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I want

to start with a summary of last week’s program. Okay, last week’s program, a dead end with one essential question. That is, is there any possibility that any portion of the Quran was ever lost or forgotten by the prophet? We examine that in terms of the internal evidence. And we have seen that in more than one reference in the Quran including 15 nine, there is a clear

promise divine promise to preserve the Quran from loss.

To remove any question or doubt about internal evidence we also discuss the two verses in the Quran, which refer to the term nesea or forget or its derivatives as it relates to the Quran. And by analyzing them carefully, it was quite clear that neither of them refer to the Prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for getting a portion of the Quran before it was promulgated, or communicated to people.

And that any possibility of minor forgetfulness on the part of the prophet of a few passages was definitely after the Quran has been communicated to others. And as we said in previous programs, both by memorization and by writing, it was even clear from the incident narrated in Bukhari and Muslim. When the Prophet remember the few passages that he forgot when he heard a men, reciting them in the mosque. But this itself is a proof that the Prophet might have forgotten those passages only after the Quran was communicated, or else how could that man know or decide this unless it was already decided before. That was more important, actually, also is the

revision, you might say, where Angel guardian angel of revelation came to the prophet to review with him, what has been revealed to the Quran up to that point, and that this review took place, twice, even in the final years of the life of the Prophet, and in the presence of people who are like the most prominent memorizers and companions. So it wasn’t, you know, something even secretive or limited. And towards the end of the program, we discussed also what I called, more or less the political sectarian type of claims that are sometimes made, that are used to contain evidence of the rights of the cousin of the Prophet Ali. He and his descendants to be the exclusive role of Muslims

for forever. As was mentioned, for example, in the book called al caffee. And we try to indicate that this kind of claims are totally baseless, there is complete lack of evidence and is just totally untenable.

You possibly give us a brief idea about the reference that you decided at Cafe.

The exact title of it is called an oil mineral cafe, where I think we have kind of jerks are one of the prints of that book. And the author is called up in Java and claiming, without in the years 328 of hedger, that is the migration of the Prophet that would be approximately around the middle of the 10th century. In the Common Era.

That book is regarded by Shiite as perhaps the most important source of hobbies or tradition. And by the way, when they use the word hobbies or tradition, they refer not only to the saving of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, but also the savings of their events, they put them on equal footing they both are regarded by them as hobbies

So in a way, the book, that book is called, are regarded, almost in the same status, but not exactly almost the same status like Buhari, for example collection of prophetic saying among

the so called Sunni Muslims, the importance of that book for shy understanding, of course is indisputable. It has been printed several times, the print that was just shown,

was published in the US 30 188 of migration, which would be about 1968. In our common era in Thailand, that is in Iran by a publisher called barrel, quotable Islamia. It was this same reference, in fact, that we made a quick mention of last time in which it is claimed that there was a must have or lives of Fatima, which is three times as big as the present current, but does not have any single word of the Quran that we have today, the reference was specifically to what you want, on page 259 of that print

was half

a patina. And maybe you could explain to us exactly what this is according to the sheer quantity shabby. Well, we can refer again to the same reference, in that same reference call by Kathy that we have shown previously, on page 214.

It is claimed there that when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, died, his daughter, Fatima, was very, very clear. So God sent her exclaimed an engine to suit her and talk to her that she mentioned that to her husband, who was also the cousin of the Prophet. So we talked to her whenever you feel that, that is the presence of the engine, and you hear the sound, tell me.

So she told him about that. And he started to write down what the engine was saying, and put that together in leads or must have.

He mentioned that it was mentioned by the narrative that this must have all leads did not contain any aspect of law, like the forbidden in the permissible. Like I said, it contained the knowledge of what will happen that is like prophecies in the future. Well, if you look at that particular duration, which was just shown in the original print of the

Virgin, that’s just to get the translation, more or less, or summary

seems to indicate that Fatima, the daughters of the Prophet, peace, be upon him, received revelation after the Prophet as if to complete and supplement the revelation given to him. And obviously, if, if we were to comment on that, it is contrary to what the Quran itself say, especially in chapter five and verse four, in which God says that today that religion has been perfected, and completed. It is also contrary to the fact that in the Quran, itself, as well as in many of the sayings of the Prophet, the revelation given to the Prophet during his lifetime, there had been a large number of prophecies

that were mentioned. And we have discussed some of these in detail in a portion of the series dealing with the authority of the Quran.

