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couldn’t possibly begin with a summary of the previous program. Okay, last time, we continued our discussion of the seven modes of expression. And we emphasized a number of points. One is that the difference between these modes of expression were very, very insignificant and minor and has nothing to do by way of affecting the meaning. Certainly, but this modes were sanctioned by the prophet in order to make the understanding and enunciation of the Quran easier, especially for a variety of trials with different types of different ways of expressing meanings.

We emphasize also, however, that the official mode, that is the mode of Christ of which the Prophet belonged was the one that was uttered in the public prayers. It was the the tank in which the official manuscripts were getting, and which was also the standardized copy done during the time of ceman. And which is the same as the Quran we have today in our hands. We interpreted also that by unanimity

earning Muslims in support of the decision taken by us man to standardize the mode of expression cannot be explained on the basis of conformism and all of this evidence together shows the that the purity of the text of the Quran was really uppermost in the minds of everyone. Now, you spoke about the preservation of the Quran as altered by the prophet.

Is there any possibility that any part of the Quran was forgotten by the prophet before he was able to actually communicate it?

I don’t think so. Because to say that, number one would be contradictory to the internal evidence that we find in the Quran itself, which we discussed before, that is pertaining to the premise one premise of preserving the Quran without any loss. Like for example, in chapter 15, verse nine. Secondly, it was considered the historical evidence that we discussed in detail in the previous programs, about the preservation of the Quran, birth, by memorization, as well as by committing to writing and the fact that there are multitudes of people who participated in this process of preservation.

But even if you assume that in one case, for example, the prophet might have forgotten one passage, or more,

definitely, it was very easy to check that because there were many other memorizers they were already directing manuscripts. And there was absolutely no evidence that I know all that the Prophet forgot any passage of the Quran before

it was promulgated or announced or cited in the presence of others. Were there any report about the profit for getting any passage of the crime after it was communicated to others? Yes, there is actually one report

that shows

that in one occasion as narrated in Bukhari Muslim, that the Prophet forgot something but the same report shows that it wasn’t really permanency, which is the kind of temporary thing it may be used to, perhaps to examine that report and analyze it.

It says that is the wife of the Prophet narrative that the Prophet once heard a man reciting letters reciting the Quran, in the mosque,

plus a prayer. And the Prophet when he heard him, he said, may Allah have mercy on him that is on that man. He reminded me a few verses are such and such verses from such and such chapter surah in the Quran. In some other narrations, it says such and such verses which were asked to

Sometimes noted as dropped, but this is an erroneous translation because in another version of the study, it seems insane to have that is, I forgot them. So, in essence, not deliberately, but that some of the verses that I forgot. Now as explained by scholars, including people like the shipment of cotton in his book,

a book that I referred to earlier in the series,

the prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as a human being. And it is quite possible as a human, of course, that he may forget, temporarily, at least, you know, some passages of the Quran. But but that what happened and could have not happened before. This verses that he talked about, were already from a guest it was already presented in front of other people who memorized it, and wrote it,

in fact, that the story itself proves it, because how could the profit correct or check his forgetfulness about this passages? He heard this from another man? And how could this man do it? Unless he had to differ from the perpetrators conclusive evidence in the story itself? That that was after the Prophet has decided

to explain that so that you can tell them that the entire Quran was converted infant as dictated to the Prophet, many times it was memorized or getting determined directly from his mouth, at the tomb when he received the resignation. So he was not the only one. He was the one would say, Alright, you know, how do we know that something was up, but he recited it at the time of Revelation, dozens, if not multitudes, and memorized it and wrote it. So it was very easy to detect in forgetfulness, either on the backs of the prophet or, for that matter,

the global civil but also there’s something even more important, as mentioned, in my previous program, the Angel of revelation himself, Gabrielle used to come to the Prophet every month, that in the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting every year, and the US with him the revelation of the Quran. And if we do that, then fasting became prescribed in the second year of hedger, our migration to Medina. That means there were at least 10s of us because in the last movie, of the life of the Prophet, Angel, Gabrielle has reviewed the interpret, I’m with him twice. So the fact that it was reviewed, even though the angel of revelation shows that in temporary forgetfulness, as it may be in

a few passages, here or there is something that was immediately detected and corrected, so there should be no question about it.

