alaikum peace beyond you. Welcome to another episode of Islam and focus. I’m your host Mr. Rashid. Today we have our 55th programming our series, The Mohammed last messenger of Allah. Today we’ll be discussing the topic of the claim of prophethood. I have joining me as usual on the program was my guest today Dr. Jamal battery of St. Mary’s University Assalamu alaikum.

Before we get into discussion, today’s program,

basically summarize the main points we touched on last week, sure, we continue to discuss the action of Abuja to the first revelation to the Prophet according to his nation.

And we also discussed the testimony of her cousin walakum, who was an Arab, an old who became Christian, and that she told her that what came to the Prophet actually weren’t the engine of revolution, who came to Moses and prophets in the past. And he prophesied that based on his knowledge, that the prophet will be appalled in performing his mission, and that he would be driven away from his home.

And then he said that after the initial period of Revelation, there was a period of secession of Revelation, it did not come for some time, and then it resumed again, we’ll discuss the various reports about the possible length of that period of secession, and also the wisdom or possible wisdom behind that.

We also discussed the possible wisdom as to why the prophet SAW Gabrielle in the first two encounters rather than simply hearing his voice. And we indicate again, that this will remove any doubt that what the prophet experience was not really from reveal himself, but rather something that was despite on set from outside of himself.

Another issue also that was discussed was the fact that the state of fear experienced by the prophet when he saw the first revelation seemed to provide a very strong evidence that we never aspired to be a prophet never even expected to be a prophet or MC would come back very happy and driven and his hopes became true. And that stands in opposition to the some of the theories advanced by some of

the prophethood was something that was cooking or zooming in the mind of the Prophet, but doesn’t seem to be the case. And finally, discussed briefly why some of the writers who come from a Judeo Christian background, for example, now who believes in Revelation given to Moses, Revelation through Jesus, and other prophets, while accepting that they rejected when it comes to the revelation.

This is

unjustified and

it’s something that could possibly be examined

more carefully.

Just 10 years from

now, there is a possibility of examining a religious claim in a rational and objective way. Well, I must begin first with some reservations by saying that any religious claim is ultimately as some people would believe in matter of faith, something relating to partly a subjective personal experience of the individual, or the one who claims or make that claim

will affect me.

I’m also aware that what one person or group of persons regard as a religious truth is not always subject to logical OR rational examination, some cases, at least some of the story.

I’m also aware that our evaluation of what others claimed to be religious truth is influenced by what we are saying, claim to be our own religious truth, maybe to illustrate that a Jew, for example, who accept the religious truth, that this was the greatest of all prophets. And that better to him, is the ultimate divine revelation may find it difficult to accept another religious truth as claimed by Christians, pertaining to the

crucial role played by Jesus in this history of Revelation, Revelation. By the same token, a Christian for example, who accept as a religious truth to him, the ultimate revelation was in Christ

was difficult to accept another religious truth claimed by Muslims, that Muhammad was also in this in just the last messenger of God, who was sent as a condition of the mission of all of the prophets, including Moses, Jesus, Abraham and all others, and that he received divine revelation

from God, and that as indicated in the Quran, or the Prophet is going to come after him, which affect the testimony of history, that new person came after Muhammad peace be upon him with an influence any worse, anywhere near the influence exerted by such great figures as Muhammad Moses, Jesus, Abraham, or other great profits in history? Well, having said that much is I must say that in the case of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And his claim that the Quran that he received was, in fact, the revelation outside of himself, that this particular claim, lend itself, I believe, to what you call rational and objective analysis, it could be examined. In fact, there is plenty of

material, there’s ample information, historical, documentary, and even scientific, which would be quite helpful in making a critical analysis

of that particular claim. Just like,

I think it can be subjected to that examination, and ensuring ultimately that the various theories that try to inject the genuineness and legitimacy of the Prophet Mohammed and the truth in his claim that the Quran is divine revelation

that was founded, and in some cases, even a lot of business theories, to be frank,

have you perhaps,

elaborate on and share with us the last point you made the material being available, which may help answer this particular question? Could I be sure I did them in a question like that perhaps a cross reference at this point would be very useful.

