AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to a salmon focus. And our program today is the second on Jesus, the beloved messenger of Allah. I’m your host, Rashad minich. And here with me from St. Mary’s University, Dr. Jamal, that module

Could you give our viewers a summary of last week’s program? Okay, we started off by indicating how the topic

of Jesus beloved messenger of Allah relates to the series on Prophethood, indicating that since Islam requires believing in loving, and respecting all prophets and messengers, then one for the Muslim he must understand what the Quran says about Jesus and for the the other friends who are not Muslims. I think it would be useful to compare also how the views are how the in fact information given about Jesus in the Quran differ from other sources

we’ll discuss next, the extent to which Jesus is mentioned in the Quran indicated that in about 11 sutras out of 114, there is some mentioned, at least in part on in a few passages about Jesus,

about his lineage, you indicated that he comes according to confirm the lineage of Abraham. And more closely, when it comes down throughout history. He comes from the family of Enron. And he explained again, the descent, at least beginning from his grandmother, who was the mother of Mary.

And we also touched a little bit on the similarities between Jesus and john the baptist, and not only in terms of family relationship, but also we discussed some of the similarities between both important figures. Were there any other similarities between Jesus and john the baptist? Well, in addition to the things that we discussed in the previous program, for standing, for example, to the some degree of miracles in the verse of both of them, that the name was given to both of them again before the birth, that both of them had some aspects of uniqueness in their lives and the fact that both of them as far as we know, did not get married, or get any children. In addition to this, the

soil I think we discussed also last time that the soul of both of them continues to live like other prophets and marshals, and then the name Yeshua itself, was actually a prediction that you will die as a martyr and the Quran indicate that the martyr soul continues to live.

But in addition, there is also a couple of similarities. One is that they have been a conspiracy on an attempt on the life of both of them of john the baptist. And Jesus, according to the Quran, in one case, did not succeed. That’s the case of Jesus peace be upon him, but it appeared to people that they have successfully crucified him. But this is a matter again, that we will discuss later.

And finally, there is an interesting connection also between john the baptist and Jesus, similar to the connection between Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them on because john the baptist Advent, paved the way to want to come after him greater than he was, and that was Jesus peace be upon him who performed a greater role.

In the same way, we find that the coming of Jesus was also paving the way in preparation to one who comes after him. Again, the Paraclete the issue that has been misunderstood and misinterpreted se even from the Bible itself, one to come after him to call to perform the greater role of being the last and seen of the messengers of Allah that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

There’s no wonder in when we review this similarities between john the baptist and Jesus, that both of them seem to have almost uttered almost identical words, both of them were saying, repent, The kingdom of God is at hand. This was reported to have been said by john the baptist and by Jesus, both of them. No one that also we find that john the baptist and Jesus were humping with each other, and they had lots of praise with each other. This is reflected in the study of baptism, that john the baptist baptized Jesus. And in the meantime, he was also according to what is quoted in the Bible was saying that, you know, how could he baptize someone who’s great and when he

We find Jesus praising john the baptist immensely and saying that among all the children born to women that is none greater than john the baptist.

Now, to go back to Zakaria, who is the father of john the baptist,

we find that he asked a lot to provide him for a sign with a sign that is assigned when the birth of his son, john the baptist is is imminent. And the sign according to the Quran, was that he will not be able to speak to people for three days. But it’s not like some people saw that he becomes, you know, totally unable to speak because the Quran itself says, mentioned or supplicate the name of your Lord morning and evening, which means that he was able to speak but only in praises of the Creator in full devotion of worship, but otherwise, he was not able to communicate with people in other worldly

affairs. So this is an interesting, and I found it very illuminating comparisons, which I’m willing to try to reflect on the similarities between both figures. At this point, let’s turn our attention to Mary. Was she aware of the birth or the expected birth of Jesus? Yes, she was in the fact that we may, at this point, turn to the Quran for an answer to this question. In surah, number 19, for example, from

passages 16 on, and just read the first few 16 to 22. It says, and make mention of Mary, in the book,

when she had withdrawn from her people to a chamber, or a place differences mccannon a place looking east and had chosen seclusion from them. Then we sent to her Our spirit. That is a reference to Angel Gabrielle. And it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man. She said, I seek refuge in the Compassionate One from you, if you are God fearing he said, That’s Gabrielle, I am only a messenger of your Lord, that I know bestow on you, effortless or pure son. She said, How can I have a son when no one has touched me? Neither have I been unchaste. He said, so that is so it will be your Lord says it is easy for me. And it will be that we may make of him a revelation for mankind,