For that reason, we find that Muslims uphold that believe that no human being after Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him received divine revelation, including even the number of his own household, in the face that was shown

the same page that was shown

next to that citation, it is also claimed that the image and the image that is the sentence

possess a document which contains the sons of David, the Torah of Moses, the gospel or ngl, of Jesus, the lives of Abraham, the lows of the forbidden in the permissible and the most half are loose, or fatahna. And then there is an addition said that, that there is no claim that it contains Koran. That’s why perhaps it might be useful here to comment on the term was

literally speaking, let the term must have ruins lives does not necessarily mean literally speaking the Quran.

But on the other hand, as an Islamic terminology, the term mishap has always been used to refer to the Quran in particular revelation, the holy book, many times it’s used as

interchangeably with the Quran. But in any case, regardless of what exactly was meant by the most half of Fatima, or the lives of Fatima, the basic point here is that in this major source of Shiite thinking, and Kathy, the claim is made there without any substantive evidence, evidence at all, that the Quran that we have today is not really complete, because it does not contain this claim.

portions. And this is a matter which is definitely contrary to the unanimity of Muslims and even the witness of many discussions among Muslims, even

this kind of claim document is not the only reference in fact, that we find in Shiite books pertaining to the completeness of the Quran. And mind you, as we mentioned in a previous program, any person who believes that there is a difference or an or that the Quran that we have today, is not complete or tamper have been tampered with in any way. Aside from being contrary to all internal and external evidence cannot be regarded really, as a Muslim ontology name and Muslim while absorbing this kind

of ideas. Maybe we should elaborate on some of that. Now, you just said that

there are other references in the shear sources relating to the Quran, yes. Now, these references actually limited to the leaves of Fatima.

Not necessarily. Let me give you a couple of other references, which is not necessarily as you said,

you know, limited to the limits of Fatima,

for example, and the same reference or Kathy that recited before, in Volume One, page 228 This is my more or less translation as much as I could.

It says that anyone could claim to have collected the whole Quran as revealed is but a liar. No one collected and preserved it that is preserved and understood it as Allah Most High Rahim except Adi, son of abitata, that is the cousin of the Prophet and the immigrants or his descendants after him.

That statement

is not mentioned they’re quite clearly the one even after that, another claimed Hadees they say that is an attribution to one of their immigrants. It says again caught in my translation, no one can claim that he has the entire Quran the evidence, that is the evidence meaning and the hidden that is hidden meaning except the ousia. ousia means basically like the guardians a term which is usually used by the Shiite to refer to Allah, may Allah be pleased with him and his descendants are the demands.

There are also numerous other examples which shows the same kind of basic claim that there have been a systematic attempt, contrary to all evidence that you have seen that there have been a systematic attempt to drop portions of the Quran are small parts or words that used to contain evidence of the political claim made by the Shiite that only Ali and the immigrants or his descendants were the only qualified rulers, Muslims. Well,

give us a few examples of specific passages where the claim of actually drafting moves is made. Okay, when again to refer to their main source and Kathy,

on page 176.

There is a reference to a verse that we have today in the Quran which appears today in chapter 22. More specifically, it’s verse 52.

The one that we have in the Quran, which is again, has been confirmed and preserved amount of sun meme and public interest meaning whether or not we have not sent any messenger or profit before you or Mohammed.

In the the way, the this verse is quoted in Al caffee. It says one out of seven, then we’ve got the cameras rolling well, another good one, I’m guessing, you have not seen anyone before you are Mohammed messenger, Prophet, or mahabis, which is again a term that is used to refer to the Imams or the you know the sentence of the prophets. In another print, or edition of the same book, Volume One on page 414. We find again, a similar claim of a few words dropped

claimed to have been dropped from the Quran.

That is in reference to chapter 33, verse 17, in the Quran, which again in the original Quranic series, woman, which is our asuna, who has 1000 albina, which means whatever obeys Allah and His Messenger, indeed, he has achieved a great reward or a great success. And the claim is made again, that know that the original was not like that it says, when we look

at an image,

which means, whatever obeys Allah and His Messenger in accepting the guardianship of algae and the amounts after him, he has achieved success. So the claim is that this evidence was suppressed, to reject the notion that, you know, only alien is the signature of the Muslim.

