Where does speech begin – sir – and how does it end

You are the prominent among the men, and a knight of the troopers!

 You are the Prophet in truth, you are the son of Abdul Muttalib!

God has sent you with guidance and the religion of truth as a herald of good tidings, a warner and a caller to God by His permission and an illuminating lamp, and He has immortalized your law, and preserved your miracle over time, and gave you and guided you to that which He did not give anyone from the worlds; He gave you the Seven Repetitions and the Great Qur’an; Which incapacitated the men and jinns, that is preserved from alteration and distortion! He made your message general, and your law abrogated what came before it, and took the covenant on the prophets that they would believe in you, help you, and give good tidings of you! He sealed prophecy with you, and sent you as a mercy to the worlds, and God and His angels sent blessings upon you, and commanded the believers to pray upon you!

He honored you with Isra and Mi’raj, and swore by your life! And He imposed on people your obedience, and He made it obligatory for them to love you! He expounded your breast, raised your remembrance, exalted your status, praised your great creation, associated His name with yours, described you with some of His supreme attributes, called you merciful and compassionate, called you with prophecy and message, forbade calling you by your name, and made obedience and allegiance to you obedience and allegiance to God, and following you a reason for God’s love and forgiveness, and mandated Your preference over self and money!

He rejected faith of the one who does not submit to your judgment in full, He gave you your wish before asking, He purified you in whole and in detail. He expounded your breast to manifestations, and ensured your protection and infallibility, He sufficed you the mockers, He defended you with various methods, He helped you by casting terror into the hearts of your enemies, He sent down His angels to fight with you! He forbade coming before you in word or deed, just as He forbade raising voice above your voice, or even speaking out loud in speaking to you! He made your request acceptable to him, and your intercession will not be rejected, your previous and future sins be forgiven! He chose you for the praised status, and gave you the Basin and Al-Kawthar, He singled you out for intercession on the Day of the Greatest Horror… So, blessings and peace befit your status, O Abu Zahra!!

Peace be upon you, O you the Father of Qasim!

You were the most forbearer of people, the bravest of people, the fairest of people, the kindest of people, the most chaste of people, the most shy of people, and the most ascetic of people. No dinar or dirham stays with you, even if there is anything left, you don’t go to your house until you give it out! And you do not take from what God has given you except your need, and you used to trim your shoes, patch your clothes, serve your family, answer the invitation of the servant and the maidservant, accept the gift even if it is a dose of milk, and reward it with more!

You do not eat charity, and do not disdain to answer the poor girl! You answer the feast, you visit the sick, you witness funerals, you get angry for your Lord, and you don’t get angry for yourself! And carry out the truth, even if it does harm to you! And you used to roll a stone on your stomach from hunger, and you did not eat leaning or on squatting, and you were not satisfied with bread for three consecutive days until you met your Lord, out of altruism, neither poverty nor miserliness. And you walk alone among your enemies without a guard!

And you were the most humble of people, and the most gentle without arrogance, the most eloquent without lengthening, and the best of them in rejoicing, nothing of the worldly matters would terrify you, you wear what you find, a servant would sit behind you, you ride as much as you could, a horse, a camel, or a mule! You bisit the sick in the far city! You love perfume, honor women, and the coolness of your eye is in prayer!

And your tongue never fails to remember God. And you eat with the poor, you honor the people of merit, you love people with kindness and goodness, you are close to your relatives, and you are not cold to anyone, you accept the apology of those who apologize! You joke and do not say anything but the truth, always smile and laugh without giggling, race with your family and have fun with them, you do not rise above them in food or clothing, and do not spend time on nothing but work for God Almighty!

And you never struck anyone with your hand, and you were not given a choice between two things but that you chose the easier of the two, and you were not cold-hearted or harsh, but rather merciful and gentle, and you do not repay the bad with the bad, but you pardon and forgive, and you initiate greeting with those who meet you, no one takes your hand and you release it until the other let it go, and you do not turn away from him until he is the one who leave! you do not despise a poor person because of his poverty or illness, and do not fear a king for his kingship, you call this and that to God alike! And you turned away from cursing the infidels to praying for them for guidance and faith, and saying: Oh God, forgive my people; for they do not know… So, blessings and peace befit your position, O Abu Zahra!