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today’s program is the third in the series.

And to be more specific, the last segment on the authenticity

and rehearsal shopping nation.

For the benefit of our viewers, could you give us a summary of last week’s program? Certainly, last week was the third segment that deals with the specific issue of the arrangement of the Quran. And we began by discussing some of the theories that tried to explain the pattern of the arrangement of the various suitors. In the Quran, especially the opinions given by orientalist. We began first with the suggestion that the Quran is always more or less by the length of the sutras and indicated by numbers and figures, that this is an erroneous explanation. It was indicated that the Quran is not organized, like chapters, either, that is by topics.

We discussed the suggestion that the Quran was collected in a haphazard way, and indicated this is a very erroneous statement. Again, because it does sound the critics of Islam even like the new Catholic Encyclopedia, rejected this notion.

We then turn to the question as to who then determines the authors of the front

end indicated that all historical and logical evidence

seemed to show that the authors of the verses in the Quran of the

passages was definitely in accordance with the instruction of the Prophet, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And that he in turn, has done that on the basis of the revelation or instruction of Angel Gabriel. And this is a method that they have been absolutely no difference on what’s been anonymous.

As far as the author of Sutras, quote, unquote, chapters, that’s not a very good word, but the author of sewers in the Quran, we discuss the three different opinions on that. And he indicated that the consensus really is that the there seem to be more evidence, stronger evidence, but even also in the case of sewer as the order in which they acted, and it was also in accordance with the instructions

that will be strongest. But as far as diversity, is there, unanimity on that,

let’s come to more attention that some writers

was not sure that you have two chapters.

This doesn’t sound like you’re like your opinion on it. And even you can comment on what the basis of Decree is, in fact, there’s a part to that effect, but it is not a an authentic, very authentic report. It is not in some collection, about the sake of Prophet Muhammad might not and maybe others like a Buddha would

say, there have been a report attributed to a companion of the Prophet

that he once said to the clerk killing us man, he said What did you do the final compilation of putting together of the various manuscripts, why did you put

surah number eight

in that particular order, and put now after that, and why,

you know, you have accepted for this particular order.

It was sort of according to that less authentic report, I should say, that was man but clearly answered and he said that whenever

verses or passages of the Quran were revealed to Muhammad lungs, whereas lung chapters,

that whenever a person was revealed, he used to invite or get someone who used to write or to

dictate revelation. And he said to him, place this passage or these few passages in such and such sort of where it says such and such In other words, determining where exactly this particular part fits in any question.

ticker Sora. And it should be reported from beginning to the end. And then it says that fast man continued to expand. And he said that surah number eight, called and file was among the first suitors that were revealed in Medina, the rich, the prophet migrated the matter.

And he said that number nine, on the other hand, was among the latest or the last that was revealed to the prophet in Medina. And he says, I noted that the tactic in both of these sutras number eight and nine, is very similar. So I thought it is part of it. But since the Prophet died without explicitly indicating to us that this is a separate surah, or whether they are the same since the topic is similar, I put them or I placed them in the Quran, in that particular order. And I did not write between these two swords number eight and nine, the common line that usually appears in the beginning of every surah, that is,

the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, that as far as the report itself, goes, that if you examine that report in terms of authenticity, we find that many scholars of Hadith that is the saying of Prophet Muhammad and things that were narrated about him or about Sahaba, his companions

found that this report is not very strong, according to Buhari, perhaps the greatest collectors of the saying of the Prophet.

And he said that one of the directors in bad habits is a man by the name of VLC and Pharisees. And he said that this person cannot be taken really, as a very trustworthy


at all other contemporary scholars have prophetic saying like machaca, for example, they even go to the point of saying that this is baseless habeas, it doesn’t have really a very strong origin. In other words, without getting into the technicalities, what I’m saying that discussion is examining that, of course, found that less than authentic in terms of the narration.

But on the other hand, even if we assume for the sake of discussion that the report is correct, as generally disunity, one scholar for an example,

all the change really is that the orders of the various students in the entire Quran

has been done in accordance with the command of the Prophet with the exception of number eight, and number nine. And like I say, again, that less than percentage report is correct, but don’t really deal with the entire authorship of the various students.