In chapter 26, in verse 27, again, in the center Quran, it says was her alma Levy, novolin

callicoon, those who have transgressed will know what kind of return they will have kind of set. Again, the claim is made, that there was something dropped in the middle, which means was

Mohammed haccombe, those who transgressed and took away the rights of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad, that is, those who accepted to be rulers when people elected them, that is, before it was chosen, that these people will be punished. Another example also, that appeared in a book called fastboot setup, we’ll come to that a little later, on page 180.

In a surah, in the Quran called ashara, in which the Allah gives or recounts his bounties on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, have we expanded your chest, you know, opened your heart and so on. And they said, no one verse was dropped from that, that is one of those blessings saying, what are the answers, and we need your son in law.

It is interesting to notice here by way of commentary, that the, the insertion here is quite clearly political, really, because it is well known that if anybody had the honor to be related to the Prophet, because the other way around, now, that was a great honor to be given to Annie, may Allah be pleased with him, is that he was the son in law of the great man, Prophet Muhammad, but to say that one of the blessings of Mohammed that his army became it sounds like, you know, sort of reverse

logic. So that’s why, you know, we said before, that this is basically a sort of political insertion really sectarian, but doesn’t have any evidence at all, and has ever been having ever been part of the Quran. And in addition to the references made, that is Kathy and the first book,

and other books like cereal can be a commentary on the Quran, for example, on Pepsi to Safi other Shiite differences, similar kinds of claims are made with not just one thing, since at least I happen to have some knowledge of the Arabic language that anyone with the slightest knowledge of Arabic, will know. And easily can distinguish how observed, you know, the sounds, literally speaking, this content versus just the kind of claimed

parts that were dropped, it doesn’t make any sense at all, from the standpoint of the literal beauty and the nature and the flow of the Quran.

Could you tell us a bit more about that chapter. And I think it’s really

about the details as to exactly what’s in it. Well, there is actually there’s more than one chapter, not just the claims, dropping a few words here and there, because these are all right, somebody might say these are just like one word or two words. But more seriously than that, there is a claim of one chapter at least there’s mention of another one also. short one, composed of several verses that is claimed has been dropped from the Quran.

And that is known as the chapter

surah of and malaria. Here is a Xerox copy of that. And it’s it referred to the same political view of Shiite and that is only Ali and his descendants should have been the permanent and exclusive rulers of Muslims throughout history, and learning anyone who does not accept that particular view.

This particular chapter was referred to by many writers, shy writers, including Nebraska,

who was a very famous shy

we wrote that down 1881

But appears also or was quoted by the famous German

orientalist, not decades, in his history of the copies of the Quran in Volume Two, page one or two, it appeared also in a French journal called Asiatic in 1842. From pages 431. And I know that the, the, the picture shown shows the chapters in Arabic with some translation repression underneath. So maybe just give you my English translation as far as that would be quite interesting. It says all you have to do is in the process, and the guardian or worry, which we sent both. In other words, equating the profit with army, which we sent both guiding you to a straight path, a profit and a guardian or Valley proceeding, one of the others condemned an hour away, very late. For those who

fulfill the covenant of Allah are the guardians of Felicity, and those on whom our songs are recited. They reject them. For them is the Hellfire in the headphone is a great abode, when it is called on to them in the Day of Judgment, where are the translator transgressors, the rejecters the messengers, again, like I said, if you go back, let alone the, you know, the English version, if you go back to the

one that was shown the Arabic version of it, it doesn’t make any sense at all in terms of literal meaning. It reminds me of the acclaimed Quran of Messiah Lama, you know, there was a false prophet after Prophet Muhammad, actually.

It’s called Messiah, the language. And he tried to imitate the Quran by taking some small parts from the Quran here and there and patch them. And it came up something very laughable and very funny. I mean, once again, with Christopher, we can read it, and judge for yourself.

The other chapter I mentioned, he said, there’s at least two that has you mentioned,

is called the chapter of unmooring, the two lights a minute a very quick reference to that in the previous program. And Marine, by the way, is a title that is referred to you use to refer to Prophet Muhammad, and Ali.