Just by way of reminder, a couple of years ago, we have gone through a series of 52 half hour programs that were

devoted exclusively to that question, the source of the Quran, how do we know it was divine revelation, the title was an ultimate American. And while the focus of that series was the forum itself,

the discussion we had, at that time, I think it’s very much also related to the topic of that series about the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, because the most important American make sense

of this profit, which is an exclusive American to him, is the Quranic prophet had his own medical book.

That’s the case in the phenomenon.

in that field, then we can say that the entire series, the Quran, ultimate miracle, in a way could give a more detailed answers to that question.

Was Muhammad truly a messenger of God

received divine revelation?

So in one sense, the students could be an answer to that question.

I mean, of course, that this topic was covered before, as you just mentioned, however, in the context of these, this present series, perhaps a summary may be helpful for you, perhaps,

to take

is unfair of occasion, can I ask you to do something

I might not be able to do for two or three

minutes because that might be enough to get

that may be something we might be able to go because I think it’s also a cross reference can be quite helpful also. Well, in any case, I’ll try to be as brief as I can be

as concise as possible. But that series actually began by saying that there are only three possible sources of the Quran or three explanations of the source of the Quran, when that it was authored, indeed by prophet

the Prophet Muhammad learnt the Quran from some other sources, at least in part,

and just came up with this as a new book.

The Quran is indeed as claimed a divine revelation from outside of himself, not learning from not simply entailment or reflections. And then in this series of programs in the past, we have tried to analyze

this possibilities on the basis of both internal and external evidence. We began with the interment evidence that is evidence within the Quran itself. And what the Quran says about itself. We indicated that the Quran consistently speaks about itself as divine revelation that came from God, not from God


just give

number of verses this we quoted them for that you skip number of verses for those who wish to research it further in the Quran in chapter 56, verse 18, also in 57 1625 116, verse 4415, verse 26, verses we need to think and we need to clear statements in the Quran about its origin.

Secondly, within the Quran also noted that the sign of the Quran seems to indicate that the speaker is not Muhammad, obviously that God Himself.

The speaker says, I created the heavens and earth we created the human I sent the messages. In fact, we found that many verses in the Quran it contains Mohammed’s How could he be the author it cannot

be asked you say or answer. So that shows again, it’s not 100 with the speakers in

the author

indicated that there are numerous verses in the Quran that very clearly and positively negate any idea that the Quran came from any human source and that there could be another source but the divine revelation. Examples of this is chapter seven, verse two or 310, verse 1517, verse eight, and these are examples of

firstly indicated the best texts in the Quran, are confirmed as well, by numerous statements made by Prophet Muhammad, in hobbies, literature, and hobbies, as you know, even though it was the word of the Prophet was kept separately, the style is different. So in this prophetic setting, again, he confirmed the same thing mentioned in the Quran. The Quran is divine revelation dictated to him by the engine of revelation that will and has has nothing to do with the authorship or the content of the Quran except to see if it’s conveyed, exemplified.

In commenting on this eternal evidences.

We indicated that after all, Prophet Muhammad was a disclaimer of authorship of the Quran, a disclaimer of integrated

relating to the content of the Quran. And since the Quran has been widely accepted

by even the most ardent enemies of the prophet to be a an unmatched book in terms of beauty, let alone wisdom of its content. One would have expected that people would jump on any occasion to clean it for themselves.

The Prophet is a disclaimer and you seem to prove to us that you’re not the author doesn’t prove to ask the author which is the normal type of question that we raise.