But again, just want to make an overgeneralization with respect to the other students, even if there is such a weak report, I can agree that he was entitled to

a third lesson question of authenticity.

This report, does this theological implication


No, none whatsoever? All I could say or imply it was true. is simply that the orders in terms of the source database to quote unquote, chapters

whether they are they used to be one, or what was originally one chapter, or are they two separate chapters, but with similar stuff is that in terms of subject matters in terms of the contents? It doesn’t, it doesn’t affect manga, the content of the Quran, not even the orders of other students in the Quran, the question is only related to that particular tutorial.

In addition to this, there is more than one reason to believe that the order of the surah in the Quran includes also these two swords, if you really need to try to analyze it. Number one,

in the life of the Prophet, they have been so many memorizes of the Quran

and it is well known that they used to memorize the Quran also in the order that they started with this

support supposed to be the author of the story.

And as such, those memories are must have been realized in that particular order. And they have been no dispute about the memorization of the Quran or the consensus on that particular order. Number two,

even though surah number nine which can after a while the question was was

in Medina

We all know that in the last two years of the life of Muhammad peace be upon him, the engine of Revelation, Gabrielle came to him and reviewed the entire Quran twice every year, it used to be once but that year, it was reviewed twice. And there were some contaminants present when Gabrielle was checking on the profit in terms of the proper memorization of the

Quran was nearly completed that time. And obviously, the review was done in the order

of this year as in the presence of those components.

A third reason is what explains the agreement of early investments, who are our witnesses to this whole process of Revelation, and who are living

on agreement to this particular quarter of the surah. In the Quran, definitely, it must have something to do with what the hell the Prophet himself reciting every day in the prayer On another occasion, so there must have memorized the same way, the prophet recited. In addition to this, as we indicated in some earlier programs, that the compilation of the Quran or putting the various manuscript together in one volume, because everything was written in the lifetime of the project, was not done, arbitrary, or was not done even by one person. aasmaan The third case, but by a committee, we might say, a committee of very well known, knowledgeable and trusted companions of the

Prophet Muhammad, were actually the eyewitnesses to the revelation of the Quran, and many others other than the committee even were present. Were contemporaries of the practice of the Quran. Before I even add one remark, at some scholars pointed out to me that the fact that chapter nine or student number nine does not begin with the normal or the common language

that shows an absolute accuracy and honesty of us man, the word careless and quarterback committed, because even though it appears to be too serious, but since he didn’t specifically hear the traffic, decide and start and repeat that line to show that there is a new surah to be revealed, a new unit altogether, shows that, honestly, we’re not trying to apply their own judgment. Actually, this is an indication of how smart

and how meticulous with detail exactly even the slightest detail because they know this is the word of God. They don’t want to take any steps to tamper with it, even with good intention that’s

not familiar with any similar accuracy in any other book in the history of humanity.

Discussing questions related to

the crime.

What that is, are a couple of points perhaps that might be relevant here.

In a previous program, we discussed the attempt on the part of one of those who translated the Quran is a non Muslim by the name of

his translations, quite common.

who painted a translation of the Quran and differ from the first 200 years old tradition that had been furthered by getting a different order of the sutras becoming what you would what you consider to be poetic, sewer as, you know, shorter ones.


in fact, who was acting in a similar way to many others orientalist to try to formulate

their own theories about the authors of the surah in the Quran.

