In the darkness, silent whisper breeze of night,

Descended from heaven the book of guidance,

From Allah, the one to whom belongs all wisdom, might,

To intellects it brought knowledge, to heart it brought light.

To the Beloved Prophet, Muhammad, the pure, the one with open heart,

The Absolute Wisdom of Allah (SWT) did the book impart.

We too, like him, should try to be pure,

So in our hearts, as in his, Allah would his message ensure.

Try to imagine the span of Gabriel’s wing,

Descended from highest heavens the message to bring,

Yet the heart of the Prophet and his followers true

Transcend all creation when they the message include.

Time, too like, space, this night is bent

Believers, gather themselves, this night to repent

Return unto Allah, with sincere overture

Of all evil, and forgetfulness let your soul be spent.

By Ahmed Hussain