And in the case of the purpose of consistently disclaiming any credit of that great book, which could have made him also more famous and more accepted, insisting that it is outside of himself that he has nothing to do with its content. We complete it on the basis of this internal evidence, then, that the idea

or solution, or implication, that the Quran was written by Mohammed or author, or that it reflects his own ideas, is, in fact, his something, maybe not so certain accusation that

God forbid, was an imposter or one who did not tell the truth and method which is negated on numerous

grounds to get this kind of motion. But unfortunately, some

other motors keep repeating without thinking, yes, that will be the first to pick up on some of those brands at this particular juncture that is,


perhaps the most important Future Is Yours, most important? And what

does that

mean among his people, as we mentioned in a previous program, as the trustworthy

and that was the only person who had that particular nickname, so the truth and 100 word like just one in the minds of many people,

in any matter whatsoever, whatsoever. And this is a big challenge, because among us, that claim that

even those who oppose him

and try to reject the divine source of the revelation,

their opposition or their accusation was not born. In fact, that’s a right we know in this incidence, you lie to us

in this or this occasion,

but rather it was a sort of

opposition mainly because of the rejection of his message because it differs from that

I’m different from their particular religious beliefs, but otherwise,

the most severe enemy of the Prophet could point to any incident where he could say this man had a bad night in his life.

In fact, the Quran itself

with a challenge to the people who made this accusation against him, and they never opposed the Quran actually, when the Quran mentioned that about them, one version of the Quran is very interesting. And he says, well look at

the same level of happiness not know he asked me, whatever the seminar, but we know that they say that it is a human who’s teaching him? Yes, the number two the Quran says is a person who

is in good Arabic. And the Quran has come into a manifest and clear Arabic, trying to reveal their true motives for personal profit. It’s not because they thought or anything, but one verse in the Quran says


that would grieve you are what drives you that accusation. But in fact, they do not deny you. In other words, those people who oppose you do not engage and their hearts beneath them, they do not deny you, but those who exceed the limits, professors are the ones who are simply demand or form to music declarations of Allah.


by itself, the absolute truthfulness and integrity of the coffee is sufficient to negate any possibility that the Quran was simply authored by the process. And then he went and did not tell the truth and claim that it came from divine source or it was revelation dictated by the angels of revelation for whatever nature for reason.

Because this would simply be inconsistent with the profile of the Prophet and his absolute pessimism. Reputation

accepts a hope or disapproval, accept the human being a person is innocent until proven guilty. But the opposite

is abundant evidence of his truthfulness members need to see who is known when he said that this was a revelation that was dictated to me.

But even if we were to take the the unfair position whatsoever


the side of the person is guilty until

proven innocent, he did not find any possible motive for the prophet to fabricate such a kind of untruth and say, you know, it’s fun to

elaborate on that and discuss the possible matters of the prophets claims or receiving revelation.

Okay, assuming even that will disregard that rule that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Even if we say that

we do not find any logical reason for even that unfair assumption,

incorrect one, that the prophets have said the Quran and did not say the truth and claim the answers for at least for three reasons. The first reason is that the examination of the mouth of the Prophet before and after coffee to indicate the complete absence of any material and benefits that he derived or might have derived by claiming to be a prophet and claiming that the Quran came from divine sources. He chose a self imposed simplicity in his life, he deliberately lived

practically identify in practical terms with the poor, and needy. He did actually in a poorer state, after Prophethood than he was before he became a prophet, he suffered more even financially

sacrificed everything that he owned for the sake of the truth and propagation of the truth.

And we have given exemptions in that the

specific examples of migrations where it was so best in months or to

go by, without penalties met in his house for me for a period of two months, have you slipped on a piece of canvas and in some cases on a stream net, that left marks on his body, prompting Hamas to cry when he saw the profit in that dire poverty even though the Muslim prison was in the truth. And this is very important, because this was not only the time when Muslims were few and have missed the sources that he continued to live. This very hard life very simple

Muslim treasure was this big

I’ve spent a lot. And I believe this is very important in this day and age, we’re

about the kind of lavish living another expense a signature of some of the preachers and modern day prophets, who become far more richer and living a much more luxurious life after they claim that they are preaching for the sake of living.

Not under people outside of Christianity, but people within

Christian, Christian today’s ism see this question as to whether this modern day prophets and preachers are indeed preaching for the sake of God or for the sake of money in the pockets of people from whom they want to set this money. And

this is one reason, the second reason is that it is totally illogical, for example, to say that the Prophet did not have any material aspiration, but was looking for power, because what is power, power goes also with wealth, with all this appearances and

tracking that goes with it. So you cannot just seek power and look like a very poor simple matter of identifying with the poor.