or assign. It also could mean could be translated assign, assign or divination for mankind and mercy from Us. And it is a thing or den, and she conceived him and she was through with him to his fireplace. Now, perhaps a couple of comments might perhaps help understand what this passage really the first two. First of all, question may arise. Why did Mary seek a secluded place away from her family? Now whether she secluded herself to devote herself to worship? Or because the news began to spread among the Israelites that Mary is pregnant? And there’s all kinds of questions raised about her so she kept away from her people? That’s not necessarily a very significant question anyway, but

the fact that she was secluding herself from them

and now, it says in the Quran, the passages recited that Allah sent to her, his spirit or listen to her Our spirit and spirit as used in the Quran in that particular context is a reference to Archangel Gabrielle, who brought the news or information to men of the coming birth of Jesus.

In fact, this is similar You know, they’re described elsewhere in the Quran in surah, number three, in passage 42 what is called a similar Equatoria marine in Alaska hockey with a hockey was tough I can only say this is a very interesting passage in the Quran, it says when the engines again, like we talked about zaccaria it was actually Gabrielle one engine, but again, the sound when it comes from different directions, almost like you know, speaking, several engines when the engine said, Oh, Mary, Allah has not chosen you, purified you and choosing you above the women of all nations. That’s an interesting thing, because you notice here that it talks twice in the same verse, or same passage

about a man choosing marry. But there is a difference between both choices. The first one It simply says Allah chose you

But he does not mean that she was. She’s not the only one chosen, which means that this chosen this is joint chosen this as Allah also chose Adam, Noah, Abraham and that this sentence

and then after it says, purified you, it says also chosen you above women of the nations which mean that there is a special chosen Miss beyond the general chosen this also and that is definitely that you will be the mother of one great prophet of Allah. That is why we find that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. As quoted in

describing paradise he says, Hi Ronnie Say hi Miriam Bintang ron wyden Satya Khadija been to Hawaii, that the best women are the best of women in Paradise is Mary, the daughter of Enron, that’s the mother of Jesus. And the best of women in Paradise is Khadija that’s his wife, the daughter of violet. Of course, when it says it does not mean the one and only event because they seem to join both of them. But it shows that they have really very special status. And if you look at it’s really, you find that one of them was a mother of a great prophet. The other one was a wife, who supported a great prophet, and the great periods of tribulation, the wife of the Prophet, marry the

mother of Jesus. Now, to move on with the passage that we decided before, it says that she wondered, how could she have a child when she’s not being touched by any human? She was not married at that time? At least.

marriage was not consummated. And nor Is she a woman who’s not she was not chased, or unchaste, I should say,

how could that happen? And then the answer comes in words which are almost identical to the words given to Zechariah when he received the news of the birth of his son, john the baptist, cover the color of buki,

that says, your Lord, it is easy for me. So that’s an interesting analogy between the the two situations. And then it says that the angel told the heart the ability to give you or bestowed on you, does not mean here that Gabrielle was a servant of Allah, creature of Allah, Holy Spirit, or servant of Allah engines secretary of aligning Islamic understanding, he has the power to restore anything but it could mean that Allah bestows on you. So the word here are the words of Allah or

lucky to bestow on you with the permission or with the command of Allah, a pure child. Now, the word zakian, as it appears in that passage, in reference to Jesus, zakian in Arabic literally comes from the cat. And the cat could have two meanings, one growth, that someone who’s continued to grow, but it also means pure, because the care itself which is one of the pillars, that means purification, so both of them are related meanings. And by the way, unlike what some people claim, this is not the only description, or the only time when the term or its derivative has been used. In reference to Jesus, there have been other people also mentioned in the Quran, about whom the terms occur or it’s

similar derivatives are used for example, in Surah, number 19. In passage 13.

Prophet john the baptist is described as the captain

of the canyon also say Captain purity. And the Quran speaks also about those people who are purified, what is the key by the prophet Prophet Muhammad peace be open so the word is a common word does not necessarily mean that there’s only one person who is Zeki or fuel but it means, you know that he was pure RS virtue.