My summary suggests that there is evidence within the crown itself about the possibility of the profits for getting the crown. And would you like to comment on that? Well, some of them use an aggressive verse in the Quran but grossly misinterpreted, in fact,

usually to chapter 87 verses six and seven in the Quran, which

Allah Kenyatta addresses, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and telling him semakau katella tensar Masha Allah, which means we shall teach you.

So we shall not forget that is forget the Quran says except as Allah wills, for he knows what is manifest in what is hidden.

So the argument that some of those writers knew of is that they said, the verse here says that, so that you will not forget except and the word accept means at least the possibility that the prophet may forget the Quran on his women.

This conclusion is erroneous for a number of reasons. To start with, even if we assume that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, might have forgotten something. As the report that was just narrated. It was obvious from the report itself, that this was not, was not before the message was already conveyed to people committed to memory and committed to writing. And this also would be contradictory if we assume that forgetting something certainly before any people hiraga was considered a verse in the Quran in verse nine and chapter 15, which I can promise the preservation of the Quran if it contradicts

chapter 75 verses 1616 and 17, which again make a similar kind of premise that it can never apply to, you know, forget from this book conveying the message.

Secondly, even for interpret, Tencent, which is quite productive also etymological linguistically

In a sense of abrogation, a topic that we might discuss later. So if you took it even in terms of abrogation, or arrows or from the memory of the Prophet by God Himself, when this would not again be part of the action of the Prophet himself, it would be a reflection of the divine wisdom that so that it was more suitable at one time or the other to replace one revolution with others. In other words, in other words, revelation was intended, as an interim measure to deal with a particular situation, and God chose to abrogate it either directly or by arranger from memory of the prophet or others for that matter. in whichever, whichever case it will be again, it would not constitute part

of the Quran that God designed to be included in the volume that we have in our hands. On the other hand, even if you interpret this verse to the Prophet forgetting any passage of the Quran, again, as indicated before, it can never be explained except as a temporary thing, after the message has been promulgated with the possible checks that we talked about, memorize the Quran, others of them.

Ralph has written many scripts, as well as be checked by Angel Gabrielle whichever way the verse is interpreted, it can never lady correctly be interpreted to refer to him.

Forget forgetfulness of any passage of the Quran that was intended by God to be included in the Quran, I just need to add one final comment and that is in the study of the Quran also, when it speaks about the will of God, and the will of Allah, Allah stelton besides that, it is an absolute win. And that if Allah chose this, chose a certain things or decided on any particular decision, it is not because he is forced or pressured by any

person or any of his creatures, and that even though he might have decided this way, he would have or he could have decided otherwise. It is when acquired that emphasis on the absolute will of the Creator. Well, could you please clarify that point about the absolute will of Allah? What do you mean by that? Well, I’m giving an example from the Quran, which might perhaps make the point clear, hopefully, in Surah 11. So that’s one of the names of the Prophets.

In verse 181 108,

it says that, as to those who are lucky, they will enter into the paradise, they will stay there forever.

Something that doesn’t exist, that means forever action,

except as Allah wills

except here, in a sense of some people getting out or being driven out of Paradise after the internet, it would be erroneous. Why? Because elsewhere in the Quran, as well as the single the Prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace govern, but just let me give one example, for shortness of time, in chapters 15, in verse 48, in the Quran, it indicates conclusively

that those who entered into paradise, they will never get out of it. So when the verse says, except as a loved one, it doesn’t mean it’s just a theoretical possibility, but not a realistic one. It doesn’t mean that some will actually get out of paradise. But it simply reminds us that even though a man decided to keep them forever in Paradise, it is only because of his grace, not exclusively because of their deep social, remember that he went differently. He would have not been there not stayed in paradise forever. How does that relate to this? Since I was making the comment, with respect to the verse, analyzed before in chapter 87, that verse also uses the same term in dementia

Allah, except as a loved one. It says, We will teach you so much so that you don’t forget, except as Allah wills during this time of the Quran, it is quite possible also, to interpret that to mean that this is a theoretical possibility, but not necessarily at the end when, especially if we mean by that permanent forgetfulness of the Quran, contrary to what Allah intended, either other passages within the Quran referring to the same issue and how they explained, yes, I will check the curtains of the Quran. And don’t forget or nesea derivatives and try to search for any verse there that has any

to do with the Quran or forgetting the Quran, there were only two of them.

