Understanding Islam

How does Quran explain the concept of Mercy of Allah upon the worlds

The Islamic definition of God (Allah) from the guidance of Quran and Sunnah.

In the Qur’an, it is stated that the unbeliever is one who neither recognizes nor appreciates the signs of God. The distinguishing mark of a believer is his ability to see those signs and proofs. He knows that these are not created in vain, and can realize the power and great art of God everywhere

Belief in the existence of angels is one of the fundamental articles of faith in Islam. Muslims believe that angels were created by God from light. Angels carry out God’s commandments in nature and the universe. What we usually call the “forces of nature” become active because of the presence of angels behind them, working

Free will is the most difficult of God’s gifts to understand or appreciate. Freedom is one of the most valuable things there is, although many of us have no idea how precious it is until we suffer the loss of it. It is considered to be one of the basic human rights, and to attempt

The mission of Prophet Yunus is a timeless story that tells us there is a way out, if only we have faith.

In the Quran, Jesus is described as having many miracles not bestowed upon other prophets.

Like Prophet Muhammad, Jesus provided a guide on how to become decent God fearing people.

Is there any prophecy regarding the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Pbuh) found in the Old Testament (Torah)?

The presentation of the Messiah is not through an obsolete text, or an outdated document preserved in a museum.

There are many Muslim scholars who have written about economics in a systematic way from an Islamic point of view, and their writing goes back as far as the 8th century.

The Epistemological Framework: Islam is considered a comprehensive way of life whose teachings cover, directly or indirectly, every possible human relationship including that with the environment. These teachings are primarily available in the revealed knowledge which comprises the Qur’an and the Sunnah. There remains two other sources, namely the Ijma` and Qiyas; they are dependent

The Prophet’s philosophy of nature principles are based on tawheed (unity), khalifa (stewardship) and amana (trust)

According to scientists and philosophers man is considered as the major factor in disturbing the natural balance of the universe. Man interferes intentionally or unintentionally in the earth’s ecosystems by impairing its perfect order and precise sequence. But it seems that man has cut off his nose to spite his face and he now is

Islam is keen to protect the environment with all its components by creating a complete conception of life and its system

The Islamic ethics of treating prisoners of war is part of the whole system of Islamic ethics.

Implementing the laws of God, as in the Qur’an and Sunnah, necessitates the role of man- God’s vicegerent.

Muslims have responsibilities towards their children, and they stand accountable for these responsibilities so that they can truly enjoy and appreciate the blessings of having children and get rewarded by the Giver.

The neighbor holds a special status in Islam that encourages Muslims to treat neighbors in a gentle way.

Women are more psychologically fitted to nurturing, more compassionate and patient.

The Qur’an outlines a number of recommendations on how to prevent the abuse of speech.

Taqwa is a central concept that has been frequently mentioned in the Qur’an, especially in verses that deal with individual behavior in social relations

Muslims are expected to eat for survival, to maintain good health, and not to live for eating

 God draws attention to all the magnificent creations as an indication of the proper planning that leads to wonderful results—for Muslims believe that He creates nothing haphazardly. God relates in the Qur’an how the heavens and the earth were created in seven days and describes that as a sign for humankind. Then the Qur’an directs

The importance of Purity of Intentions in Islam and how Quran reads that?

Importance of faith and observing one's intention from any act that can corrupt it or affect it.

For a believer, the scope of patience is not limited to enduring difficulties and problems with calmness. In the light of the verse, [You who believe, be steadfast; be supreme in steadfastness… ] (Aal `Imran 3:200), throughout his life, he shows an undeviating commitment to meticulously fulfilling all the commands of the Qur’an, to avoiding

[It is God who raised the skies without support, as you can see, then assumed His throne, and enthralled the sun and the moon (so that) each runs to a predetermined course. He disposes all affairs, distinctly explaining every sign that you may be certain of the meeting with your Lord] (Ar-Ra`d 13:2) The last

Science must increase our faith. It is wrong for anyone to close their eyes to what is right in front of them.  For a Muslim the evidence of dinosaurs and fossils is not a threat to our beliefs. Rather, it is a confirmation of the power of Allah. A. Why Does Allah Tell Us About

Loving one another for the sake of Allah, and brotherhood in faith, are among the most excellent acts of worship.

Muslims who read the Quran with an open heart and understand the meaning of its word have no doubt that the Quran is the Word of God. A non-Muslim approaching the Quran for the first time may legitimately ask: After all, is the Quran the word of God, as it is claimed? By using the

How to read the Quran in a perfect way and fulfil the necessary condition of proper reading and understanding.

Introducing the Quran as a revered revelation of Allah and how best a Muslim can read it and ponder on the meaning of its messages.

Tips for how to benefit from the Quran, understand its meaning and learn from his teachings and wisdoms

Few reasons that give an indication as to why this book deserves the attention of all humanity

Can the Qur’an, 1,400 years later, be a living, relevant force, as powerful for us now as it was then?

Certain basic states and attitudes of the heart and mind are necessary prerequisites to any fruitful relationship with the Qur’an. Develop them as much as you can. Make them part of your consciousness, keep them ever-alive and active. Integrate them in your actions. Let them penetrate the depth of your being. Without the help of

The Qur’an remains today exactly as it was revealed more than 14 centuries ago and contains the exact Words of Allah

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