is not the case that the Prophet was known to be the truthful, trustworthy. And that witness was given very wisely, not only by enemies, but even outsiders who try to look at things objectively.

We mentioned, for example, in the series, about an incident where abuse was an enemy of the Prophet at that time, was in an audience with a Roman ruler, and then ask him as a PM, as an image, even of the Prophet he said, Did he ever tell a lie, and said you admitted. So that’s why he said, This man would not abstain from lying to people, and lie on God

type of Act.

So to see that, or to make that assumption on the part of this writers that simply based on what the prophet learned from other scriptures of other people, is basically what I call a sugar coated accusation against his integrity and truthfulness method which has been established quite

Not only this, I’d say that analytically, and historically, is totally unsubstantiated.


historically, would you perhaps explain why memory stored information is relevant to this question? To begin with, It is well known that Prophet Muhammad was unlettered. He was never known to be religious leaders, religious scholars, or Eclipse men before he received the call.

The top

this fact actually was referred to in the Quran and the Quran Chinese base who accused him in one beautiful verse in Surah, number 29, verse 48, on

either left avenue of June, which means a new format, was not able to recite a book before is this book on the Quran?

Were you able to transcribe it with your right hand even if you could not write it with your own hands?

In that case, indeed, with the tokens of vanity have doubted so it’s well known that the Prophet didn’t even write

to other scribes of revelation as he received.

The second point, historically speaking, is that Prophet Muhammad was raised in Mecca. Mecca was not an environment for the study of comparative religion or any religion for that matter. It was the stronghold of paganism.

It was not the stronghold of Judaism

Christianity, nor was it any source, sort of learning center of any discipline for that matter.

As far as the Jews of yesterday, or the Christians of Niger and in Yemen, these were communities that were hundreds of miles away from the environment in which the Prophet was he received the code for liberation and continued as a puppet for 13 years before even going to Yes, this is a revelation.

At first point

is that even when you speak about the salaries of the prophets outside of Mecca, which many writers put it very loosely without being specific, insinuating that even in religious matters,

those targets are limited and well known. And they were in circumstances that would not by any stretch of the imagination, allow for any extensive or intensive study of religion to come up with something anywhere close to what

the club is, for example, including, as we mentioned, in the earlier part of this series, The trouble with his mother at the age of six

of his father,

with his uncle at the age of 12, at maximum 12 years old boy, with his uncle on a caravan at the age of 25. As a person who was responsible for the caravan of Khadija who later became his wife. I believe that, objectively speaking, no amount of casualties, conversations or contacts with Jews and Christians during lunch breaks

on the way if you meet some people, or in the marketplace, this kind of casual conversation, mostly with the common people and educated people, whether Jews or Christians can never explain the integrity of the Quran, the completeness of its teachings, and the uniqueness of its way of life that has already changed the face of history. I mean, it would be preposterous to assume that this casual contacts can explain the content, even in fact, the fourth fact again, historically, is that all of those

who suggested

that the Prophet might have learned

from some other human source failed to tell the despite of centuries of intensive critical research, a single candidate who could have possibly qualified even by guesswork, not even other facts, just by even speculation, that he could have been the teacher of the Prophet responsible for the content of the Quran. Let’s look at some of the names that some writers gave us.

a blacksmith, during the lifetime of the Prophet that issue was raised by the pagans themselves, a blacksmith that the Prophet sometimes used to watch while he was doing his work. And they said he was he must have learned from him because that blacksmith was Roman, so must have learned something about other religions. The Quran itself responded to that in Surah, 16, in verse one or three, that this man that they attribute

to as being a teacher of the Prophet did not even speak good Arabic When the Quran is the top in Arabic. How did you learn the Quran from him? I mean, it sounds very, again to trust us very,

some said it must have been worker, if that was the cousin of Khadija, the wife of the Prophet. But you have seen again, in previous program that this man was getting to be very old. There is no documented meeting with the Prophet except on a couple of occasions, really, one of which when the prophets received the first revelation. And that man simply said that these are the signs that this is the prophet of his time. And another time when he met the Prophet around the carbon kissed his head. And historically, this man actually died very shortly after the first termination was received by the whereas the program continued to reveal his peace means relating to events in the life of the

community for 23 years. So how could he have been the teacher


The other suggestion was about behera, the Christian monk in Syria that if you said that he saw the Prophet as a small boy, maximum, the age of 12, in the company of his uncle, and he realized from seeing him, that he has some sense of being the expected profit, how could you have learned all this? secrets of theology in our lunch break? When they stopped, and that man invite them for lunch and then they continued with their caravan. You see, this example is I gave indicate how flimsy that theory is about the so called human teacher or teachers of profit. To me it represents a desperate attempt, whether in the past or present, or maybe in the future.

To cast doubt about the divine origin of the revelation received by Prophet Muhammad, and to avoid accepting him as an ultimate Prophet, in the same category of great prophets, like Moses, Jesus, or Abraham, who also received divine revelation has not taught what they thought from human source.

And that’s not the only critique even, it

must be another other critique, theory of learning from others.

Just to, perhaps to complete the picture a little bit to begin with those critics of the prophet who insistently

refused or rejected his legitimacy and legitimacy of his commitment to Prophethood.

And they themselves, were not able, through all of those decades, like I said, to point out to that mysterious teacher allegedly taught the prophet

and how come if that teacher ever existed, was able to teach and produce a student who changed the face of human history, and became one of the major prophets in human history?


does not protest or did not protest that his students never gave him credit? Even though he taught him all that good stuff, never raised the voice of protest. And why didn’t that teacher claim profit to throw himself if he had all these good ideas, and guidance? And secondly, if the profits learned through his travels, which was mostly between the age of six to 25, how come all this information remain dormant for a period between 15 to 34 years,

and then all of a sudden, to his own surprise appeared, and that he claimed to be a prophet all of a sudden? Certainly, the Quran, as indicated in more than one occasion was not all revealed at once, but over a period of 23 years,

some in Mecca later on about 10 years in Medina.

While the Prophet was surrounded by his friends, his enemies were keeping eyes on Him in this open desert lifestyle to catch him. How come for 23 years when Dr. Ahn used to come in piecemeal, nobody.

Neither of his friends or companions or enemies was able to discover him once he is learning from some human teachers or teachers. Instead, they continue to accept Him as illegitimate prophet who received revelation from God. That seems to indicate that the only

credible source of credible teacher was not a human teacher, but as the Quran itself indicates the teacher who was the

agent of revelation that could be the only plausible, reasonable analytically speaking teacher

because our time is gone. Well, thank you all for watching in virtue badness with mu continuing with our series Assalamu alaikum peace