In addition to this, we indicated also the examination of the life of the Prophet, and all authentic reports about his behavior. And his character showed that he was

extremely humble. He was not an egotistic person was very, you know, selfless type of person. And there was no indication at all and was made the choice that he was a person who just tend to satisfy his ego or claim

greatness at the expense of other people. There are numerous incidents that indicate this. The third reason why this isn’t a possibility, really, is that in the very beginning of his mission, perfect Muhammad, Muslims were very few, very weak didn’t have much resources, but not at any chance of success as it appears to anyone.

In that period of weakness, he was offered everything he was offered

money, power, leadership, kingship, everything, just in the form for one thing, not to not to give up his information, but at least to stop speaking negatively about this type of worship and involve people to the worship

to God in this offer was made to him. At the Colville we realized

that the carrot and stick were used at the same time, there was all this generous offer

in return. And there was also the prospect of persecution that actually would take place, persecution for him for his fellow danger to his life conspiracy, as we’ll see later on to getting assassinated. So we’ve had that opportunity, if you are looking for power, or

reject or boost, whiten the people, I did not come to seek your property, I did not come to seek power or leadership. I am simply implementing, carrying out the instruction that God has given me. It is up to you people to accept it or reject it, God’s will decide between us once he goes through a matter of seconds, persecution, if you could have achieved everything he wanted from the very beginning, without any of those painful sacrifices on his part, or the first of

the question is when should a person who was not only need to be absolutely truthful?

And who obviously lived a life that feels to signify that she does not have any financial motive or any motive for power or ego? Why should we falsify a claim about the source of his teaching and simply say it’s divine source, even though he is

the author of that revolution?

attempt to explain the revelation to

the terms of epilepsy.

As far as the question of epilepsy element, it was the program in the series, the MediCal program actually devoted to that. I’m not going to do that.

But the essence of what we discussed there is that the theory that the revelation came through the process by way of eclectic seizures, is a very, very unscientific explanation, especially if you have the additional scientific knowledge that you have today. About epilepsy its causes, symptoms and what happened to the person during and after epileptic seizures. in that program, we discussed in detail, the latest information available to us about the various forms of, of epilepsy, the various symptoms of each type. And we’ll compare that with the state of revolution in the property.

Receiving evolution and we have seen that

it just an impossibility to match. Yes. We have seen, for example, that there is no other place in the entire human history that we ever heard of

epileptic convulsions resulted in a whole group of directly the connection between epilepsy are the seizures in the book, epileptic seizures, resulting in a holy book that guided and still guide hundreds of millions of mankind all over the world. I mean, this sounds like very preposterous to say that it was produced in this conventions, and not only guidance, in terms of this spiritual element, and now but spiritual, moral, social, political economics and pupils developing

the suspicions on some aspects of the Quran or the other.

And as we mentioned before, also

the psychological spoken.

The Quran was an attempt of those epileptic seizures, as one must, as you suggest just once. But if that’s the case, if all the content, beauty,

wisdom in the Quran, and its tremendous impact on mankind, for centuries, we were exempt of epileptic seizures, that happened to Prophet Muhammad, then the world would be much, much better having more eclectic people like that.

Just preposterous. Explain this. And that’s why you find that among

this theory of epilepsy,

epilepsy, clearly why, who have essentially no experience with what they’re saying, basically, if a person comes consciously and says, This is the revelation, this is how it came to me, it was dictated by the engine of Revelation, and still insist that this is not true. In fact, this is an acquisition of religious legislation, or illusion. And, in fact, the real question is, our best critics, especially those who are believing Christians have blamed us also to dismiss the religious experience of Jesus, Jesus, Abraham and other prophets and dismissive as religious indoctrination. They don’t do that. Why we would come to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the revelation

of the Quran, only then it becomes a religious illusion, or religious indoctrination. This is a source of an overall response, but I think there are a number of other reasons that he can catch up maybe later on a new objective and political reasons he has to show that this theory of illusion is an illusion in the minds of the spectators but not reality.

Thank you for watching Assalamu alaikum peace