The other thing is that

the question that frequently comes in the minds of Muslims and non Muslims, non Christians Even it is the same question, how did Mary conceive

when they have been

different ways of explaining that there have been people who want to have science as the ultimate judgment to to explain everything. And those people even though they might be religious, whether Christians or otherwise,

try to,

you know, find some explanation around the miraculous birth of Jesus. And as you all know, some people even might say, Maybe she was already married to Joseph and they might even refer to the Gospels and say, all right, in the lineage of Jesus, it says Joseph is father and I think that’s perhaps misunderstanding and it’s not really a way to speak about miracles that Allah chose to reveal.

There have been some ideas also of people who did not

rejects the notion of virgin birth

or try to explain it out.

But they can somehow in between and they say maybe through the process of parthenogenesis, which is known in plants and other insects like bees, for example, that it might have been possible that it is American. But this miracle took place through the shock. On the way, Mary received this news that might have led him or her obon, even though she was not married to begin,

division, cell division and it’s produced Jesus. Well, one cannot, again say that this is something that’s impossible to happen. But to my to the best of my knowledge, and I’m not a biologist or physician. Why don’t we hear in the whole human history, about any other documented cases of aversion under the state of shock, or whatever other news, producing a child without being married a virgin birth.

That is why I’m not too excited about either of these explanations. I think if one sticks to the Quran,

we find that

as the Quran describes, that Gabrielle came to marry, he breathed into her. There are two expressions that appear in that respect one in Surah 46, a passage number 12. And it seems to manifest in a fee, some interpreters a fee, he means in Jesus that the spirit of ALLAH or the command of Allah, or the breath that give life to Him, was braised into Jesus, or he means in Mary herself.

Now big difference of opinion that, but in any case, in either of these conditions, when it talks about breathing into marry, it does not mean as some people want to materialize it, a breath that went into inside her in one particular way or the other. Because a lot doesn’t mean of that to ordain a child to be born. But the word can be understood best, if we interpret it in the context of how the Quran and swears use the term, or breezed. And I get two references here that might solve this issue, I hope in Surah, number 62. In passage number nine, and also in Surah, 38. In passage number 72, we find that it says that Allah created Adam and breezed into him, something of his

spirit. Now, the breath here again, does not necessarily something material that came from God, God doesn’t have a mouse like ours, you know, cannot materialize God. But it’s understood figuratively, as the breath of life, that anything you can make anything that resembles life, even in the initial formation of the human embryo, or he can talk about a living thing, but in terms of something that has a soul. That is the secret that Allah has breathed. And since we don’t know much about the soul, there is no not much benefit of trying to find out or trying to explain how the breath actually came into me or came into Adam. It simply means that Allah virgin that life to come into Jesus, by his


a lifer asking about the pregnancy period. In other words, specifically, was there anything unusual about that period, and also about the experience of Mary at the time,

okay, just start with there is no indication in the Quran for any other indication known to me that her pregnancy was different from any other woman, which means that probably she went through the same filter like any other mother.

In fact, some of the traditional that some of which I alluded to before the fact that some new ones might have spread of her being pregnant, on shows that there have been a gradual increase in the size of the fetus.

There is no indication that I know of in the Quran, or elsewhere also, that there was anything unusual about that pregnancy or childbirth. In fact, the Quran speaks about the pains at the time of birth, which come to this equitation in a second.

And of course, I’d like to make a footnote here, that the purity of marry

that the Quran attests to remove any notion of connection between childbirth pains and the original sin as we find in the book of Genesis in the Bible, for example, and we’ll discuss that in the series and monotheism. If we tend to the Quran tend to see how the birth was described in Surah, number 19. And passages 23 through 26 streets, and the plans of childbirth drove her to the trunk of the palm tree

She said, Oh, wood that I had become a thing of note, Ferguson. Then one cried to her from below her, saying, Give not, your Lord has placed a river beneath you, and shake the trunk of the palm tree towards you, you will cause write dates to form a new. So eat and drink, and be concerned. And if you need any more than say, I have vowed a test to the compassionate and may not speak this day to any Norton.

Perhaps a couple of comments also, as we did in the previous passage is my attempt the question here? Why did Mary say, according to the Quran, that I wish I died before I wish I was nothing can forgotten. Think of the test, even though she was a believer. She was informed by Gabrielle himself the angel of Revelation, that she’s going to have a birth of a child without a father without the physical father. Why was she so distressed at this time?