And in fact, there’s a good summary to many of these theories in the book that while it was printed by a man in 1983, it came to my attention only a few days ago. And I was very glad to find that the methodology used by the writer seem to be quite similar to what we have been following throughout this particular program related to the authenticity of the Quran. It’s written by Dr. Muhammad Khalifa. And the title is the sublime Koran, and Orientalism, which is an interesting, very useful book from which we can benefit a great deal with this type of programs. And as

indicated, the objections raised by some orientalist about the authors of the Quran, seem to go back to the Dark Ages or middle ages. Because, for example, Ricardo, our Ico and Dr. Ricardo

who described the Quran as caught fabricated

And disorderly

one can perhaps understand if you’ve been back into circumstances which might have led recorder to make a statement like that the spirit of the Crusades and antagonism between the you know the Muslim world and the Christian world at that time. But the thing that is rather difficult really to understand is why should we be writers and artists in our day and age in the 20th century, continue to perpetuate this kind of prejudices without even checking their validity, they just copy what has been said before it never bothered me to do any scholarly original research to find out what was the basis of any given or that type of statement and then try to present theories which are erroneous

and lacking in evidence and many times even

the object objections

that you may have

couple of examples from the book I mentioned, Dr. Philip has the sublime Quran

for example, he refers to

one’s bro and his Quranic studies, as tell you that the Quran is a rough coordination, and which probably developed over a long period of time, perhaps 200 years that a collection of copper iron ore compiling took about 200 years. This is a clear example of why

winnsboro here is not only considered

overwhelming, historical and logical proofs that has been discussed, just replace it with his own guess word. But it appears like Dr. Harris suggests that you didn’t even understand the difference between Quran and Hadees.

Exactly, because the Quran is the word of Allah. Happiness is the same, attributed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And in fact, historians say that while there have been some early writings of the saying of the Prophet, it was not collected systematically until approximately 200 years after the Prophet. But the Quran we have seen has been totally and completely written, and the lifespan of hunted and collected on the

second in the second year, even after his death, everything was compiled in the first collection by a robot. So apparently, they seem to be that mix of confusion between Quran and Hadith and different parts of the Quran says the error is so obvious and manifests at a similar

allegation was made by our GM

who claimed again that by his study of the structure of the Quran,

he found evidence that there had been some revisions and objections to some passages, and even says that some passages do not fit in The Rime of the Quran, and ended up saying, quote, that the crime is

a multitude of disconnected pieces, sudden changes of subject, even grammatical break,


what Bill is saying were true, then why is it that there’s absolutely no trace and history which is very detailed by all you have seen in the past programs, how detailed history was given, even about one verse one word, even everything was mentioned in phase one in all of that detailed history, we fail to find the single a single evidence of revision

or any means of the original that was revised and in what sense, it differs from from the, from those revised, nor does he provide any substantive evidence as to who

tampers with the word of Allah

or can try to revise the word of Allah or introduce anything different into an act which is regarded as a great blasphemy which is condemned very strictly in the Quran itself. Let us look at an example of what he claimed to be disconnected. He says For example, to Surah number 84,

particularly in passages seven through 12.

And it says that, when you come to when

the meaning is connected, however, if you take the following verses the following passages from 13 to 15

This is that this three

are not really connected with the meaning and probably they were later additions.

But if you really review what Ben is saying, of course, it’s difficult now without going into details, but I just give the reference and anyone can check it, even in a translation of the Quran, let alone the original. If you check this passages, that is 84, from seven to 15,

you will find that if there is any disconnection, it’s probably his conviction in his own understanding, rather than in the Quran itself. Because to summarize the contents from verse seven, or passage 71.

Basically, it deals with the description of the status of human beings and the Day of Judgment, that those who are good will receive their book, the book of their deeds in the right hand, which is a good, a good sign, that their accountability will be easy, that they will come back rejoicing.

On the other hand, it says that those who received their book of deeds from behind their back, which is a bad sign, it means that they will enter into the blazing fire. And then describe those people who would be thrown into the blazing fire, that in the in the earth realize these people used to be rejoicing among their people, they thought that they will not be questioned, they will not be held accountable before Allah, who was ever watching over them.

What is that in disconnection, they describe the state of affair in detail judgments, talking about the goods, talking about the bed, describing why these people ended up in bed or landed in that particular situation, it says because of their behavior, and the and despite that, according to Bill, you cannot see that connection. And he says that since part of the passage deals with the hereafter Part D with this life, there must be a disconnection. So this is not not true at all and responsible. I would say it’s not a very responsible thing to say, you know, without you know, giving any substantive

evidence or proof

some of them even went as far as claiming that by analyzing the style or running of the Quran, they discovered even variations not nearly but even in the style, and they try to apply that doctrine that we have today is not

appreciate after

explaining these aspects in English may be a bit difficult to meet in order to get difficult.