One is this one I just described in chapter 87, verses six and seven. And this has been explained.

The other room appears in chapter two in the Quran in verse 106.

And it says manual

machine translation of meaning in English. And that is none of our regulations, that is the wrong definition. Do we add, revert, or curves to be forgotten, or cause to be forgotten, that will substitute something that has or similar know that Allah has power over all things.

Now, in this verse, there are two terms used. One is abrogation. And that’s an issue that, perhaps as indicated earlier, it’s a separate treatment in some further explanation. But it’s

not cause to be forgotten. And it takes about a year.

Now, the word

appears in the Quran is used in a number of meanings.

When a common one is error in a sense of passage, or quote unquote, verse of the Quran, that would be one meaning.

Another hint, Allah is used quite frequently in the Quran, also to mean the cosmic sign of the existence of God. And so you can say the heavens, the sky, the creation of animals, and all of these things, our souls have the power of the existence of the Creator. That’s another meaning.

In the context of the stories in the Quran, about profits, some profits also occurring, quote, unquote, miracles, and this represented area, as the perennials are seen. In other words, what I’m seeing here is the word regimen used in the Quran does not always mean area in a sense of verse.

What does that mean, then? It could conceivably mean that if Allah decides to abrogate one previous scriptures, and replace it, he would replace it with something at least similar, if not that.

And that could be quite considerable in the case of the Quran, because as the Quran itself indicates, that it supersedes previous revelations confirming what remains intact of previous revelation and guarding it, that is or guarding them from errors that people might have introduced. In other words, that could very well be that replacement of the Sharia or law with another dog. It could apply with him before Islam, like proper Jesus, coming with a message superseding what has been given to Moses, not neglecting, neglecting or, you know, totally removing that superseding adding, and correcting some of the People’s misunderstanding of what has been revealed. The same

thing applies to the parent, of course, with respect to other previous revelation. So that could be one.

That of course, you should keep in mind here that

a lot of the silence, just send another revelation. It does not contradict, in essence with the previous revelations, but could be collections of, you know, other points or change upsetting news.

But even if you interpret this

verse to mean, in a sense of cause, to the production, again,

it is a divine decision. It’s a decision that has nothing to do with any human deliberate forgetfulness.

of this two verses that are the only one that I found on this question of

forgetting, quote, unquote, has anything to do with anything that was dropped from the Quran as intended, was supposed to be assumed as

a likely interpretation? What are its implications concerning the preservation of the crust? Well, even if you assume that the term verse or area here means verse from the Quran, or passage from the Quran,

simply is that a man or monkey doing certain instructions, or nurse, or directives, that were intended to deal with a specific situation, perhaps an interim basis, not intended to be a permanent law. And then we decided to abrogate it and replace it with something else more permanent and more genuine nature. Whether abrogation by simply revealing to the profit that this person will be changed or by way of areas of memory, which again, gadget

Be able to do it from the number of people even in case they have already memorized it before.

But even in that case, if we make that assumption,

what is the decision here? Whose decision is it to determine what is to be included, and the permanent and fundamental form of DACA and versus something that was renewed to deal with an election for temporary type of situation, dancer again, that women had in urine. And that’s not the purpose, not any other question for that matter. It was a divine decision. And as such, the purity of the text of the Quran in its fundamental divine form, has not been such

an important issue relating to the actual completeness of the crime.

Some claim that the crime contains certain portions, which established the length of a Li, which, as you know, the prophets cousin, and his descendants to be the only rulers of the Muslims. And these potions were somehow deleted from the Quran. Now, how, how documented are these claims not documented at all. So this claims were in better condition than many of the critics of Islam, as non Muslim scholars alone are more of political sectarian in nature, and lacking in any evidence refer to any analysis. Some claim, for example, that there was a surah in the Quran Chapter called

the one with the two lights in reference.