But it’s interesting to notice that this term, has not appeared until the 13th century of hijra, that is nearly, you know, over 600 years, I should say, after the death of Prophet Muhammad, and after the Quran has been completely revealed, which again shows the kind of, you know,

fabrication that was published again by a mentalist by the name of garcin, JRC I don’t see a SS right? under the title and unknown chapters of the Quran. I don’t and neither of these, we find that we find any shred

of evidence internal or external, for that matter, historical. That stands against the overwhelming evidence discussed in several programs.

showing that there is no word of the crown that was dropped in that there were many watchdogs, if you will, everybody. Lots of people memorize the Quran, it was written down.

It’s obvious that these claims are truly sectarian political in nature. that emerged long time after the completion of the revelation of the Quran, and only after this dispute took place, you know about who should be the role of the leader of the Muslim community. Now, obviously, services were disturbing, to the best of your knowledge. And these views about the Quran are very common amongst the Shia today.

The answer to that question in a conclusive way is difficult. For two reasons. One, is that the nature of belief is something which is basically in the heart. And unless the person of course, can forward and state

clearly unlike the references mentioned, for example, that even if a person say that in public say he that believes that he or she believes that the Quran is the same as being revealed to the Prophet, one also find that this problem is not resolved totally. Because in Shiite thinking and theology, as is found in a cafe, their main reference and the writings of many others of their leaders, especially contemporary leaders,

there is a concept called a taqueria, which means that you could reveal something different from what you believe under certain circumstances. But we’ll leave aside the judging the intention, motives and just look at some of the clear indicators that may help find an answer to this question. I’m not clear

I know the answer fully. But

it is fair to say that they have been getting cancer from time to time some Shiites, who clearly and forcefully deny that don’t believe in any other Quran other than the Quran that has been unanimously accepted by by all Muslims. In fact, even some of their scholars have said that, as quoted by Dr. dress, in an interesting article called initiation into the Holy Quran published in the Islamic review and had affairs in working England, in January of 69.

In which again, one of the leaders is quoted there as totally rejecting this notion that is any different Quran.

However, it is interesting to notice that one of the major scholars, she had scholar by the name of Bob Ross, he wrote in the year 100, let’s say 1289, which approximately would be in the Common Era 1878, a book which he called us, let’s see if that is kita ba, ba, ba, translation of the title is the final word, improving the alteration of the book of the loads of loads. That is the Quran. And it contained hundreds of texts, quoted from Shiite scholars, in so many different points of history, so many different decades, who carried this idea? After that book appeared, some of the Shiite scholars replied to him, and they tried to reject what he said that in explaining this action on

those who tried to reject that book, some writers and only reporting some writers believed that this was only an application of this concept of peculiar or hiding, that they were disturbed that this book is published on a large scale might awaken many Muslims to the real nature of the shy beliefs. However, only God knows all I can say that in the present time to come to your question. One of the perhaps the most prominent Shiite leaders in his book called ultra common Islamic or Islamic government in the Arabic version that they have here on 3072. He praises and carefully that we cited before and he says that it contains the cam or the rules of the religion. And we have mentioned

before that it is the same Kathy that this leaders praises which contain desplaines, of the alteration of the Quran.

attempt by the sheer means today to clarify the situation and clarify how they feel about the room. I certainly hope that, for two reasons, the matter is very serious, because it’s

a question of difference in jurisprudence, or how to make evolution. But something which determine whether a person is a Muslim or not relates to the Quran, the Book of Allah.

We hear a lot these days calls for unity of Muslims, which is very good. But obviously you can’t have unity between belief and unbelief in the book of Allah. So the issue must be clarified very clearly. And I think somebody among the Shiite leaders, the brothers in the courtroom, should come forward, courageously and honestly and in public condemned this polemical writings of the past. stated clearly, to us and to the followers as well, that said the Quran is the same and that they accept what all Muslims accept as the source of Revelation and inspiration to Muslims. I’m certainly waiting for that and I’m eager to hear that inshallah


Thank you very much.

Thank you all for joining us today and hope to see you again next weekend.

So I will be triggered by certain awaken from Islam in focus.