Very hard to do. But for the benefit of our viewers can give us a few references or examples, which actually will be checked or verified.

Take for example, the statements made by jm ridewill ROGW DLL.

That will make very fantastic claim, you know that

the sutras or the chapters in the Quran should be on the journey from the core has been or should be, or that from shortest to longest. And it seems that the earlier suitors were short suitors

and try to show and prove how the present arrangement of the Quran in his mind is not correct. But in the process of doing so he seemed to have, as Dr. Philippa say, forgot to check his own athletics. For example. He says that in Surah, number 67. He says the passages eight through 11 seem to have been a later insertion. Why? Because he says that these

passages are relatively longer. And that’s not the case with me sort of elsewhere as well, normally short type of verses.

What gerardsville seem to have forgotten is that the number of words in these four verses are exactly 13 1912 and five, and that gives an average of over 12 words per passage of the verse. Whereas in the rest of the surah that’s surah number 67 the average of words rooms between eight to 18. So, what is the substantial difference in the average length

that indicates that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever to single out these particular

passages and say that they are different from the others just on the basis of mathematics, religious B is metrics reading would do it. The same in accuracy is in his claim that the word soccer which appeared in Surah 74

Or in passages 26 or 27. disturbs Brian Well, as you mentioned earlier, perhaps it might be difficult to explain it you know, convey the meaning from one language to the other. But I would invite the viewers to just use an example nervous and judging whether there is any disturbance in

cinema ads but I was struck by a car in had in a new sort of, in had in common Russia. Celski soccer,


that’s the word that you object soccer. What is the difference? Or disconnection in the in the Ryan? The unfortunate thing is that radwin is addressing an audience or viewers who do not know Arabic, and can make statements as you like. There’s not much of a chance for many readers about stem from the wrong sources, discovering and discerning the correct from the erroneous.

Now how about maybe commenting on some other objections that you will see earlier? particular dealing with the flow of meaning and I’m going to give an example with it. Okay, let’s take the same writer for example. Okay. Similarly, a famous writer who wrote about erroneously also Arthur Jaffe

began with gradual For example, He says that in Surah, number 51. And he says, Are claims that the passage is 24, towards the to the end, that is to 60 were not part of that sutra. But his judgment, again, was never based on any historical evidence, because according to his own understanding, or his own interpretation, he feels that there is no magical flow of meaning.

Now, again, that judgment reflects not only his lack of understanding of the style of the Quran, and the continuity, in its meaning, which is rather unique.

But more specifically, if we refer to the sutra itself, you will notice that the part that you consider to be, you know, the original part of the Surah

61, passages, one through 23 did basically, with the basic idea that the promise of Allah is true. The Day of Judgment is true. It describes the state of people who reject the test and the Day of Judgment, it compares that with the delivers and the conscious people, and simply ends by saying that there are many signs in the earth, and in oneself.

And in the universe at large, which shows that this Quran is true, and that there are lessons for us to learn. That’s the part that you consider. The other part that you consider disconnected. Indeed, that’s from 24 to 60. Simply continues to describe those lessons. In other words, the first part says there are lessons for us to learn. There are many parts of the surah describe those lessons, that is lessons about the punishment of those who rejected faith and choice in the past the history of different prophets,

lessons from the creation of the earth and other living things, lessons,

you know, pertaining to the various science, alas, power in the universe, and mbappe simply by inviting people to have faith in Allah, it concerns of conference, the prophet when he was rejected that this is natural for profits to receive this kind of treatment. This is not the only

example for this kind of lack of understanding. But I hope that it might give some idea that one should be careful.

You know, I wonder what this is he actually made that claim. But I think you’ve explained quite well thank you very much. And thank you all for joining us. You understand the focus will appreciate.

Please join us here next week. Against