Whereas historically speaking, that content

was not known until seven years after the revelation of the plan was completed. It’s something came during this, you know, political split and difference in the early days of Islam. Like it some shows, you know, that the claim itself is a, you know, it’s not something that is shown.

Unfortunately, some of those who claim to be quote unquote, supporters of IBM, actually Muslims love it as the cousins

feel that they are most supporters are lovers of it.

Come on, but

some of the references you mentioned about the rights of it, as the sermons are a lot of Muslim he and his descendants

was tampered with or consumed

from the Quran.

We have discussed some of those aspects before in the series on political system of Islam, especially in the issue of succession, and choice of the religion.

But looking at this point, add a couple of points of what some of those claims are, and just, you know, analyze them. Some claimed, for example, that in chapter 16, verse 22, in the Quran, that the original

image here as Kevin, I imagine competitors, using the term enam, instead of Uber, means community of believers. So they say No, that doesn’t mean the word was imminent, which means a man that term usually refers to Adam and his descendants.

With the slightest knowledge of Arabic, if you grew up and put this word that they suggest, it’s analogically, it doesn’t make any sense. Nor is it consistent in English with the context of the verses before and afters in the chapter.

Some rather strange clone also, that in Surah, 33, called

that there were other verses dealing with the virtues of the house word of the Prophet, which includes, of course, his cousin,

that were dropped.

But this is to measure performance. And the reason for that is, it assumes that somebody wanted to degrade the household of the perfect which of course, no Muslim would do it at all, we have all love and respect for them.

Nor is it consistent also with the fact that in depth video chapter 33, in verse 33,

it includes a great deal of praise of the household of the topic. So that allows us to clean them thoroughly. Now, if anyone wanted to demean them or degrade them, why not remove that to why to move an edifice like that, which is again the that there’s absolutely no

reason to believe in that. Other said that there might have been a sutra or chapter in the Quran called wilaya, which establishes that out of it again and Philip others even went as far and extreme as claiming that there was an entirely different code known as the Quran of Fatima. For example,

as relax from the

10 minute coffee,

which was

published in in Aaron, and in that book


on page 213. It discusses mentioned that there was another Quran known as the Quranic Fatima

which is three times as big as the Quran that we have today, or you have after the prophet and that it contains your notice of the present Quran. This is really going to fire in something which is, you know, absolutely baseless and contrary to earn internment, as well as extended and and documentary evidence that we have.

So all of this, you know, are totally baseless type of thinking that

I’m glad that you read the question in May, I mean, at least,

I can ask you for a few reasons as to why these claims are totally baseless. Well, to start with, if a claim like that is made, there must be some evidence. And there is absolutely no direct or indirect evidence to support that, number one. Number two, we have ample evidence to the contrary, that no word of the Quran was dropped and that it was preserved with meticulous care by memorizing and writing. Secondly, to make an assumption like that means that Muslims after the Catholics were almost unanimous in tampering with the Word of God, and letting anyone get away with that crime, even though we know that they would have had the life to defend a single word of what they believe

sincerely that this is the literal Word of God.

Certainly it himself,

who is immediate or leadership is claimed to be suppressed in the present himself who was involved

in helping in the compilation of the Quran both time at the time of Abu Bakr after witnessing the traffic. And at the time of us when copies of the Quran were sent to different pets

and innocent was a ruler and he was the head of the Muslim Ummah after after Abu Bakr, Omar, he came first in succession. Right? That is, after the people who were supposedly temporary had supposedly tempered

at the head of the Islamic State wouldn’t hear about any different

or different words, that was revealed he kept using exactly the same.

And he himself was quoted in more than one occasion. And we refer to that in a previous program, that you kept praising and defending his predecessors especially as

in preserving the Quran in its in its purity. I should add, however, for thermos that many of the scholars of those who hold this view, have came up courageously and said that there is nothing but one crime for all Muslims. And I hope they are, you know, the quite sincere in saying that. In fact, there is unanimity among Muslims that anyone who believes that there’s another Quran, you can actually be regarded as Muslim or Muslim without history, regardless of the differences between men have always had


type of Thank you very much. Thank you that

time Yeah. Like it. Thank you all for joining us in the shining focus, and we hope to be with you were done every week. See you then.