Only Allah knows the answer to that, but they have been some

serene like an interpreters of the Quran.

You said that probably because the engines informed me that that side of hers, that Holy Child, unfortunately will be worshipped by people against his will, and against the will of he who created him. That and as such, she was very disappointed, because of course, she was a monotheists really strict monotheists coming from this, you know, stylight tradition of believing in the one God. So maybe because of her piety, she was said that even though the child is guiltless, he would be a cause of many people to divert and start defining him. Again, whether that’s the reason or not one cannot say for sure.

Secondly, what kind of tree? Did she shake? or was she asked to shake? Was that palm tree

really cutting dates? Or was it dry and didn’t have any dates? Was it during the season of dates or not? This is an issue that you could have so much discussion on, just make a quick reference to some of the arguments that might be raised. If we assume that the palm tree did actually have dates, this might raise a very important question about the date of birth of Jesus. Because we know that dates Do not try it in Palestine area, in winter, December, it must have been towards the end of the summer. And again, you might find people like Reverend Armstrong,

who have written already booklets stating that the birth of Jesus was not really in December. And he base that on quotations actually, from the New Testament, but I’m not getting into that now. But the question here again, as to whether the key was fruitful or not at that time. To me, what is really more fascinating is how could we expect a woman who just gave birth to a baby to be able to shake a trunk of a huge trunk palm tree, so that the date would fall on her? Obviously, this is American. So no matter how you want to explain it, still, that fact itself is a miracle. And it shows that Allah only ordained Mary to try even though her attempt is nothing but to try. And but Allah will take

care of the rest and let the date fought on her whether again, day three was fruitful, or not.

One of the interpreters of the Quran made a very nice commentary about the connection between dates and the sun.

Because the palm trees are very special type of trees. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad as narrated in

once said, I know of a tree

whose foot is like or whose blessing is like the good believing Muslim.

That is the palm tree. So it’s a special tree. The fruit of the palm tree is a special also, you know, sweetness and the benefit and the nourishment that you get from fresh today. It’s

something that we’ve deprived of here in this part of the world you know, but those who appreciate it the understand you know, how delicious and how fruitful and nourishing

data and as if Allah is making this analogy between the sweetness and nourishment of the dead, and the sweetness also unspiritual nourishment of that baby born Jesus peace be upon him. So just a nice thought that I thought he could share the one of the interpreters forward.

But what really is more miraculous even is what happened

after birth.

That is when she was distressed. The voice came from

underneath her. Now some interpreters say maybe that was the voice of an engine or Gabrielle. But that is, again, equally powerful argument that this was indeed the voice of her own baby Jesus, peace be upon him, speaking miraculously, soon after birth, to assure

to control his matters,

the beautiful the, you know, the the way it’s presented, it’s amazing. It is amazing. And it is beautiful. like to

ask you, what was the reaction of the people at the time to the birth? That is? What if we return again to the to the Quran, in the same chapter that’s 19?

I just read first the text of the verses, and then if there’s any remark or questions, be glad to explain it. It says then she that is Mary, brought him to that his to her own fork carrying him. They said, Oh, my God, you have come with an amazing thing. or sister of Aaron, your father was not a wicked man. Nor was your mother’s a harlot.

Then she pointed to him that is to Jesus. They said, How can we talk to one who is in the cradle, a young boy, he spoke, see, I am the slave or servant of Allah. He has given me the book, and has appointed me a prophet, and has made the blessed wherever I may be,

and has enjoined on me, prayer, and almsgiving, so long as I remain alive. And he has made me beautiful towards her, that is towards my mother, who bore me and has not made me arrogant, unblessed piece on me, the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive, such world Jesus, son of Mary, this is a statement of the truth concerning which they doubt it does not be fit the majesty of Allah, that he should take to himself as son, glory be to him. When he decrees a thing. He says to it only be and it is and see, a lot is my Lord and your Lord. So serve Him. This is the straight path.

I realized, again that the passage is a bit. It’s a bit long and perhaps

enough number of clarifications perhaps might be called for ASCII, I would like it to exactly. So when perhaps

the current check may be.

Well, thank you very much. Thank you, Jamal. I thank you all for joining us here on assignment focus. We would appreciate your comments or any questions, our phone number and our address will be appearing on your screen.

Awesome. I hope to see you next week.